New car sales down in January

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The data, from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, shows [.]. Green cars Latest news car registrations European Union France germany new car sales Portugal Romania UKIt may not be the bleak times of the credit crunch, but demand for new cars slumped dramatically during January. In the first month of the year, new car registrations fell by 7.1 per cent in the EU compared to the same month one year ago.

4Q 2019: EU diesel demand continues to drop while gasoline gains; plug-ins up 80.5% y-o-y

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of new-car registrations, according to data from ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association. digit gains were also seen in Belgium (+17.7%), Slovenia (+18.2%), Hungary (+18.4%), Sweden (+30.5%) and Romania (+31.1%).

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Passenger car registrations in EU down 7.1% in January 2012 year-on-year

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in the EU, compared to the same month a year earlier, according to data from the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association). The biggest contraction was noted in Portugal (-47.4%) and the largest increase in Romania (+86.4%).

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Growing Number of EU Countries Levying CO2 Taxes on Cars and Incentivizing Plug-ins

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At present, 17 of the 27 EU Member States levy CO 2 -related taxes on passenger cars, and 15 governments provide tax incentives for electrically chargeable vehicles, according to the newly published European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) Tax Guide 2010.

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New Car Registrations in Europe Down 18.3% in February

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less compared to the same month of 2008, according to figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers’s Association (ACEA). Other major markets were down with 7.7% (Czech Republic), 46.4% (Hungary) and 66.5% (Romania). Looking at the cumulative figures from January to February, Poland ranked first in absolute numbers with 56,841 new cars registered (+0.7%), followed by Romania (-58.8%), the Czech Republic (- 10.0% ) and Hungary (-31.4%).

All Western European Countries Will Have CO2-Related Car Taxation This Year; European Auto Industry Urges Harmonization of Schemes

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With Germany set to introduce CO 2 -related taxation in July of 2009, all Western European countries levy passenger car taxes that are partially or totally based on the car’s carbon dioxide emissions and/or fuel consumption, completing a trend that peaked in 2007 and 2008, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’s Association’s (ACEA) Tax Guide 2008 published this week. The number of EU countries with CO2-related car taxation rose to 15 in 2008.

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