Volt supporters hit back at criticism

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However, advocacy groups have hit back branding the task force’s assessment as short-sighted. The California Cars Initiative believes the task force has been influenced unduly by “plug-in sceptics&# at the Boston Consulting Group. The Chevrolet Volt may have been branded too expensive to be commercially successful by the Obama administration’s taskforce, but its supporters are having none of it.

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Advocacy groups argue the task force’s assessment is shortsighted and worry that the Volt project may land in the scrap heap as G.M. “Any new technology like the Chevy Volt takes time to become profitable,&# said Jay Friedland, the legislative director for Plug-In America , an electric-car advocacy group. The group pointed to a B.C.G. The demand-is-everything argument is the cop-out line from the auto industry and our lovely government.

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