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The Best Electric SUVs on the Market

EV Life

Like their electric car cousins, all-electric SUVs have come a long way—batteries have evolved to increase range and improve performance, new motors are providing impressive torque and towing capabilities, and prices have come down to make options more affordable, making these SUVs some of the most attractive sport utility options out there.

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Tesla Aiming For New Milestone Of Two Million Cars


Even though the figure looks still small when you compare Tesla with giants like Volkswagon and Toyota, that produces more than ten million cars in just one year, but there is a significant difference between Tesla and other manufacturers. On the other hand, BYD’s total production rate also includes the sales of its plug-in hybrid.

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Ford, VW Ante Up

Plug In Partners

M omentum for a Plug in Future continues. First, there is this story from Volkswagon. based minivan in Tokyo, followed by a plug-in hybrid sedan at Los Angeles. Ford to bring back ESCORT in 2010 with 100 mpg Hybrid Next Energy News Sept. See ad ) And, DOE has announced even more funding for Plug-Ins.

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