Tesla’s biggest rival in China: an in-depth look at the $4,200 Wuling HongGuang Mini EV


It’s no Tesla, but it did secure over 119,250 total sales in 2020 alone, making it the second best-selling EV in the Chinese market, trailing the Tesla Model 3. The affordability of the HongGuang Mini EV is proving to be a disruptor.

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China puts its electric vehicles on center stage - China automotive news

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Print E-mail Text Size: China puts its electric vehicles on center stage From:WSJ April 22, 2009 Chinese auto makers are unveiling a slew of battery-powered cars and other energy-efficient vehicles at this weeks Shanghai auto show that could make them more globally competitive and eventually help address the air pollution that chokes many Chinese cities. Most Chinese buyers also are purchasing cars for the first time and have not developed particular preferences.

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GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from Wired.com

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They leased a few (at a loss) to those that could afford it. Posted by: Green Chambers | Apr 14, 2009 12:25:03 AM Battery tech is still not advanced or reliable enough for an affordable pure EV, hydrogen fuel cells like in the FCX Clarity may be the clean future, but there are too many technical and infrastructure hurdles to overcome. We need an economy electric car that we an afford, not that nonsense. You guys go ahead and buy your 40 mile per charge GM golf cart.

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