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US manufacturing sector energy use and energy intensity down since 2002

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Total energy consumption in the manufacturing sector decreased by 17% from 2002 to 2010, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration. US manufacturing used more than 14 quadrillion Btu of energy as a fuel in 2010, a decrease of 13% from the 2002 level. increases in their fuel consumption from 2002 to 2010.

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2002 Toyota RAV4 EV: Enduringly Popular Electric Car On eBay

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Some cars take time to squeeze their way into your affections. Others are pretty much perfect the first time around, with appeal that endures for many years. The original Toyota RAV4 EV is just such a car, for electric car fans. Toyota's useful small SUV with an electric drivetrain has been the perfect car for many drivers for over a decade, and

2002 Vs 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrids: Progress In Numbers

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It seems like the Toyota Prius has been zipping around our roads forever, but in reality the first examples only hit U.S. soil just over a decade ago, with the Japanese market getting the car a few years before that. The premise remains the same--a mass-market hybrid vehicle that offers the best economy and lowest emissions on the market--but much

China’s 2005 Carbon Emissions Almost Twice As Much As 2002 Emissions

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Carbon emissions associated with increased exports from China (left), as part of a more systematic view of increased national emissions (right), 2002 to 2005. Researchers from Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States, estimated in the study that China’s 2005 carbon emissions were 80.59% or more higher than 2002 emissions. “

Japan Meteorological Agency: 2009 Tied With 2002, 2003, and 2006 For Third Warmest Year Since Instrumental Records Began

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ºC above normal, based on the 1971-2000 average, and that 2009 will be tied with 2002, 2003, and 2006 as the third highest record since 1891.

VW Dresden 'glass house' factory to build e-Golf electric car

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When it launched its Phaeton luxury sedan back in 2002, Volkswagen decided that its most opulent car ever should have an equally opulent assembly plant. So it built the "Transparent Factory," a glass-walled plant in Dresden, Germany, that was intended solely to handle Phaeton production. The Phaeton was a vanity project of VW Group's.

2015 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door: Gas Mileage Review

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The original BMC Mini had two doors and a small trunk; the BMW MINI from 2002 is a more conventional three-door hatchback. In various forms, the MINI has been with us for more than half a century--but its image has always been shaped by the two-door model. minicar Driven MINI Cooper S

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Liberty Mutual and Subaru introduce new in-vehicle technology to promote safe driving and savings on auto insurance

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has been a partner since 2002. Liberty Mutual Insurance is introducing the new Liberty Mutual RightTrack in-vehicle application with Subaru of America, Inc.—a —a first-of-its-kind app that offers real-time driving feedback and tips while helping to reduce insurance premiums for safe drivers. Brief

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Want A Cheap, Usable, Toyota Electric Car? Check eBay!

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That's where we found this 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV, still one of the most Electric cars are often criticized for being too expensive. While there are many reasons for this, it means some people simply can't afford an electric car. However, there's still hope. Want a practical, reliable, usable electric car, with a decent range?

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GKN Driveline develops new e-drive system for PHEVs; starts production on global platform in 2019

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GKN Driveline has developed a new, complete electric drive system for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). kg (5.5 lbs) lighter than comparable systems.

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POSCO begins lithium production for first time in Korea; domestic supply for Samsung, LG; investing $261M in anode materials by 2020

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As demand for lithium-ion secondary batteries has increased tremendously, worldwide demand for lithium carbonate for batteries has rapidly swelled from 6,000 tons (in 2002) to 66,000 tons (in 2015). Korea-based steel-maker POSCO has begun commercial production of lithium in Korea for the first time. —POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon.

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Mobileye and Delphi to partner on SAE Level 4/5 automated driving solution for 2019

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The Mobileye and Delphi relationship started in 2002 with the implementation of what was one of the most advanced active safety systems of the time.

Nevs in strategic cooperation with China’s State Grid for EVs

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State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) was established as a state-owned enterprise on 29 December 2002. National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (Nevs) and State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., As the largest public service company in the world, SGCC ranked 7 th on Fortune Global 500. million employees. State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co.,

Best Used Green Cars To Buy: 2006-2011 Honda Civic Hybrid

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in 2002. Now in its third generation, the Honda Civic Hybrid is one of the stalwarts of the compact hybrid class, having been around in one form or another since its introduction to the U.S. Here we're looking at the popular 2006-2011 model, as one of our Five Best Used Green Cars To Buy. While not as overtly green, nor as economical as the

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GM and Honda to establish industry-first $85M joint fuel cell system manufacturing operation in Michigan

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3, respectively, in total fuel cell patents filed in 2002 through 2015. Earlier post.). Click to enlarge. Earlier post.) GM and Honda rank No.

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Volkswagen Group appoints new heads of Global R&D, Group Design, Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy

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He was appointed Executive Vice-President of Production at SEAT in 2002, becoming Deputy President of the brand in 2009, and was subsequently named Group Chief Officer for the Environment, Energy and New Business Areas in 2012. The Volkswagen Group is continuing its restructuring in the aftermath of the diesel engine emissions scandal. Brie

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eMission Impossible? BMW's i8 Plug-in Hybrid Gets Hollywood Launch

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While it may look more like the futuristic car driven by Chief John Anderton in the 2002 Sci-fi thriller Minority Report than a car available What’s better for a new brand of car than a bunch of A-list celebrities choosing it as the vehicle of choice around Hollywood?

GM, Honda to collaborate on next-generation fuel cell technologies; targeting commercial feasibility in 2020 time frame

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Honda began leasing of the Honda FCX in 2002 and has deployed 85 units in the US and Japan, including its successor, the FCX Clarity.

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VW BUDD-e electric microbus named “2016 Concept Truck of the Year”

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The BUDD-e concept’s highlights include: A 101 kWh battery delivering a range of up to 233 miles (375 km). Gesture control 2.0 on 31 July 2016.

GKN Driveline introducing eAxle for mass-market C-segment vehicles

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The new eAxle is an evolution of the system GKN designed for the Porsche 918 Spyder. The single-speed design minimizes weight to just 20.9

Toyota opens CES with strong affirmation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; “staggering” rate of cost reduction; FCV on sale in US in 2015

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Since 2002, Toyota has been testing and developing a series of prototypes in North America. Yes, there are significant challenges.

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Zipcar introduces Honda Fit EV into UC Davis West Village fleet

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Zipcar was the first car-sharing company in the United States to introduce electric vehicles, starting in Boston in 2002, and the first to offer hybrid vehicles through a partnership with Honda in Seattle in 2003. In the course of a year, the community is designed to generate as much energy as it consumes. per hour. Brief

Toyota to launch its fuel cell vehicle in Japan before April 2015, priced around $68,700; reveals exterior

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In 2002, Toyota began limited sales of the FCHV in the US and Japan. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.) The Toyota FCV Sedan. Click to enlarge.

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How Many Batteries for my EV?

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How many batteries and what size electric engine do I need to power my 1975 bmw 2002? Does any one have a universal kit (wiring, batteries, safety switches

Land use in the US in 2007; total cropland at lowest level since 1945, while urban land use has quadrupled

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Between 2002 and 2007, total cropland decreased by 34 million acres to its lowest level since this series began in 1945, even though harvested cropland (which accounts for most land planted to crops) increased 5 million acres due to a recovery of failed cropland from severe droughts in 2002. private land in all 50 States. Resources.

Honda leverages older name for new FCV: Clarity Fuel Cell makes its debut at Tokyo; 435-mile range on JC08

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Honda Motor Co., This model will be on display at the Honda booth during the show. Earlier post.). kW/L—approximately a 60% improvement.

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DOE fuel cell market report shows continued growth, with sales surpassing $1.3B worldwide in 2013

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Honda had 52, putting it in fourth place behind Samsung, but overall the company is number two as far as cumulative patents since 2002. The US had the most fuel cell patents in 2013 with 317 and since 2002, has 43% of the world’s fuel cell patents. billion. The UK launched a similar initiative called UK H 2 Mobility ( earlier post ).

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Third of fuel economy improvements ‘not real’ says T&E

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It is not just [.]. Green credentials fuel economy mpg T&E


Golf Cart Battery Post Burn Out

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I purchased my used 2002 EZ-Go with new batteries three years ago with new (no visible name) batteries. The cart is used for

Toyota to produce hybrid transaxle and new gasoline engines in Poland; adjusting to shrinking diesel share in Europe

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Combined, the new projects represent an additional investment of approximately €150 million (US$165 million), bringing the total investment to-date of Toyota’s manufacturing operations in Poland to more than €950 million (US$1 billion) since operations started in 2002. in 2017 and a 2.0L ZR engine. TMIP, which currently produces 1.4L and 2.2L

Porsche introducing new plug-in Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV; third plug-in from Porsche

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Porsche introduced the first generation Cayenne in 2002. Quick specs for the new Cayenne S E-Hybrid and the Panamera S E-Hybrid. seconds (5.1

MPH 12

Two UC Berkeley transportation groups merge to form new technology-focused research center

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CCIT was created in 2002 to focus on accelerating the implementation of ready-to-deploy transportation research innovations. ITS is the organized research unit that houses both research centers. The merge has been in the planning stages for many months and is effective today, the opening of the spring semester. Brief

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GKN launches new e-axle all-wheel drive technology on global C-segment vehicle platform with BMW

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GKN launched its first eAxle applications in 2002. GKN is launching electric all-wheel drive technology on a global vehicle platform. A series of new C-Segment vehicles will offer the option of adding plug-in electric all-wheel drive using GKN Driveline’s latest electric axle drive (eAxle) technology. Earlier post.). kg (44.5

EPA researchers suggest US electricity consumers should be willing to pay 2-4x for emission-free alternatives to fossil fuel electricity due to health impacts

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2002), respectively. National economic value of health impacts for fossil fuels by fuel type. This shows the calculated economic value of health impacts associated with various fossil fuels. The high (?) and low (?) values are given by Laden et al. 2006) and Pope et al. Midpoint values are shown. Credit: Machol and Rizk. Click to enlarge.

DENSO develops new 2500-bar diesel common rail system; reductions in fuel consumption and emissions

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In 2002, DENSO offered an 1800 bar common rail system, the world’s highest injection pressure at the time. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.).

GenScript to join Synthetic Yeast Genome Sc2.0 Project

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Founded in 2002, GenScript has grown together with the synthetic biology industry. GenScript, the world’s largest gene synthesis supplier, will participate in the Synthetic Yeast Genome Sc2.0 Project , initiated and organized by Dr. Jef Boeke of Johns Hopkins University’s (JHU) School of Medicine. Earlier post.) —Dr. Resources. Brief

Mercedes-Benz developing Blind Spot Assist system for heavy-duty trucks

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An LED warning light on the A-pillar on the co-driver’s side and an acoustic warning alert the driver to an impending collision. Click to enlarge.

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Electric car maker reveals expansion plans

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CT&T was founded in 2002 by former Hyundai Motor executive Young Gi Lee and currently produces two versions of its e-Zone electric vehicle, with the only difference being the battery pack – one has a lead acid battery pack, the other a li-polymer pack. .

Wärtsilä and MAN Diesel & Turbo enter next phase of HERCULES research project on marine engines

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These two major partner groups have been collaborating in the HERCULES programme since it was conceived in 2002 to develop new technologies to increase marine engine efficiency. The overall vision of the program is to achieve sustainable and safe energy production from marine engines. Brief

Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID can cut lifecycle CO2 by up to 56% compared to S 500

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Comparison of CO 2 emissions for the S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID and the S 500 [t/car]. Source: TÜV SÜD. Click to enlarge. miles) purely electrically. The 8.7

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