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Electrification, sure, but gasoline engines will endure: supplier

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Green 48-Volt mild hybrid Future Cars diesel particulate filter (DPF) gasoline engines parts suppliers start-stop systemIncreasingly stiff limits on carbon emission and minimum fuel economy in most of the world's car markets mean that more plug-in electric cars must be sold.

Is ethanol-free gasoline heading for the end of the road?

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Gasoline ethanol energy policy e85 E10 flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles e15 transportation policyThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is struggling with Congress and various corporate interests over the amount of ethanol that will be blended into the U.S. fuel supply.

Leaded Gasoline Taken Off Sale 20 Years Ago This Month

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In that context, it's worth noting that lead was still a part of everyday gasoline more recently than many drivers remember. Leaded gasoline was sold in the U.S. Fuel Gasoline energy policy health transportation policyuntil January 1996. DON'T MISS: Fuel-Economy Gains Slowed In 2014.

E10 Is Less Corrosive Than Ethanol-Free Gasoline, Research Says

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Gasoline ethanol E10Ethanol is a beleaguered fuel these days, with national availability E85 nowhere in sight, rollout of E15 seemingly stalled, and concerns over its full carbon footprint hotly debated. Most drivers pumping gas pay little attention to its ethanol content, which in several states may now be at 10 percent.

2015 26

Hydrogen cost could equal 50-cent gasoline, with renewable energy: study

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Both cars and fueling infrastructure need to be made widely available before large numbers of consumers can seriously consider switching from gasoline to hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel-cell cars face an uphill battle toward mass adoption. But under certain circumstances, hydrogen could prove very attractive to consumers for one simple reason.

2016 40

New hydrogen fueling station closer to throughput of gasoline

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Carmakers like to tout the quickness of refueling hydrogen cars, which roughly matches that of gasoline cars. As hydrogen fuel-cell cars slowly become a more significant presence in a few parts of the U.S., more consideration is being given to the fueling infrastructure they use. But that won't matter without a sufficient network of fueling.

2016 26

The electricity in gasoline

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I just ran across the latest available data, from 2005, for the electricity consumption by petroleum refineries. Source: Energy Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division ) The US is, hoorah, #1. Almost 49,000,000,000 kWh. One electric car, roughly speaking, will use about 3000 kWh to go about 12,000 miles.

Smart to be all-electric in U.S. and Canada; gasoline goes away this fall

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When the tiny Smart ForTwo launched in the U.S. decade ago, it got a huge boost in sales from both novelty and soaring gas prices. While its EPA ratings never approached those of the larger Toyota Prius hybrid, the little two-seater found buyers who liked its cheeky character and the ease of parking a car less than 9 feet long. Its first-year.

2017 26

California goal: eliminate gasoline, diesel light vehicles altogether

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What if gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks were simply eliminated altogether from the new vehicles sold in a state? Residents of one state in the U.S. may, eventually, find out. California already leads the nation in promoting zero-emission vehicles, but the Golden State may soon take that policy a step further.

2017 13

PSA Group outlines powertrain production strategy: gasoline PHEVs, EVs and next-gen diesel and gasoline engines

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As part of the energy transition process and in line with the technological offensive spelled out in its Push to Pass strategic plan ( earlier post ), PSA Group will focus on diversifying its offerings with plug-in hybrid gasoline systems and next-generation electric powertrains. Earlier post.).

Gasoline-Fueled Diesel Truck Engine Cuts Fuel Use, Emissions

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One answer may surprise you: Run it on gasoline. How do you make a diesel engine more efficient?

When Will The Last Gasoline Car Be Built? 2070, Shell Oil Says

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The latest prediction comes from a particularly unlikely source: Shell Oil Company, one of the largest petroleum producers in the world.

2013 59

Adding Ethanol To Gasoline May Boost Global Oil Use: Study

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It's hard to imagine any reality in which the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) benefits from measures meant to decrease gasoline consumption. efforts to add ethanol to gasoline supplies. Gasoline consumption is on the rise, and that could in turn increase demand. ethanol Study Fuel Economy

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Toyota Gasoline Engine Achieves Thermal Efficiency Of 38 Percent

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The efficiency by which they do so is measured in terms of "thermal efficiency", and most gasoline combustion engines average around 20 percent thermal efficiency. Most internal combustion engines are incredibly inefficient at turning fuel burned into usable energy. Diesels are typically higher--approaching 40 percent in some cases.

2014 36

Multiple Trends Turning Slowly Against Oil, Says Rocky Mountain Institute

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Green Fuel Gasoline electric utilities energy natural gas renewable energyThe cost of a barrel of oil is now just a fraction of what it was several years ago, and fuel prices have mostly fallen across the globe as a result. Still, we hear less about the.

2016 44

Gasoline consumption in California rose 2.4% during FY 2014-15; largest yearly increase in a decade

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The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) announced that gasoline consumption in the state rose 2.4% jump in FY 13-14. Brief

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New SwRI consortium to target advances in gasoline and diesel engine aluminum cylinder head designs

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Initially, AHEAD will target advances for aluminum cylinder heads used in both gasoline and diesel engines, such as casting processes, structural design, measurement and prediction of residual stresses, and aluminum alloy materials that resist high-temperatures. Casting processes. Structural design. Analysis procedures. Fatigue analysis.

2016 41

Suppose Two-Thirds Of Gas Stations Gave Away Free Gasoline.

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Wouldn't it be great if two out of every three times you pulled up to a gas pump, you didn't have to pay anything for your fuel? That's the equivalent of what electric-car drivers experience using public-charging infrastructure. More often than not, today they pay nothing to plug in. DON'T MISS: Public Electric-Car Charging: Business Models.

2015 38

Electric-car energy density to approach gasoline by 2045: report

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The lithium-ion battery packs that power modern electric cars are far less energy-dense than the liquid hydrocarbon fuels that power internal-combustion cars. They can't hold nearly as much energy in a given volume or weight, a disadvantage that shows in the relatively short ranges of many electric cars despite their heavy battery packs. However.

Gasoline demand rises in U.S., China, and India; more growth expected

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Gasoline prices, which fell below $2 a gallon in many parts of the United States over the winter, have been slowly rising again. Green Gasoline India fuel consumption oil supply and demandAnd given the supply-and-demand equations in the global oil industry, that means that demand has risen as supplies have stayed steady or fallen.

Electric Cars Equal Gasoline Cost Of Just 75 Cents A Gallon

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The last time you could buy a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. for 75 cents was around the late 1970s. If you own an electric car today though, the price you''re paying for electricity is equivalent to about 75 cents per gallon.

2014 46

Mercedes-Benz powering ahead with €3B strategic engine initiative; increasing electrification, 48V; diesel and gasoline; cylinder deactivation

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The new six-cylinder in-line gasoline engine M 256 features a 48 V electrical system. New four-cylinder gasoline engine M 264. Coasting.

2016 34

DOE: US gasoline taxes dropped below 20% of total price in 2015

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Japan’s gasoline taxes were nearly half of the price in those years. Gasoline prices and taxes for selected countries, 1990 and 2015.

Study shows gasoline pre-blending in ethanol production could cut energy requirements of separation by 17-40%

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The most prevalent use of bioethanol is not as a fuel in its pure form but rather as an additive to petrol. —Stacey et al. Click to enlarge.

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Volkswagen introduces new 1L, 3-cylinder gasoline Golf; 54.7 mpg

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mpg US) (99 g/km CO 2 )—more efficient than any previous Golf with a gasoline engine. l/100 km (54.7 l/100 km. Golf Comparisons. The 1.0

2015 28

Electric Car Drivers Tell Ford: We'll Never Go Back To Gasoline

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Fully nine out of 10 electric-car drivers say they won't go back to cars with internal-combustion engines, according to a new Ford survey. The results included responses from 10,000 drivers of both battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids. It found that 92 percent of battery-electric drivers, and 94 percent of plug-in hybrid drivers, plan to.

2015 47

Porsche too said to use 'defeat device' software for gasoline cars

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It's been 15 months since news broke that VW Group had used "defeat device" software in its diesel cars and SUVs that let them emit far more than permitted levels of nitrogen oxides in real-world use. Even now, however, the Volkswagen diesel scandal continues to grow new tentacles as investigators uncover additional apparent instances of.

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California To Use 1 Billion Gallons Less Gasoline In Six Years?

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In California, at least, the answer appears to be "yes." By 2020, California may have cut its gasoline consumption by 1 billion gallons as stricter fuel-efficiency and emissions rules take hold, a newly-released As various governments draft new emissions and fuel-economy regulations, it''s natural to wonder whether they''re actually working.

2014 43

Miles Driven In U.S. Hits New All-Time High; Gasoline Used Doesn't

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Americans are driving more miles than they have in years, but that doesn't mean they are using more gasoline. Data collected by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) shows that vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) has increased consistently over the past 18 months. In August--the most recent month with available data--277.3

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Hyundai: Gasoline Suppliers 'Should Invest In Hydrogen Infrastructure'

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Hyundai recently handed off the keys to its first Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell customer, and the Korean carmaker has consistently said it believes hydrogen vehicles--and fuel-cell technology--will be the equivalent of "the next electric car." Plug-in electric vehicles are steadily gaining a foothold, thanks to models like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla

Chevy Cruze Hybrid Coming Soon To Join Diesel, Gasoline Models?

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In last week's seminars and presentations on the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan, GM discussed its 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and gave a few scant details on a future 1.6-liter diesel model as well. Sometimes a few words can make all the difference. Green Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid Future Cars Plug-In Hybrids Voltec

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UMTRI study finds total cost of ownership of diesels in US often much less than gasoline counterparts

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The report— Total Cost of Ownership: A Diesel Versus Gasoline Comparison (2012-2013) —was underwritten by Robert Bosch LLC. market.

2015 41

Gasoline Substitute Made From Plant Waste Developed By UC-Davis

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Plant-based diesel has been available for many years now but making a true gasoline-like hydrocarbon from plant oils has proven a lot more difficult. Chemists at the University of California, Davis think they''ve cracked it, though, using a new technique to make "biogasoline" from plant waste. Biodiesel will be familiar to many readers

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Altex & Unitel partner to demonstrate a new technology for making synthetic gasoline from biomass

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Altex Technologies has selected Unitel to provide engineering services to design and build a pilot system that will produce 1 BPD of synthetic gasoline from biomass (Biomass Conversion to Synthetic Gasoline System, BCSGS). Some of the feedstocks that Altex plans to use include alfalfa, corn stover, switchgrass, and processed woodchips.

2016 29

What Does 'Getting Rid Of Gasoline' Mean? To Toyota, It's Hydrogen

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It says Toyoda has a dream for his family''s company--and that dream is "no more gasoline." Toyota president Akio Toyoda is on the cover of this week''s Bloomberg Businessweek, along with a provocative blurb.

2014 35

Passing Gas: More Electric Cars Than Gasoline Stations Now

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Electric cars achieved another milestone recently: Plug-in vehicles on American roads now outnumber the gas stations they whiz past on the roadside. We estimate the watershed (oil-shed?) event took place in early July--though there are some asterisks, as we''ll discuss below. As early as next year, electric-car sales in the United States each year

Electric Cars: What's Needed To Eliminate Gasoline, Diesel In 25 Years

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More than four years after the first modern electric cars went on sale in significant numbers, concerted efforts by carmakers, governments, and assorted advocates have ensured a modicum of success. But what more would it take to move electric cars from the small niche they currently occupy to the dominant form of vehicle? Advocacy group Plug-In.

2015 44

Could Gasoline Below $3 A Gallon Doom Rising Gas-Mileage Rules?

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gasoline consumption peaked By most accounts, the world is pretty much awash in oil these days. Increases in North American shale-oil production have boosted supply to the point where there''s now discussion of the U.S. becoming a net oil exporter sometime in the next decade.

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65 MPG Split-Cycle The Next Direction For Gasoline Engines?

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Like it or not, the humble gasoline engine still has a lot to give to the automobile world.

Gevo enters on-road automobile gasoline market in Houston with 12.5% isobutanol blend

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blend of its bio-isobutanol with gasoline marketed for use in automobiles has begun to be sold in the Houston area. biobutanol with gasoline.

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