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GKN, SDS begin production of all-wheel drive disconnect system in China; up to 4% improvement in fuel economy

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The move marks another milestone in the growth of GKN’s AWD business in China. China Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Systems

2017 46

Karma gets approval to build electric cars in China

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China Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Karma ReveroThe original production run of the Fisker Karma luxury sedan was contracted to Valmet Automotive in Finland. But as the Karma Revero, the car will be built at a new facility in California. DON'T.

Audi deepening partnerships with Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent on connected cars in China

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In China, Audi has signed tripartite memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent respectively. Click to enlarge.

2016 48

Audi & FAW sign strategic growth plan for China; focus on electrification and digitalization; 5 more e-tron models

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Audi AG and FAW Group have crafted a strategic growth plan for China. We are starting the next phase of our joint growth path in China.

2017 46

China's five-year budget for renewable energy: $360 billion

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But China has placed more emphasis on renewable power in its latest five-year economic plan. China energy policy renewable energy Investment Donald TrumpDespite a recent downturn, the Chinese government is moving full-speed ahead to invest heavily in renewable energy.

2017 26

China to loosen electric-car rules for foreign makers, because they didn't work

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China Politics plug-in cars regulation New Energy VehicleIt has long been official Chinese government industrial policy to dominate the world's production of lithium-ion battery cells and to establish a commanding electric-car industry.

2017 35

NEVS gets production nod for electric-car plant in China

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China plug-in cars New Energy Vehicle NEVSSince it bought the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012, Chinese-backed consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has been working toward mass production of electric cars. While it is.

2017 24

VW Group plans 8 plug-in electric cars for China

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According to a news report, China—for several years, the. China Future Cars VW plug-in carsAs it works to recover from its diesel emission scandal, the Volkswagen Group is rapidly embracing electric cars.

2017 23

China has a plan for all its electric-car startups; they may not like it

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They are intended not only to help fight the choking air pollution in many parts of the country, but also give China's auto industry an edge in future decades. China plug-in cars regulation New Energy VehicleAnd because the country makes more lithium-ion.

China happy to become world's climate-change leader if U.S. lags

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China government energy policy climate change transportation policy Donald TrumpUnder the administration of President Barack Obama, the U.S. joined the rest of the world and took a leading role in global efforts to avert irreversible climate change. Just yesterday, the head of Trump's EPA.

2017 29

Ballard signs $25M deal with Broad-Ocean for manufacture & sales of 30 and 85 kW fuel cell systems in China

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Broad-Ocean) for the assembly and sale of FCveloCity 30 kW and 85 kW fuel cell systems in China. Under the deal, Broad-Ocean will manufacture fuel cell modules in three strategic regions in China, including Shanghai. China Fuel Cells Hydrogen—Randy MacEwen, Ballard President and CEO.

2017 30

Very cheap, low-range electric cars key for China, India: Nissan CEO Ghosn

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Discussing plans for India and China. China India Carlos Ghosn plug-in cars Renault-NissanCarlos Ghosn, who runs automakers Nissan and Renault, is one of the few auto executives who'll regularly take questions from a roomful of more than 100 journalists.

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Mercedes-Benz Vans launches new Vito in China; unveiling electric van of future this week

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Mercedes-Benz Vans launched its new mid-size van—the Vito—at the Chengdu Motor Show in China on Friday. FBAC) in Fuzhou in August.

2016 43

Charging A Tesla In China: One Owner's Creative, Dangerous Hookup

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It has not been easy going in China thus far for electric-car maker Tesla Motors. Green Charging station China Tesla Motors charging infrastructure plug-in cars Even more challenging, far more affluent Chinese citizens live in apartment.

China Emission Standards: So Tough Honda Will Have All Hybrids By 2025

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China is the world's largest market for new cars, and it also has some of the world's worst air pollution. Green China Fuel Economy Future Cars emissionsCities have had to limit new-car sales and restrict car use to combat rampant pollution, while the government is aggressively promoting electric cars as a solution to the problem.

2015 44

Youxia Electric Tesla Clone From China: So Bad It Makes Us Laugh

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DON'T MISS: China's Tesla-Beater. Green China Television plug-in carsChinese carmakers have acquired a reputation for making blatantly obvious copies of existing designs from other countries. The results are usually worth a few chuckles--provided you don't work for the car company whose vehicle has been plagiarized.

2015 46

Audi starts 7-speed transmission production in China

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Together with Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Tianjin (VWATJ), Audi is inaugurating a new transmission plant in the northern China harbor city of Tianjin. With our first local transmission plant, we have brought another key Audi competence to China. —Joachim Wedler, President of Audi China. In combination with the 2.0

2016 35

China to issue special green plates for electric cars to enforce preferential treatment

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Thanks to aggressive government promotion, electric cars in China get not only purchase incentives, but also other types of incentives in many cases. China energy policy plug-in cars regulation transportation policyBut those rules are only enforceable if.

2016 36

China To Force Toyota To Build Electric Cars It Loathes

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China plug-in cars Prius Plug-in Hybrid Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) RAV4 EV compliance carToyota has been more than abundantly clear in its belief that the best approach to reducing fuel consumption and offering zero-emission vehicles lies in a combination of its present-day hybrids and future hydrogen fuel-cell cars. And sales of.

2015 39

NEVS Cuts Deal For Sale Of 150,000 Electric Saabs In China

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China Sweden plug-in cars New Energy VehicleSaab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has only managed to produce a handful of cars since taking over the Swedish automaker in 2012. But the Chinese-backed company now claims it will launch five electric-car models by 2018. NEVS recently.

2015 43

China accelerates tougher vehicle emission standards, starting sooner

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China is known for having some of the worst air pollution in the world, due in part to years of lax emission regulations covering factories as well as vehicles in the world's largest new-car market. emissions China energy policy Fuel Economy transportation policy

China decides maybe hybrids could help its emissions too

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When it comes to electric cars, China has some of the most generous incentives of any country. But in its attempt to promote greener vehicles, China has largely ignored hybrids to focus on cars with plugs. emissions China incentives transportation policy

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China Alone Now Burns Half The World's Coal, New Data Reveals

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China now burns half of the world's coal, according to newly-released data that appears to correct previous government estimates. This latest data shows that China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal annually than its government previously reported. emissions China energy policy climate change energy air pollution

2015 31

Production of BYD-Daimler DENZA EV begins in China

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kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, range is 253 km on the China cycle (157 miles). Energy consumption on the China cycle is 17.2

2014 41

Cue Kandi Store Jokes: Small Electric Car Goes On Sale In China

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Kandi Technologies Group operates a car-sharing service in China that dispenses electric cars from vending machines. Amid booming electric-car sales in China, Kandi will reportedly move beyond simply renting its small electric. China neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars New Energy Vehicle

2015 37

Efficient Drivetrains awarded bus fleet order for the City of Sheyang, China

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EDI) has received a major order for its EDI PowerDrive 6000 systems from the city of Sheyang in China. Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.

2017 20

Daimler's Car2Go carsharing service signs up 78,000 China users in 2 months

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Daimler's Car2Go carsharing service recently expanded to China, and it's already proving very popular there. China Daimler Car Sharing car2goCar2Go has steadily grown to serve 29 North American and European cities over the past five years, and it just added the Chinese city of Chongqing to its network.

BorgWarner launches its first integrated electric drive module for the EV market; first application in China

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Our first application of this integrated world-class propulsion solution will be produced locally in China. Earlier post.). Click to enlarge.

2016 63

China to crack down on green-car subsidy cheating: report

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China energy policy incentives plug-in cars transportation policy New Energy VehicleOver the past few years, both national and state Chinese governments have heavily subsidized electric cars in an aggressive attempt to promote mass adoption. So far, the various subsidies and purchase incentives have.

China Built 25,000 Electric Cars & Plug-In Hybrids In June Alone

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China sales neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars New Energy VehicleThe Chinese vehicle market is now the world's largest, and has been for a few years now. DON'T MISS: Will.

2015 40

Ballard builds out China operations center for expanding fuel cell business

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Ballard Power Systems has opened its first corporate office headquartered in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, China. This office will serve as the company’s initial operations center in China, supporting management, sales and business development, technical, after-sales and administrative support personnel. Ltd.). Brief

2017 28

Tesla Motors Facing Copyright Lawsuit In China

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Tesla is once again facing copyright issues over its name in China, up against a trend the industry knows as "trademark trolls". When Tesla first made plans to sell cars in China, it came up against a businessman called Zhan Baosheng.

2006 40

First China, Now India, Commit To Reducing Carbon Emission Rates

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Environmental emissions China India air pollutionClimate change is a hotly-debated political issue in the United States, but truly addressing it will require an even bigger consensus. The world's nations will meet in Paris in December to discuss a global strategy for combating climate change.

Aston Martin Electric Car To Be Co-Developed With ‘The Netflix Of China’

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Aston Martin, the British ultraluxury performance-car maker, has turned to an unlikely firm for help with its upcoming RapidE electric car: one of China’s top video-streaming companies. China

CCM: China Li-ion industry booming; domestic outputs triples in 2015 to 15.7 GWh

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In China, the development of alternative energy vehicles and the Li-ion battery sector are booming with the support of promotional policies from the Chinese government, according to new report from CCM , a leading market intelligence provider for China’s agriculture, chemicals, food & ingredients and life science markets. —CCM.

2016 28

2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid To Be Imported From China To U.S.

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China Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars New Energy VehicleOf the three vehicles using GM's newest hybrid system, we know rather less about the 2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid than we do about either the Chevrolet Volt or the Chevy Malibu Hybrid. For one thing, while the various gasoline versions of.

Chevy Volt to become Buick Velite for sale in China: report (updated)

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China Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric VehicleThe current-generation Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid may acquire a new identity for the Chinese market. General Motors sold the first-generation Volt under different brands in various international markets. earlier this year. DON'T MISS.

China's Air Pollution Is Bad, But India's Is Far, Far Worse

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Discuss countries with the worst air pollution, and China typically rises to the top of the list like smoke from a chimney. Maybe it's the high-profile coverage of Beijing's smog-choked air, or the fact that China is now the world's largest new-car market, but either way the country is a poster child for pollution.

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LeEco showcases autonomous EV concept LeSEE at Auto China 2016

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in Atomic Energy, and a Masters in Semiconductor Physics from the Fudan University and an EMBA from China Europe International Business School.

2016 20

Algenol signs MOU with ZYNE to produce renewable fuels in China using industrial CO2 emissions

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US-based algal fuels company based Algenol will partner with South China’s Fujian Zhongyuan New Energy Company, Ltd. ZYNE) to develop projects throughout Southern China, utilizing carbon emissions to create renewable fuels. Algae Algal Fuels China

2015 27