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Study finds rates of LDV fuel consumption in US peaked in 2004; indications of peak motorization

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These rates are down 16% to 17% from their peaks in 2004, except that the rate per vehicle is down 13% (from its peak in 2003). This rate increased to a maximum of 474 gallons in 2004. The rate increased to a maximum of 698 gallons in 2004. The rate increased to a maximum of 1,240 gallons in 2004. 2004. -9% 2004.

Satellite study: livestock digestion released 70% more methane than oil and gas industry in 2004

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Livestock were the single largest source of methane gas emissions in the United States in 2004, releasing 70% more into the atmosphere than the oil and gas industry as estimated by other inventories, according to a new study by a team from Harvard University, JPL/CalTech and UC Irvine. emission inventory used as a priori. —Wecht et al.

Graphene May Double Solar Cell Power, Harvest Hydrogen From Air

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Graphene is a graphite-like substance first isolated in 2004. As tough global emissions standards put more pressure on carmakers to produce larger numbers of zero-emission vehicles, the race is on to improve systems of electricity generation and storage.

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U.S. Vehicles Now Have Average Age Of 11.5 Years (Waste Not, Want Not)

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That means the average passenger car on the road today was built for the 2004 model year--and that there's a long tail of cars stretching well back into the 1990s around you in daily traffic. The cars on U.S. roads are older than they've ever been. A recent survey found that the average age of U.S. vehicles is now at a record high of 11.5

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2015 Smart Electric Drive: Both ForTwo & ForFour Models

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The company previously sold a car with this name in Europe between 2004 and 2006, but the Mitsubishi-based Smart is doubling up on electric vehicles with its next generation small cars--as its Electric Drive will come in both two- and four-seat formats.

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Bob Lutz called 2017 Chevy Bolt EV a 'compliance car'; is it?

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Electric-car advocates are often passionate, with memories long enough to remember GM's 2004 destruction of its pioneering fleet of EV1 electric cars. Bob Lutz plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) compliance car

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2014 Honda Accord Hybrid: Video Road Test

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Honda was the first car company to sell a hybrid in the U.S. That''s changed with

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EPA Reports Fifth Consecutive Annual Increase in US New Vehicle Fuel Economy; Up 9% Since 2004, Back to Levels of Early 1980s

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mpg, or 9%, since 2004. Adjusted CO 2 emissions and adjusted fuel economy by model year. Source: EPA. Click to enlarge. mpg US (11.2 L/100km).

Ford Hybrid Cars: Fusion, C-Max, Escape And More, Ultimate Guide

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2004 saw the launch of its very first hybrid, the 2005 Escape Hybrid, and the maker''s cars have gone from strength to strength ever since. Ten years ago, your choice of hybrid vehicles was pretty limited. A lot has changed in those ten years, and the rise of Ford as a real force in the hybrid markets is one of the biggest changes.

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Is Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV hurting Prius V wagon sales?

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That was a market pioneered by the Ford Escape Hybrid, in 2004, and one that Ford walked away from for 2013. The 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the sole mass-market crossover SUV that offers a hybrid powertrain and all-wheel drive. It turns out that there seems to be a market for compact crossovers with both AWD and high fuel economy.

Volkswagen Group appoints new heads of Global R&D, Group Design, Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy

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He has been Head of the Design Department at Porsche AG since 2004 and was also given responsibility for styling the 2007 Porsche Cayenne, the Panamera and the 918 Spyder. The Volkswagen Group is continuing its restructuring in the aftermath of the diesel engine emissions scandal. We will see faster decision-making and more efficient action.

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2012 Ford Escape Hybrid: Sentenced To Death, So Buy One Now If You Want One

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It's had a good run, starting in the fall of 2004 and continuing through the 2012 model year. The Ford Escape Hybrid was not only the first U.S.-built built hybrid electric vehicle, it was also the first hybrid sport-utility vehicle--or crossover, if you prefer.

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Toyota Transport begins operating first CNG-fueled car hauler

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Since 2004, SmartWay Partners have saved 144.3 the truck and trailer manufacturers. Cottrell, Inc. million barrels of oil and $20.6 Brief

Why Ford Would Be Crazy To Kill The Escape Hybrid: Real AWD

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Now comes word that the new Ford Escape compact crossover for 2013 may not include the Escape Hybrid model it has sold since 2004. Ford has made lots of changes to its model lineup of late, some of them remarkably quickly. We think that would be a terrible shame, because it takes off the market a unique vehicle: the only affordable hybrid

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2012 Toyota Prius V & Plug-In: GreenCarReports Best Car To Buy 2012 Nominees

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Until this year, though, the Prius has been a single model: a subcompact four-door sedan from 2000 through 2003, and then two generations of mid-size five-door hatchback after that, one from 2004 through

DOE: new vehicle fuel economy improved 33% from 1980-2016

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In the 1990s and early 2000s, fuel economy decreased while vehicle weight increased, and fuel economy has improved nearly every year since 2004.

SolidEnergy targeting rechargeable Li-metal smartphone battery in 2016, EV battery with 2x range in 2017

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—Sadoway (2004). Source: SolidEnergy. Click to enlarge. In addition, Lithium dendrite- suppressing additives boost safety. Resources.

Hybrid Sales Soar So Far In 2013: Ford Rises, Prius Falls

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Starting with the 2004 model, it really came to define the public image of a hybrid car. For a long time, the Toyota Prius was the only game in town for high fuel-efficiency vehicles.

Ford’s first mass-produced carbon fiber wheels

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Carbon Revolution first began delivering composite wheels in 2004 for Formula SAE campaigns. Fuel Efficiency Materials Weight reduction

2011 Detroit Auto Show: Ford C-Max Hybrid & Energi Plug-In Concepts

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While Toyota dominates global hybrid production, Ford was the first company to launch a hybrid SUV: the Ford Escape Hybrid, in 2004. Now, Ford is pioneering another hybrid model: the small minivan, or as Europeans call it, the people carrier.

Report finds comparable safety records for railways and pipelines moving crude oil

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Railways and pipelines are equally safe means of transporting crude oil, according to a report comparing safety data for each mode. Click to enlarge.

Fairbanks Morse Engine and Achates Power team up on opposed-piston engines

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Achates Power began modernizing opposed-piston engines in 2004, inspired by the record-setting Junkers Jumo 205 diesel aircraft engine. Fairbanks Morse Model 38 opposed-piston engine. Click to enlarge. Enviro-Design technology is available with the company’s Opposed Piston, FM-MAN 32/40 DF, and the Colt-Pielstick PC2.5/6 engines.

2011 Ford Escape Hybrid

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It was the first hybrid sport utility in the world, launched with great fanfare by Ford in 2004, and for 2011, the Escape Hybrid is still going strong--and still selling steadily. The current design dates back to a 2008 freshening of a basic vehicle first launched way back in 1999.

California greenhouse gas emissions up 2% in 2012; driven by economic growth, closing of San Onofre, and drought

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Since 2000, GHG emissions have decreased by 1.6% (from 466 to 459 MMTCO 2 e) after reaching a peak of 493 MMTCO 2 e in 2004. According to the most recent greenhouse gas emissions inventory from the California Air Resources Board (ARB), the state’s total greenhouse gas emissions rose 1.7% increase in population during the same period. Brief

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PM2.5 pollution linked to blood vessel damage in healthy young non-smoking adults

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In 2004, the American Heart Association released a scientific statement, updated in 2010, warning of the risk and recommending that people talk to their doctor about avoiding exposure to air pollution specific to their area. Air pollution is known to contribute to cardiovascular disease and related deaths. —C. Arden Pope, Ph.D., levels.

2011 edition of EPA Fuel Economy Trends report shows several advanced powertrain technologies making significant gains

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From MY 2004 to MY 2010, CO 2 emissions decreased by 67 g/mi (15%), and fuel economy increased by 3.3 Data: EPA. Click to enlarge. to 52.4%

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Hybrids Just One Of Many Auto Niches

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In Kevin Helliker’s article, he mentions several sites I had never visited, starting with

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Volkswagen Chattanooga receives two ISO Environmental Certifications

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Volkswagen Chattanooga announced that, following an independent audit, the factory has met requirements to receive of the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 14001:2004 and 50001:2011 certifications. Volkswagen Chattanooga received LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Brief

EPA: US greenhouse gases dropped 3.4% in 2012 from 2011; down 10% from 2005 levels

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in 2004, and since then have declined about 10%. US greenhouse gas emissions by gas. Source: EPA. Click to enlarge. decrease in 2012 from 2011.

2005 33

Will Toyota Prius Hybrid Change Its Shape For 2015?

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Since the second generation model arrived in the 2004 model year, the aerodynamically-honed one-box shape has always shouted "Prius". Love it or loathe it, everyone can recognize the Toyota Prius. So much so that many consider Honda's Insight hybrid to deliberately feature similar styling.

ICCT paper finds $123B benefit to Mexico from tighter heavy-duty diesel emission standards

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At present, the Mexican regulation is based on the outdated EPA 2004 or Euro IV standards, which differ substantially with respect to both effectiveness and compliance costs. This paper reports the results of a cost-benefit analysis of changes proposed for Mexico’s heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissions standard, NOM 044, through 2037. Brief

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Startup commercializing thermo-acoustic Stirling technology for combined heat and power for homes

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As outlined in a 2004 study of a traveling-wave thermo-acoustic power converter that generates electricity from heat for NASA by researchers from Northrup Grumman Space and Technology and Los Alamos National Laboratory, a thermo-acoustic design incorporates a thermo-acoustic driver that converts heat to acoustic power without any moving parts.

Achates: LD opposed-piston, 2-stroke diesel can meet 2025 final CAFE, Tier 3 standards for full-size pickup; 30% better FE than Cummins ATLAS

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Founded in 2004, Achates Power is designing and developing engines based on a two-stroke, opposed-piston, compression-ignition technology.

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Lord Drayson launches business to commercialize efficient wireless power transfer over distances; ongoing partnership with Imperial College London

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He became a life peer in the House of Lords in 2004 and served as Defence and Science Minister in the Blair and Brown governments before returning to his career in business. Working closely with Imperial Innovations plc, Drayson Wireless will rapidly bring the technology to market in numerous applications and sectors. Earlier post.) Yates, S.

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Panasonic to supply Li-ion battery cells for Ford’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles

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Ltd, which was acquired by Panasonic last year, has been supplying Ni-MH battery systems for the Ford Escape hybrid vehicle since 2004. Lithium-ion battery cell for plug-in hybrid vehicles (left) and. hybrid electric vehicles (right). Click to enlarge. Ford is doing the pack work in-house. Atkinson from the earlier 2.5L Sanyo Electric Co.,

New SEAT Toledo to boast fuel efficient engines

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Its latest generation will be four centimetres longer than its 2004 predecessor and will come with a large, [.]. Spanish carmaker SEAT has now unveiled its brand new Toledo model (pictured) – set to go on sale in the UK in 2013 – with a host of new features, including highly efficient TSI and TDI engines.

Achates Power developing light-duty two-stroke opposed-piston diesel engine: the OP4

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Founded in 2004, Achates Power is designing and developing engines based on a two-stroke, opposed-piston, compression-ignition technology.

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Toyota to increase production capacity in Indonesia

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began in 2004 and was followed by the “Fortuner” SUV in 2005, making Indonesia an. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) vehicle production subsidiary in Indonesia, plans to increase the annual production capacity of TMMIN’s Karawang Plant from 100,000 vehicles to 140,000 vehicles by early 2013.

Achates OPGCI project targeting 50% fuel efficiency gains over downsized GDI engine at reduced cost

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Earlier post.) Conceptual image of a possible multi-cylinder OPGCI engine. Click to enlarge. displacements, said Redon. Chris Atkinson. Delphi GDCI.

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Global investment in renewable power reached $270.2B in 2014, ~17% up from 2013; biofuel investment fell 8% to 10-year low

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Global investment in renewable power and fuels (excluding large hydro-electric projects) was $270.2 billion set in 2011. billion, up 39% from 2013.

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