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Which country or region will make the most electric cars in 2025? Poll results

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Europe North America Manufacturing China Production United States plug-in cars PollsPlug-in electric cars are going to be a bigger part of the vehicle mix in future than they have been to date. That much is abundantly clear. DON'T MISS: Tesla and China: why an.

After 11 Years, Two-Millionth Hybrid Car Sold In United States

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Sometime early last week, someone somewhere in the U.S. bought a hybrid car. And while we may never know exactly who that person was, the car was the 2-millionth hybrid-electric vehicle sold here since the very first Honda Insight went on sale in late 1999. Industry trade journal Ward's Auto calculated from its sales data that the milestone was

USCAR: Hydrogen research is important

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The debate as to whether money should be invested into hydrogen fuel cell technology continues to rage across the Atlantic, where the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) published a whitepaper on the importance of continued research into hydrogen as a low-carbon transportation solution.

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Shell and Kinder Morgan plan to export LNG from the United States

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Shell US Gas & Power LLC (Shell), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, and Southern Liquefaction Company, LLC, a Kinder Morgan company and unit of El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P. Once finalized, EPB, through its affiliates, will own 51% of the entity and operate the facility. Phase I of the project, approximately 1.5 Brief

NREL updates Survey of Advanced Biofuel Producers in the United States

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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) updated its annual survey of US non-starch ethanol and renewable hydrocarbon biofuels producers.

California utilities submit $1 billion of electric-car projects to regulators

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California continues to lead the United States, and in some ways the world, in efforts to reduce and eliminate harmful emissions from road vehicles. Following the lead of Governor Jerry Brown, the state legislature and regulatory agencies have set aggressive goals to reduce emission of climate-change gases, primarily carbon dioxide.

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Action on climate change 'harmful, unnecessary': Trump White House

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Following inauguration ceremonies for the 45th president of the United States, the Obama White House website was replaced with an entirely new site for the Trump White. If there were any doubt that U.S. Politics global warming energy policy climate change Donald Trump

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Consortium awards battery development project

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A123Systems has been awarded an $8million advanced battery development project from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC). Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries A123Systems Chrysler Ford general motors nanophosphate lithium-ion batteries United States Advanced Battery Consortium USABC

5 more VW diesel execs indicted, including R&D head, after weekend arrest

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The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States, to defraud customers, and to violate the Clean Air Act. On Wednesday, six senior VW Group executives were indicted by the Justice Department on multiple counts of conspiracy and intent to defraud. All stemmed from the Volkswagen diesel scandal that erupted in September 2015.

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Visteon Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization in United States

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Global automotive supplier Visteon Corporation and certain of its US subsidiaries voluntarily filed petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. The petitions were filed in the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. No Visteon subsidiaries or joint ventures outside the US are part of the filing.

250,000th plug-in electric car to be sold in California alone this month

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It's long been obvious that California is the epicenter of emission reduction and electric-car adoption in the United States. million plug-in vehicles estimated to be on global roads by the end of this year, fully one-fifth are in the Golden State. And its outsize influence on U.S. Of the 1.25

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BREAKING NEWS: US Science Report Proves All Out Effort To Fight Climate Change Needed Right Now Or Everyone Is Screwed. Get It?

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This is the cover of the report that was released by the The U.S. But your dying legacy newspaper didn’t get it.  Burnt toast.  Happy to help.

US NOx Cap and Trade Program Lowers Smog Levels in Eastern United States

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State level ozone emissions in the NBP, from 1990 to 2010 (projected). Source: EPA. Click to enlarge.

Tesla, SolarCity, and Ta'u: sun, storage batteries, clean energy (video)

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The combination of Tesla and SolarCity is already promoting its potential synergies, albeit in a location far away from the mainland United States.

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United States and Italy Sign Agreements to Advance Developments in Nuclear Energy

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The US-Italy Joint Declaration Concerning Industrial and Commercial Cooperation in the Nuclear Energy Sector affirms the strong interest of the United States and Italy to encourage their respective nuclear industries to seek opportunities for the construction of new nuclear power plants. Secretary Chu.

VW executive arrested by FBI on diesel emission conspiracy charges

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regulatory compliance group was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation this weekend on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States. The head of VW Group's U.S. Oliver Schmidt led the German automaker's regulatory compliance during 2014 and the early part of 2015. VW VW Group fbi Volkswagen diesel scandal

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What Can I Save Driving An Electric Car? Apps Can Help, Soon

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Last month, Apple Stores in the United States began stocking the Automatic Link.

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All-New 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Coming soon

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The car will go on sale in the United States sometime next year, as a 2017 model, bringing with it styling that resembles. Hyundai has slipped the first image of its next-generation Elantra and confirmed that the global debut of the new compact sedan will be taking place soon. Teaser

California Launches Country's First All-Electric School Bus

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The Kings Canyon Unified School District recently launched the first all-electric school bus in the United States, Inhabitat reports. It may not be capable of space travel, but one California district has found a magic school bus.

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Russian Plutocrats Crave Tesla Model S; Electric Carmaker Resists

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Tesla Motors is working to establish its presence in many markets outside the United States, but there's one country the electric-car maker hasn't explored so far. The company's products aren't officially sold in Russia, even though there is apparently quite a bit of demand. Russia Tesla Motors plug-in cars

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Tesla, Panasonic Sign Gigafactory Pact; Nevada Site Work Already Underway?

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Now it''s official: Panasonic and Tesla Motors will build the "gigafactory," a huge lithium-ion cell fabrication and battery-pack production facility in the western United States. Right

Electric Cars Take Top Two Spots At Pikes Peak Hill-Climb Race

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The annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second-oldest major motorsport event run in the United States, after the Indianapolis 500.

First China, Now India, Commit To Reducing Carbon Emission Rates

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Climate change is a hotly-debated political issue in the United States, but truly addressing it will require an even bigger consensus. The world's nations will meet in Paris in December to discuss a global strategy for combating climate change. Environmental emissions China India air pollution

Passing Gas: More Electric Cars Than Gasoline Stations Now

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As early as next year, electric-car sales in the United States each year Electric cars achieved another milestone recently: Plug-in vehicles on American roads now outnumber the gas stations they whiz past on the roadside. We estimate the watershed (oil-shed?)

Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, May 2014: A Pattern Of Progress

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May was a great month for Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales, as it was in the United States--where sales of 3,117 Nissan Leafs represented the second-highest monthly sales ever for any car that plugs in.

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Charging Electric Vehicles Across America: How We Did It & Where

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But we had our own share of charging challenges as we traveled across the United States last summer in a caravan of all-electric vehicles, as depicted in the new movie Kick Gas. The recent photo contest on this site to find a picture from readers of the most unusual place they''d ever charged an electric vehicle.

Who Wins Electric-Car Brand Battle? BMW, Tesla Have The Buzz Now

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While more than a dozen plug-in electric cars are now sold in the United States, only three carmakers--Chevrolet, Nissan, and Tesla--have emerged as volume players, with BMW perhaps intending to become the fourth.

Is Brazilian Sugarcane The Answer To U.S. Biofuels Needs?

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Brazil believes ethanol made from sugarcane can supplement corn-based ethanol produced in the United States, which would help meet U.S. Is Brazilian sugarcane the perfect biofuel for American drivers? government targets for increased biofuel consumption. Under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the U.S.

Pioneer Valley Transit Authority acquires three Proterra electric buses

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In addition to state-contributed funds, PVTA purchased the Proterra Catalyst FC buses with funds from the Federal Highway and Transit Administration. million miles of revenue service, displacing more than 540,000 gallons of diesel, and eliminating nearly 10 million pounds of carbon emissions across the United States. Brief

Average New-Car Fuel Economy Falls As SUV Sales Rise, Gas Stays Cheap

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The average fuel economy of new cars sold in the United States fell once more in September, although not by much. Average new-car fuel economy continues to hover around 25 mpg, according to recent analysis. The sales-weighted average window sticker fuel economy for new cars in September was 25.2 sales Study Fuel Economy EPA Ratings

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Updated Audi A3 debuts with new engine, tweaked styling

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That’s because the current A3 went on sale overseas back in 2012, only appearing in the United States two years later. It seems like the current-generation Audi A3 went on sale only yesterday but we already have our first look at the car’s mid-cycle update. Videos

Electric-Car Sales Surge In South Korea, Supported By Subsidies

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Sales of plug-in electric cars are very regional right now, globally as well as within the United States.

27 teams advancing in $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE; converting CO2 to products

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EE-AGG (United States).Led Innovator Energy (United States). Low-Energy-Consumption CO 2 Capture and Conversion (United States). Opus 12 (United States). CAT.ALY.ST (United States). Dimensional Energy (United States). Hago Energetics (United States).

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Honda Tests Solar-Powered Electric-Car Charging In Remote Marshall Islands

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It's far from the carmaker's home market of Japan, or its major markets, like the United States and Europe. Honda is testing new electric-car charging stations in a somewhat unusual and very remote location. In fact, it's far from pretty much everywhere on earth. plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure

Tesla Model S: Canada's 2nd-Best-Selling Plug-In Electric Car

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Our posts on June plug-in sales in the United States and Canada illustrate this latter point. Readers of our monthly analysis of the Canadian plug-in electric car market know two things well: a) the Chevy Volt dominates, with sixteen consecutive months of sales leadership; and b) Canadian plug-in figures are hard to come by.

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Which States Have The Most Diesel Vehicles? New Data Gives Results

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Just as diesel fuel isn''t available at every single gas station, diesel vehicles are unevenly distributed in the United States. And despite double-digit rises in registration numbers, the preponderance of diesel engines in North America remain in trucks--especially heavy-duty trucks--rather than passenger cars.

Norway is falling in love with electric car

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Electric cars electric car Nissan LEAF Norway Tesla Model S United StatesAccording to, the reason Norwegians are [.].

AWD Cars Increasingly Popular; How To Make Them Fuel-Efficient?

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Now, according to data from Polk cited in The Detroit News, it''s fitted to almost one third of the vehicles sold in the United States. It wasn''t so long ago that all-wheel drive was restricted to Jeeps, trucks, and the occasional esoteric supercar.

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State With Dirtiest Power Grid Has Highest Electric-Car Incentive

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And life in the 50 states that make up the United States of America is full of inconsistencies, including those among electric-car incentives from state to state. Life is full of little ironies. Carbon Footprint carbon dioxide plug-in cars renewable energy energy West Virginia

Proterra launches new Catalyst E2 series electric bus with nominal range of up to 350 miles

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To date, Proterra buses across the United States have completed over 2.5 —Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra.

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