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Wind energy capacity in Europe now exceeds total coal output

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While homeowners are more familiar with photovoltaic solar panels, large-scale wind power is an increasingly important part of the growth in renewable energy. For the first time, the total installed capacity of wind energy in Europe now exceeds the total output of electric powerplants fueled with coal.

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More solar energy was added in 2016 than natural gas or wind

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emissions natural gas renewable energy solar clean energy wind energyRenewable-energy growth has accelerated in 2016, but this may go down as a milestone year for one renewable-energy source in particular. Together, all renewable-energy sources are expected to account for 8 percent of U.S.

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Small Wind Turbines Now Offered On Leases, Like Solar Panels

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emissions plug-in cars electricity costs renewable energy wind energySmall solar-panel installations have allowed homeowners to lower carbon emissions, and perhaps save some money on electricity as well. Solar has become a popular enough option that some analysts believe.

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Offshore wind energy in U.K. far ahead of lower-cost target

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The winds of change are blowing harder in the U.K. The price of energy generated by offshore wind farms has been falling steadily, and ahead of schedule too. Europe UK renewable energy wind energyCosts have fallen 32 percent since 2012, bringing them below a target of £100 per megawatt-hour previously set by the U.K.

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Wind, Natural Gas, Solar Provide More U.S. Power, Replacing Coal

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natural gas electric utilities plug-in cars solar clean energy energy wind energyOne of the advantages of electric cars is that they get cleaner as the emissions associated with generating the electricity to power them decrease. Coal's share of.

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Maxwell Technologies to acquire Nesscap Energy for $23M; strengthens position in automotive, industrial, wind

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Key benefits of the transaction include: Expanded and solidified opportunity in Wind, Automotive, and Industrial Markets. The transaction.

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Boeing and NASA testing Blended Wing Body model in Langley subsonic wind tunnel

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Boeing is readying the BWB for the next step in maturing the concept—a manned demonstrator. Earlier post.). Brief

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Siemens has produced 75-meter rotor blades for wind turbines

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Siemens has produced the world’s longest rotor blades for wind turbines. Siemens has been manufacturing wind power plants for the past 30 years.

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Japanese public-private partnership to test end-to-end H2 supply chain using wind power to begin this fall; 2nd-life hybrid batteries for ESS

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The project involves: Systems to produce hydrogen by electrolyzing water using wind power. Earlier post.) Use of fuel cell forklifts. Schedule.

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World's First Entirely Renewable-Energy Place: Wind-Swept Scottish Island

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The island--part of the Hebrides archipelago--is in the process of creating a network of solar panels, wind turbines, and If you''re looking to unplug from the grid, you might want to head to Eigg, a small island off the coast of Scotland.

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E.ON Power-to-Gas facility begins commercial operations; wind-to-H2

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It will reduce the need to take wind turbines offline when the local grid is congested and will therefore enable us to harness more wind power.

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Honda Generates Enough Wind Power In Brazil To Run Its Car Plant

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MORE: Some Solar, Wind Power Competes With Natural Gas Without Incentives: Study Honda recently As cars become more efficient, the manufacturing process is coming under increased scrutiny in order to further reduce the carbon footprint of each vehicle on the road.

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Energiepark Mainz comes online; hydrogen from wind power; Siemens 6MW electrolysis system

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The energy park will produce hydrogen using electricity from neighboring wind parks. Earlier post.) —Dr. Brief

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We're there! Renewables now cheapest unsubsidized electricity in U.S.

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wind and solar power are now cheaper sources of electricity than natural gas—even without subsidies. emissions climate change Study renewable energy solar wind energyOver the past few years, the cost of electricity generation from renewable-energy sources has decreased dramatically. In the U.S., DON'T MISS.

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Viking Grace LNG ferry to install rotor sail; first LNG/wind electric propulsion hybrid ship

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When wind meets the spinning rotor sail, the rotor sail accelerates air flow on one side and restricts the air flow on the opposite side.

Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds? Far Fewer Than Cell Towers.Or Cats

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Wind turbines are a proven source of clean, renewable energy, but many people believe that they kill massive numbers of birds. The story that wind turbines kill birds through collisions has gained a lot of traction, but is it actually true? RELATED: Some Solar, Wind Power Competes With Natural Gas Without

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All Dutch electric trains now running on 100-percent renewable energy

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Europe The Netherlands renewable energy Public transport Trains wind energyWhile modern electric cars have only been available in large numbers for a few years, electric trains have been commonplace for some time. As with electric cars, the source of the electricity used to power these trains impacts their overall carbon footprint.

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Some Solar, Wind Power Competes With Natural Gas Without Incentives: Study

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Fossil fuels have been an integral part of the industrialized world since it began 250 years ago. While renewable, carbon-free energy sources have long been viewed as the ideal solution, they were always more expensive than pumping carbon into the air. That may now have changed, according to a new analysis from Lazard published today and reported

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Aerodynamic Tesla Model S Electric Car Wins The Wind-Tunnel Wars

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Aerodynamics are a vital component of automotive efficiency. The more air you have to push out of the way to reach or maintain a certain speed, the more energy you''re using. And the more energy you use, the less efficient your journey will be. ALSO SEE: Solar Roadways Smashes Crowdfunding Target, Still Raising More Tesla Model S owners don''t nee

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Chevy Volt's Wind Thrumming Noise: Aero Fix Now Available

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It''s become a common part of road testing: Get the car up to speed, then roll down a window to see how bad the drumming and buffeting gets.

DOE: US wind power capacity grew 8% in 2014 to ~66 GW, 2nd in world; meets 4.9% of end use demand; lowest prices to date

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Wind power represented 24% of U.S. Since 2007, wind power has represented 33% of all US capacity additions. Source: DOE. Source: DOE.

Wind River and Ricardo partnering on autonomous driving systems

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Wind River, a software provider for the Internet of Things (IoT), is teaming with Ricardo to deliver solutions for autonomous driving. Wind River will provide advanced automotive software systems, as well as architectural and engineering support. —Marques McCammon, general manager of connected vehicles at Wind River.

Ford dealerships to go green with wind and solar

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Now with a range of two plug-in hybrids and one fully electric car, the firm is exploring green electricity too, to e[.].

Honda expands renewable energy use with new wind turbines

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Honda is to become the first major automotive firm to ensure its US manufacturing facilities have a substantial wind power capabilities. Honda

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Oklahoma Adds Fee For Homes To Connect Solar, Wind Power To Grid

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Renewable-energy advocates have cranked up the outrage machine at a surcharge imposed by Oklahoma on homes that connect rooftop solar panels or wind-turbine generators to the grid. Ten days ago, the Oklahoma House passed S.B. 1455 without debate, and Governor Mary Fallin is expected to sign it. The bill provides that by the end of next year

Renewable energy growth accelerating, says International Energy Agency

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China energy policy plug-in cars renewable energy solar wind energyThe overall carbon emissions associated with electric cars decrease as the electricity used to recharge them gets cleaner. And the latest statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA) will be good news indeed for electric-car drivers.

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Four Ford Dealers To Test Solar & Wind Clean-Energy Systems

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The company announced today a pilot program that will put solar-and-wind clean-energy systems into four of its dealerships. As fuel economy slowly rises across its entire range, Ford is looking to lower the environmental impact of the dealerships that sell its greenest cars as well.

Honda begins operation of 1st wind farm by an automaker in Brazil; covering electricity needs for annual local auto production

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Honda Energy), Honda’s wind power generation business subsidiary in Brazil, has begun operation of its wind power generation facility. Honda thereby the first automaker in Brazil to start a wind power generation business. Honda Energy do Brasil Ltda. Brief

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Renewable energy to hit 9 percent of U.S. total in 2017

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emissions renewable energy solar clean energy wind energyrenewable-energy generating capacity is not only growing, but it is beginning to erode coal's share of the electricity-generating mix, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). At the same time, a combination of renewable.

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Statoil launches Batwind: 1MWh battery storage for pilot offshore wind project

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Hywind Scotland, located 25 km offshore Peterhead, will consist of five floating wind turbines. Statoil has a strong position in offshore wind.

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When lauding renewables, look at utilization, not just capacity

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The news on the renewable energy front continues to be good, with the costs of wind and solar generation falling steadily. electric utilities renewable energy solar clean energy energy wind energyBy some measures, large-scale renewable energy is now cost-competitive (or close) with the most efficient natural-gas electric plants.

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Wind-powered car breaks land speed record

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A new UK land speed record for an electric car has been set, as the wind-powered Nemesis smashed the old record set by Don Wales, the grandson of the famous racer Sir Malcolm Campbell. Designed and built entirely in the UK, the Nemesis electric car set a new record of 148 mph on an airfield [.].

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Wind Explorer EV crosses Australia for less than $15 of electricity; kite-assisted

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The Wind Explorer took advantage of crosswinds by using large, steerable kites to cover hundreds of miles. Click to enlarge. Brief

IRENA report finds renewable power costs at parity or below fossil fuels in many parts of world

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Offshore wind and concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies are in earlier stages and deployment costs remain higher than those of fossil fuels.

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Study suggests arrays of closely-spaced counter-rotating vertical-axis wind turbines could enhance power density of wind farms by up to an order of magnitude

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constraint limits the amount of power that can be extracted from a given wind farm footprint. from a top view) in winds above 3.8

Long-Lived Clean Power: Wind Turbines Last 25 Years, Study Says

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In the search for clean energy, wind power appears to be one of the most promising avenues, along with solar. But to be a reliable source of electricity, individual wind turbines need to be durable. Wind won''t make a very attractive investment if turbines or generators have to be replaced every few years.

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Scotland shows path toward boosting renewable energy in a big way

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But its persistent winds make the country a great place for renewable energy. Over the past few years, officials have overseen the construction of numerous wind turbines, in hopes of turning Scotland's weather into a useful resource. Europe UK renewable energy Scotland energy wind energy

Renewable Energy Doing So Well That Subsidies Could End: Energy Secretary Moniz

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emissions energy policy Department of Energy renewable energy solar wind energyGovernment subsidies have been an important lifeline for renewable energy, helping to make different technologies viable even when costs are not in their favor. It's possible that will happen sooner, rather than later. DON'T.

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Electric-car winds in China shift again: goals to be cut after sales fall?

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Eight weeks ago, China seemed to be preparing to loosen its famously strict car-manufacturing rules for foreign makers. The government leaders who direct economic policy had seemingly concluded that Chinese makers could not succeed in selling cars in Europe and North America. So the country proposed to relax joint-venture rules for so-called New.

DOE awards $17M to FY 2014 SBIR Phase II projects; includes Si/graphene anodes, motor windings, exhaust treatments

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Vehicle technologies span a range from new Si/graphene Li-ion anode materials and composites for motor windings to diesel aftertreatment and advanced lubricants. Composite Coatings for Low-Cost Motor Windings in Electric Vehicles. Selected vehicle and hydrogen technology projects are: FY 2014 SBIR Phase II vehicle projects. Funding.

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