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Stanford team sets record for solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of solar water splitting: >30%

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The results, the researchers said, demonstrate the potential of photovoltaic-electrolysis systems for cost-effective solar energy storage.

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Tesla's battery farm on Kauai opens, large-scale solar energy for Hawaii

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SolarCity was already controlled by Musk, who believes its solar-energy business can be reinforced and complemented by Tesla's energy-storage business. electric utilities Hawaii renewable energy solar energy storage Solar CityEven before Elon Musk engineered Tesla's acquisition of SolarCity, the two companies were collaborating.

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The Solar Powered Electric Car From Back In 1960 (Video)

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Some electric cars use roof-mounted solar panels to provide supplementary electric power. Green Vintage plug-in cars solar

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France Will Pave Roads With 620 Miles Of Solar Panels

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Thanks to a steep drop in the price of photovoltaic cells, you're more likely to see solar panels on buildings as you drive along.

World Solar Challenge Concludes As Teams Cover 1,800 Miles On Sun Power (Video)

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Every two years, teams from around the world converge on Australia to compete in the World Solar. Australia solar World Solar Challenge

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More solar energy was added in 2016 than natural gas or wind

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electricity-generation capacity in 2017, according to the Department of Energy, and solar energy is responsible for most of. emissions natural gas renewable energy solar clean energy wind energyRenewable-energy growth has accelerated in 2016, but this may go down as a milestone year for one renewable-energy source in particular.

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Classic 1966 VW Bus With Green Drivetrain: Solar-Powered Electric Motor

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Solar-powered cars are typically custom-built affairs that prioritize function over form. Their shapes are usually dictated by aerodynamics and the placement of solar panels, and there's often room for only one occupant. But this solar-powered vehicle has a whole lot more style. solar roof plug-in cars solar Microbus

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Electric cars can be 'contagious,' DoE says (solar panels too), but why?

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Studies have found that solar panels can be "contagious," for example. In other words, a homeowner is more likely to install solar panels on their house if their neighbor has done so. CHECK OUT: Electric Cars Vs. Solar Panels: Which One's The. Department of Energy Study plug-in cars solar

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Student Solar-Car Developers: What Motivates Them?

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Every two years, students from around the world converge on Australia to race solar cars across the continent. In the World Solar Challenge (WSC), they compete to see which purpose-built solar car is most efficient over 3,000 kilometers (1,860 miles) on the journey between Australia's northern and southern coasts.

HyperSolar Nears Voltage Needed For Solar Hydrogen Production

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hydrogen research hydrogen fuel cell renewable energy solarWhat's so magical about 1.5 volts, you may ask?

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Stanford team increases power of corrosion-resistant solar cells; advance for solar fuels

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Researchers at Stanford, with colleagues at University College Cork in Ireland, have shown how to increase the power of corrosion-resistant solar cells, setting a record for solar energy output under water. Instead of pumping electricity into the grid, the power these cells produce would be used in the production of solar fuels.

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Innovative Arizona Utility Program Rents Your Roof For Solar Power

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The proliferation of home solar power systems has some utilities worried about potential damage to their business models. And charging an electric car with renewable energy from solar panels remains the low-carbon ideal for many green-car buyers. electric utilities Arizona renewable energy solar

Immortus Electric-Car Concept Claims Solar Running Up To 35 MPH

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Many electric-car owners use solar panels to generate power that they can use in home charging stations. Solar-car racing is nothing new, and solar panels have been used to a very limited extent to supplement battery power in a few production cars. Australia solar roof plug-in cars solarDON'T.

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Solar roads coming to Route 66 via photovoltaic pavers

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One of America's oldest and most historic highways may soon become the first to get embedded solar panels. There is no indication of how long the stretch of solar-paved road will be, though, or how much power it. Infrastructure energy infrastructure Missouri renewable energy solar

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HyperSolar Reaches Voltage To Produce Hydrogen With Solar Energy

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HyperSolar claims to have reached a major milestone in its quest to produce hydrogen using solar energy. hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell renewable energy solarThe startup hopes to produce hydrogen gas from water using artificial photosynthesis, on a commercial scale. To do that, it has worked to achieve the 1.5 DON'T.

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Report Names Funders Of Anti-Solar-Power Initiatives & Legislation

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As home-solar installations proliferate, electric utilities are worried about what affect that could have on their business. emissions Politics energy policy electric utilities renewable energy solar state lawsNow, a new report from advocacy group Environment America.

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More than half of millennials say they want solar panels: study

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Millennials solar clean energyAny automotive journalist has, by now, sat through many lengthy presentations from carmakers on Millennials and what they want. Some are insightful, a few are cringeworthy, but the basic message seems to be that they're very, very different and hard to understand.

Vermont B&B Offers Solar-Powered Electric-Car Charging

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The West Hill House B&B and Retreat Center in Warren, Vermont, now offers electric-car charging, powered by solar panels. The inn's owners recently acquired a 25-percent stake in the Same Sun Solar Society solar farm in Poultney, Vermont. plug-in cars charging youtube renewable energy solar charging infrastructure Vermont

Solar Panels On Dutch Bike Lane Produce More Power Than Planned

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Apparently, solar panels aren't just for roofs anymore. The Dutch company SolaRoad has long planned to build bike paths and roadways with embedded solar panels, using nominally open space for renewable-energy generation. DON'T MISS: The Coming Solar Power.

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JLR running on solar power

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Jaguar Land Rover has finished building the UK’s largest rooftop solar panel array at the company’s new Engine Manufacturing Centre in Staffordshire.

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New Stella Solar Electric Car Produces More Energy Than It Uses

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Back in 2013, a group of students from the Eindhoven Univserity of Technology built a solar-powered car for the World Solar Challenge race held in Australia. Now the group--known as Solar Team Eindhoven--is back with an improved car. Stella EV Australia The Netherlands solarJust like the previous.

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Small Wind Turbines Now Offered On Leases, Like Solar Panels

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Small solar-panel installations have allowed homeowners to lower carbon emissions, and perhaps save some money on electricity as well. Electric-car drivers with home solar installations can also further decrease the carbon footprint of a vehicle by charging it using solar power.

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North America's largest coal power plant to become 44-MW solar farm

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Canada energy infrastructure renewable energy solar clean energyHere's a turn of events that should make renewable-energy advocates smile. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, the Ontario Power Generation Nanticoke Generating Station was once North America's largest coal-fired power plant.

The Greatest Solar Powered Music Festival in World History! SUNSTOCK JUNE 18 Los Angeles

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Out of the darkness, comes the light! Be there and shine with us! Your Creative Greenius loves him some Cults. We feel you! The Wavves?

Opinion: Why Buffett Bet A Billion On Solar: Miles Per Acre Per Year

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The first eye-opener for large scale solar was the Austin Energy PPA last year that was priced at 5 cents. Electric (Battery) Opinion Solar

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Solar panels at Toyota's new Texas HQ to provide 25 percent of its electricity

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Texas may be known as an oil state, but it's also a sprawling and sunny state, making it a good place to set up solar panels. Texas renewable energy solar clean energy energyToyota hopes to take advantage of that when it completes the move of its North American headquarters from Torrance, California, to the Lone Star State next year.

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Could Solar Roads Meet Our Power Needs? Crowdfunding Project Begins

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If there''s one big problem with centralized solar power facilities it''s that finding the space to build them is quite difficult.

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Wind, Natural Gas, Solar Provide More U.S. Power, Replacing Coal

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natural gas electric utilities plug-in cars solar clean energy energy wind energyOne of the advantages of electric cars is that they get cleaner as the emissions associated with generating the electricity to power them decrease. Coal's share of.

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As Solar Power Spreads, Diverse Users Fight Utility Attempts To Penalize It

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You''d be surprised how much a rooftop solar panel can make utility-company executives sweat. Home solar installations are on the rise in the U.S., Politics energy infrastructure electric utilities plug-in cars electricity costs solar state laws and that has electric utilities worried.

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Researchers develop all-weather solar cell that generates power from rain as well as from sun

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c), d) The operational principle of the flexible solar cell under sunlight. 2016) “A Solar Cell That Is Triggered by Sun and Rain.”

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Home energy storage batteries lose to grid-connected solar on environmental impact

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At first glance, renewable-energy sources like solar power and energy-storage battery packs seem like a logical match. Energy storage allows excess power collected by solar panels to be stored for later use, addressing the intermittent nature of solar power. Study electric utilities renewable energy energy energy storage

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Chile is giving away solar energy, for free, because it has so much

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Chile has a problem with its solar industry. There is actually more available solar energy than there is use for it. DON'T MISS: North America's largest coal power plant to become 44-MW solar farm Consequently, Chile is now. renewable energy solar clean energy South America energy

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Solar Impulse Sun-Powered Airplane Lands Safely In Hawaii

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Nearly four months after taking off from Abu Dhabi to attempt a circumnavigation of the globe, the sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 airplane has crossed the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii renewable energy solar aircraftThe plane landed in Hawaii Friday, achieving another milestone in the attempt to fly around the world with no onboard fuel.

Harvard hybrid “bionic leaf” converts solar energy to liquid fuel isopropanol

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This is a proof of concept that you can have a way of harvesting solar energy and storing it in the form of a liquid fuel. and Onie H. eutropha.

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On the road to solar fuels and chemicals

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In a new paper in the journal Nature Materials (in an edition focused on materials for sustainable energy), a team from Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has reviewed milestones in the progress of solid-state photoelectrocatalytic technologies toward delivering solar fuels and chemistry. —Montoya et al.

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JCAP team reports first complete “artificial leaf”; >10% solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency

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An intrinsically safe solar-hydrogen prototype system (1 cm 2 ) built with the device exhibited a hydrogen production rate of 0.81 Resources.

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Bipartisan governors' group urges Trump to back solar, wind power

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Politics government energy policy jobs climate change renewable energy solar wind energy Donald TrumpThe new presidential administration seems poised to take a radically different approach to energy policy than its predecessor. But while the White House prepares to execute what looks.

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Tesla and Panasonic to manufacture solar cells and modules in Buffalo, NY; 1GW by 2019

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These high-efficiency PV cells and modules will be used to produce solar panels in the non-solar roof products. Electric (Battery) Sola

BMW Designs Custom Solar Charging Station For i3, i8

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Solar charging is indisputably one of the best ways of running an electric vehicle. BMW is backing solar too, commissioning its BMW DesignworksUSA arm to design a stylish solar carport, perfect for the i3 electric car and

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Via Electric Pickup Outdoes Solar Roofs With Solar Tonneau Cover

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Think a solar roof is the ultimate electric-car accessory? How about a solar tonneau cover? This eco-freindly add-on takes advantage of the considerable amount of real estate available for solar cells on a full-size