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Audi’s production electric e-tron quattro may set a new standard for vehicle handling; advanced vehicle dynamics control

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Current vehicle dynamics control (VDC) systems preserve vehicle stability under challenging conditions, but do not routinely enhance vehicle handling.

2015 72

Xtrac introduces Integrated Lightweight Electric Vehicle (ILEV) transmission system; torque vectoring with dual motors

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Electric (Battery) Motors Transmissions Vehicle DynamicsIts mass is 45 kg (99 lbs) excluding the motors. Click to enlarge. —James Setter.

2016 59

First Drive: Chevy Bolt EV 200-Mile Electric Car Development Vehicle

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If the production version of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV lives up to the engineering development vehicles we saw and drove today, it will debut a new world of affordable, 200-mile electric cars that should be desirable to a broad mass market. Back in 2010, Chevy let journalists drive "integration vehicles" built to test the latest versions of.

Toyota progress report on TNGA; half of vehicles sold in 2020 to feature new platforms

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Powertrain component development needs to be coordinated with that of vehicle platforms, which form the basic structure of all vehicles.

2015 50

Toyota announces aggressive environmental targets through 2050; cutting new vehicle CO2 by 90% compared to 2010

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In Japan, selling at least 1,000 fuel cell vehicles per month (well in excess of 10,000 per year). Ever better cars. Achieving sales of 1.5

2015 53

DOE to award up to $137M for SuperTruck II, Vehicle Technology Office programs

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will design and develop a new more-efficient engine and advanced drivetrain and vehicle technologies. will design and develop a vehicle and powertrain with electrified engine components that can enable higher engine efficiency and a significantly more aerodynamically reengineered cab. Navistar, Inc. Applicant. Description. 999,977.

2016 28

nanoFLOWCELL unveils flow cell battery prototype vehicle

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The two 200L (400L, 106 gallons US total) electrolyte tanks are packaged in the rear and central tunnel of the vehicle. Powertrain of the QUANT.

2014 72

Polaris Updates GEM Low-Speed Electric Vehicles

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The company GEM has specialized in small, low-speed electric vehicles for more than 15 years; at one point during its life it was even owned by Chrysler. neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars Polaris

All-electric Subaru crossover utility vehicle coming in 2021: Japanese report

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The company's crossover utility vehicles handle more like cars than those from other makers, and its sedans and hatchbacks are set apart by standard all-wheel drive. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Subaru, to which auto writers often attach the adjective "quirky," has been a quiet success story in the U.S.

ESKAM finishing electric drive axle module for commercial vehicles, new production technologies; vehicle testing this year

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After that, they want to fit the axle module into a real vehicle for testing by the end of 2015. Groschopp AG. Click to enlarge. Fraunhofer IWU.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation enter strategic cooperation, focused on new energy vehicles

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National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS)—the rebirthed Saab—and Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Dongfeng) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to achieve global industrial synergies. Dongfeng will also support NEVS to achieve the new energy vehicle mass production. China Electric (Battery) Vehicle Manufacturers

Propel Renewable Diesel: Usable By Any Vehicle, Going Beyond 'Biodiesel'

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Fuels produced using plant-based materials can offer a promising way to reduce the carbon emitted by road vehicles. But for diesel-powered vehicles, the term "biodiesel" is used. Green Biofuels Carbon Footprint alternative fuel vehicles biodiesel renewable diesel fuel

2015 35

SAE World Congress panel highlights progress on H2 infrastructure and fuel cell vehicle commercialization

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Many other OEMs are also working on development of fuel cell vehicles as well. Earlier post.) —Jesse Schneider. Hyundai. Linde. Honda.

2015 46

Ford opens portfolio of patented technologies to competitors to accelerate industry-wide electrified vehicle development

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Ford Motor Company is offering competitors access to its electrified vehicle technology patents in a move to help accelerate industry-wide research and development of electrified vehicles. In 2014, Ford filed more than 400 patents dedicated to electrified vehicle technologies. Innovation is our goal.

2015 42

Toyota displays Mirai-based research vehicle with satellite communications function; Kymeta flat-panel antennae

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Toyota is working to enhance its connected technologies, including a plan to install a Data Communication Module into a broader range of its vehicles.

2016 35

Fujitsu launches hydrogen station data management service to support spread of fuel-cell vehicles

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The platform-provisioning service uses probe data collected from moving vehicles and vast amounts of location data gathered from various sensors.

2014 45

Renault unveils Next Two autonomous electric vehicle prototype for 2020

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Renault has unveiled the Next Two concept—the company’s current vision of an autonomous drive (AD) capable electric vehicle for the year 2020.

Jaguar Land Rover and EPSRC announce $17M autonomous vehicle research program; 5 projects selected

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Human Interaction: Designing Autonomy in Vehicles (HI:DAV). —Dr. Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover.

Making the Mirai fuel cell vehicle

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Vehicle trim. Following the installation of the fuel cell stack, the boost converter, hydrogen tank and tubes are fitted to the vehicle.

2015 44

Poll: Consumer Interest In Electric Vehicles Stagnating?

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Today you’re far more likely to see an all-electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model S on your way to work or to the store, versus just a couple of years ago. That much is almost certainly true. But that doesn’t mean that EVs are past a market tipping point just yet. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and full battery-electric.

2015 37

Finally, auto industry starts to admit: electric vehicles are better

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Electric cars are often touted for their financial and environmental benefits, but there's another major perk they offer to consumers. They're very nice to drive. Many drivers have been won over by electric cars' near-silent operation and instant torque delivery. DON'T MISS: Electric Cars' Secret Advantage: They're Just Nicer To Drive (Apr 2012).

Jaguar Land Rover in two UK projects worth ~$16M to advance connected and autonomous vehicle technology

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million) to advance connected and autonomous vehicle technology. The £5.5-million (US$7.9-million) UK-CITE (UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment) project will create the first test route capable of testing both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure systems on public roads in the UK. UK-CITE. MOVE-UK.

Study: Hybrid vehicles beat diesel vehicles

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Are hybrid vehicles truly better for the environment than diesel vehicles? A new study firmly suggests they are. Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news diesel vehicles FedEx hybrid delivery trucks hybrid vehicles hybrid versus diesel NRELIt found that exhaust emissions were reduced substantially. The hybrid [.].

Volvo Cars introduces new compact architecture; expects electrified vehicles to be 10% of total sales by 2020

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CMA’s introduction in 2017 means that all future Volvo cars will be built on just two fully scalable and wholly modular vehicle architectures.

2015 43

Natural-Gas Vehicles To Get Electric-Car Tax Credit In Transportation Bill?

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Green NGV congress incentives natural gas natural gas vehicle transportation policyAs another Congressional session winds down, the two houses are working to pass a long-overdue transportation funding bill. Congress passed an interim funding bill last week, to keep transportation funding.

BMW i home energy storage system integrates 2nd-life i3 vehicle batteries

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BMW i announced a home stationary energy storage system solution integrating its BMW i3 vehicle battery at EVS 29 in Montréal. ChargeForward.

2016 52

GKN Driveline introducing eAxle for mass-market C-segment vehicles

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Development by GKN is helping move the balance of power in vehicles from internal combustion towards electric drives.

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle landscape truly changed, says longtime expert

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Hydrogen fuel-cell cars are currently available to consumers, but only in small numbers. The Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Mirai are on sale in certain regions of California, and will soon be joined by the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. The three manufacturers only plan to sell very small volumes of fuel-cell cars over the next few years, and lack of.

Alternative fuel vehicle sales soar in the UK, with 143% growth in EV market

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Electric vehicles Editor Pick

2014 44

Ford showcases vehicle to vehicle communication

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At the Forward with Ford event, the US car manufacturer showcased its advancements in vehicle to vehicle communications that could potentially warn a driver in advance about a collision. Ford Green cars Latest news Forward with Ford vehicle to vehicle communications wi-fi

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BMW's hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle getting closer to reality

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Many automakers have chosen to promote battery-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell cars exclusively, but BMW is dabbling in both. The German firm already sells its all-electric i3, along with a growing cadre of plug-in hybrid models. But it's also developing hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains, with some help from Toyota. DON'T MISS: BMW Hydrogen Fuel-Cell.

2016 44

EU proposes deep cuts to vehicle emissions, ignores ships, airplanes

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European automakers have attacked proposed emissions standards that would place greater restrictions on cars, as well as large commercial vehicles like heavy-duty trucks and buses, as unrealistic. Europe emissions EU Carbon aircraft Boats

In Survey, 77 Percent Of Canadian Buyers Support Hydrogen Vehicles

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Hyundai's hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle has also been available to a finite number of Canadian drivers since January. The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell crossover has been available for lease in parts of California for more than a year, but that's not the only North American market where it can be found.

2015 46

Aclima partnering with Google to map outdoor air quality with Street View vehicles

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Big Data Connected vehicles Controls and controllers EmissionsSample output from the Denver pilot. Click to enlarge. Aclima.

2015 36

Hyundai delivers first Tucson fuel cell vehicle in Ontario

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has delivered its first fuel cell vehicle in Ontario, Canada to Joseph Cargnelli, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Mississauga-based Hydrogenics Corporation. In November, 2014, Hyundai Auto Canada announced it would become the first Canadian automotive company to offer fuel cell vehicles to real-world customers. Brief

Siemens and Cohda Wireless to collaborate on vehicle-to-infrastructure devices; Cohda and u-blox

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Siemens AG and Cohda Wireless will collaborate in the area of Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). V2I devices are part of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), which share information between vehicles and roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights. —Paul Gray, CEO of Cohda Wireless. THEO-P1 is based on 802.11p, 5.9

2015 30

Seven Barriers To Alt-Fuel Vehicles: Can Hydrogen Fuel Cells Overcome Them?

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Among owners and advocates of zero-emission vehicles, few topics generate as much back-and-forth debate (to put it politely) as those cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Infrastructure hydrogen Future Cars hydrogen fuel cell Fuel Cell Vehicles Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

2015 31

Next Hyundai fuel-cell vehicle to be another SUV

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The current Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell was the first of the modern crop of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to go on sale, and it's also the only one with a crossover utility vehicle body. Now it seems that Hyundai may make its next fuel-cell vehicle a crossover. hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

2016 31

IEEE publishes new 1609.3-2016 WAVE standard supporting connected vehicle deployment

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The lack of ubiquitous high-speed communications between vehicles and service providers and the lack of homogeneous communication interfaces between different automotive manufacturers have limited externally driven services to vehicles. IEEE 1609.3 As part of the IEEE 1609 family of standards, the IEEE 1609.3

2016 34

$70M H2ME project launches in Europe to deploy 325 fuel cell vehicles and 29 refueling stations

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A large coalition of European partners has launched the €63-million (US$70-million) project Hydrogen Mobility Europe ( H2ME ). Click to enlarge.

2015 67