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Honda Clarity EV electric car to have only 80 miles of range: report

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One of the more eagerly awaited all-electric cars coming to market this year has been the 2018 Honda Clarity EV. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) compliance car Honda Clarity EVIt's a battery-electric version of the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell already on sale in some regions of California, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

2017 21

First drive review: Honda NSX

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Honda is not renowned for making exciting cars. Honda First Drive Reviews Editors Picks NSX

2016 24

Explaining how Honda Accord Hybrid system works: video

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The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan returned last year, ending a one-year hiatus for the model. Videos

2017 44

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell marketing theme: thinking about tomorrow

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Like most marketing for hydrogen vehicles, the video ad above will likely be targeted only to California drivers.

2017 36

Honda Civic Hybrid, Natural-Gas Models Eliminated After 2015

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Honda surprised the industry when it pulled the wraps off a brand-new tenth generation of its Civic compact at April's New York Auto Show. But two members of today's Civic lineup won't survive into the new generation: the Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Honda Civic Natural Gas.

2015 25

I Can't Buy A Honda Fit Hybrid In The U.S.; Can I Import One?

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With Honda down to a single hybrid vehicle for the 2016 model year--the aging and low-volume CR-Z two-seater--it turns out one reader is looking covetously at the subcompact Honda Fit Hybrid sold in Japan. The 2016 Honda. Japan EPA forbidden fruit Fuel Economy Honda Fit Hybrid

2016 29

Honda of Canada Mfg. to invest $492M in Ontario manufacturing plants; $83.6M in government grants

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Honda of Canada Mfg. HCM), a division of Honda Canada Inc., will invest $492 million over the next three years to allow the company to modernize its Ontario manufacturing facilities and to improve its manufacturing carbon footprint significantly—part of Honda’s global initiatives. Honda of Canada Mfg. billion.

2017 31

Honda reveals new Jazz

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Another highlight of the fast-approaching Paris Motor Show will be the unveiling of the European version of the new Honda Jazz. Honda

GM and Honda to establish industry-first $85M joint fuel cell system manufacturing operation in Michigan

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Next-generation fuel cell stack co-developed by Honda and GM. and president of Honda North America, Inc. Earlier post.). Earlier post.)

2017 36

Honda introduces “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” at CES 2017; Honda Riding Assist, NeuV concept w/ AI emotion engine

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Further, as part of its effort to accelerate open innovation, Honda has established a new URL for areas including AI, Big Data and Robotics.

2017 26

Honda stops Insight production

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Honda is to cease production of its Insight model according to Bloomberg, this morning. Honda Editor Pick

Honda recalls hybrid cars

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Honda According to reports, there is a potential problem with the software programme that controls the[.].

Honda 24

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell EPA-rated with 366-mile range; longest of any ZEV

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Honda will further develop its dealer network as more hydrogen fueling stations become available. Fuel Cells Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen

2016 38

Honda Insight Hybrid: The Least-Wanted Car In America?

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So it appears to be with the Honda Insight, the subcompact mild hybrid hatchback that the company discontinued after the 2014 model year. DON''T MISS: Honda Ends 3. Green Honda Integrated Motor Assist New car sales mild hybrid sales subcompact

Honda starts electric car testing

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Japanese carmaker Honda has started demonstration testing of its Honda Fit EV (electric vehicle concepts) in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Electric cars Green cars Honda Latest news electric vehicle Guangzhou Honda electric cars Honda Fit EV

Honda leasing 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell at $369/month, including fuel

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Honda announced a competitive introductory lease price of $369 a month for 36 months (plus tax) for the Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, which is coming to dealerships in California by the end of 2016. Honda will further develop its dealer network as consumer friendly hydrogen fueling stations become available. Earlier post.). Brief

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell to lease for $369 a month

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The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will be available through certain California dealerships before the year is out, its maker says. Honda. hydrogen Leasing hydrogen fuel cell

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan: Live Photos, More Details From Tokyo

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We got a first look at the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell over a month ago, but major details--including the car's name--weren't released until the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show last week. Honda's production hydrogen-powered vehicle--now named Clarity Fuel Cell--will go on sale in Japan early next year, with a U.S. launch sometime after that.

Japan 23

2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Soldiers On With Minor Upgrades

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The Honda CR-Z hybrid was first introduced for the 2011 model year, and since then it's received relatively little in the way of updates. to use Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild-hybrid system, which is widely expected to be phased out soon. Honda Integrated Motor AssistIt's now the last production model in the U.S.

2015 24

Honda and GM update fuel cell partnership

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It was back in July that GM and Honda announced an agreement to co-develop hydrogen storage technologies and next-generati[.]. Honda GM

Honda introduces new Insight Hybrid

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Japanese carmaker Honda has announced the introduction of a refreshed Insight Hybrid model, which will be accompanied by an Insight Exclusive model with a 1.5litre engine. The Honda Insight Hybrid will start at [.].

Honda reveals details of Accord Plug-in Hybrid engine

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Green cars Honda Latest news green cars Honda Accord Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid hybrid cars plug-in hybrid So what [.].

Honda’s frugal new diesel Civic given January UK launch

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A new chapter in the history of Honda diesels has been confirmed this week with the imminent arrival of their brand new 1.6-litre i-DTEC engine.

2013 40

Honda, GM To Build Factory For Fuel-Cell Production By 2025

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Honda and GM said in July 2013 that they would share their fuel-cell development efforts, and. The cost of developing advanced zero-emission powertrains for future vehicles is substantial, even for the world's largest carmakers. General Motors GM hydrogen Project Driveway hydrogen fuel cell

2016 47

Two-Thirds Of 2030 Hondas Will Be Electrified Or Zero Emission: CEO

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Fifteen years is a short time in the life of the auto industry, just two complete product cycles for the average high-volume vehicle.

2016 48

Honda boosts motorcycle fuel economy

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Honda’s efforts to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy go beyond its motor vehicles – they also stretch to its motorcycles, with the company developing new 700cc and 125cc engines with an accompanying second-generation Dual Clutch Transmission.

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid: Video Road Test

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Honda was the first car company to sell a hybrid in the U.S. That''s changed with

2014 31

Honda Film: Controlling Air Pollution A 'Never-Ending Race'

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The fight to improve air quality may not sound like fodder for a typical Hollywood blockbuster, but Honda has done its best to make the topic exciting.

2014 40

2015 Honda Fit Video Road Test

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Add in top safety ratings, and your list may narrow down to just one car: the latest 2015 Honda Fit. If you’re looking for a small hatchback that delivers both fuel economy and flexibility, only a handful of new cars come to mind.

2015 30

Honda trials faster hydrogen refuelling station

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Honda Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars The new advanced station called MC Fill is a fast-fill refuelling station designed to store hydrogen at[.].

Store 24

Honda R&D developing high-power dynamic charging system for EVs at speeds up to 96 mph

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At the upcoming WCX 17: SAE World Congress Experience, a team from Honda R&D will present a paper on their study of a dynamic charging system that uses high power to charge a traveling EV, with the goal of realizing an unlimited vehicle range. —Tajima et al. Resources. Tajima, T., Noguchi, W., and Aruga, T. Brief

2017 24

Honda issues third recall for hybrid models

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Honda The carmaker will suspend shipments of its Fit (known as the Jazz over here) and Vezel hybrids too, whi[.].

2014 24

Honda To Cooperate With GM On Plug-In Hybrid Technology?

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Honda and General Motors may expand their cooperation on green cars, according to a report in the Japanese media. DON'T MISS: GM, Honda Latest. In 2013 the two automakers signed a partnership to develop hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains, which remains in effect until at least 2020.

2020 27

Honda test drives micro electric car

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Latest News Green cars Electric cars Honda The Japanese carmaker is test driving a micro electric car known as the MC-? pictured) wi[.].

Green 24

Honda launches new Vezel compact SUV hybrid

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Honda is launching a new compact SUV called the Vezel which will include a hybrid model. Hybrid cars Honda In its na[.].

Japan 24

Honda outlines hybrid car plans for China

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Among the highlights is that Honda will "strive to begin" local production of hybrid models in China by 2016. This represents a pushback f[.].

2016 24

New Honda Fit set for US debut

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Hybrid cars Honda

Honda puts new hybrid car on sale

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Latest News Green cars Hybrid cars Honda

First 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans delivered in California

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Well after Hyundai and Toyota launched their own fuel-cell cars in California, the first 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans to be leased to retail customers were delivered yesterday in a small ceremony. There's a new hydrogen fuel-cell kid in town. Like the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell and Toyota Mirai, the Clarity Fuel Cell is available only.

Honda Insight Hybrid Production To End

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The Honda Insight hybrid is no more. It brings to an end