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Tesla updates maintenance plans; higher fees now include hardware updates

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Electric cars may require significantly less maintenance than internal-combustion cars, but even they will break down eventually. So the Silicon Valley automaker offers maintenance plans, which allow owners to prepay for annual inspections and other routine work. plug-in cars Scheduled Maintenance

Life With Tesla Model S: At Last, Some Maintenance Needed (New Tires)

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After 20 months and 26,000-plus miles, I finally spent my first dollar on maintenance for my 2013 Tesla Model S. Almost 2,000 of them, in fact. The total was $1,858--the cost of four new tires and Tesla''s recommended annual service.

Electric Car Maintenance A Third Cheaper Than Combustion Vehicles?

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Driving an electric car has plenty of advantages, but many owners also like the simplicity of their vehicles. An electric motor is incredibly simple in operation. In contrast, internal combustion engines can be made up of hundreds of parts--even thousands, in particularly advanced engines. That's why it's perhaps unsurprising to hear that new

Electric Car Maintenance Snafu, Tesla App, Kia Trail'ster Concept Named: Today's Car News

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Today, see why electric car owners need to pay close attention to dealer service bills, a new Tesla app for the Apple Watch, and the name of Kia''s upcoming 2015 Chicago Auto Show concept. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Soon you may be able to control a Tesla Model S electric car from your wrist, using an Apple Watch with a new app. Every

Toyota Prius hybrid is cheapest car over 10 years that you can buy

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The expenses of owning a car include not only things like fuel and insurance, but also maintenance over the life of a. Maintenance ownership Reliability ownership costs Cost Of OwnershipWhen it comes to buying a new car, there are many factors to consider.

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Fusion Hybrid needs to burn more gas to keep engine healthy: Ford Canada

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Maintenance CanadaHere's a riddle to consider. When is it a good thing for a hybrid car to burn more gasoline? The answer, at least according to Ford Canada, is when the hybrid in question is driven in a cold climate, but only for short distances.

2013 14

Crumb rubber from old tires can lower road noise and reduce need for road maintenance

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Ground tire rubber, when blended with asphalt, produces longer lasting road surfaces, and can lower road noise and the need for road maintenance. It’s very durable. We mix it with different materials and in different percentages, and in different conditions, to find the best ways to add rubber to asphalt. —Magdy Abdelrahman. Brief

Maintenance Free Batteries?

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What's the difference between a maintenance free and a deep cell battery? Maintenance free means it's sealed. Hi, Jack! Let's see. Means you don't

Pricey repairs: maintenance can become costly with no warranty

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A report has warned of the costly repairs many motorists face after manufacturer’s warranties expire. It was also revealed that the chances of mechani.

Smart goes all-electric, 2017 Hyundai Ioniq prices, 'Greenest' and 'Meanest' cars: Today's Car News

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Tesla's updated maintenance plans cost more, but include more services. Today, we have news that Smart may start selling only electric cars in the U.S., pricing information for the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and Ioniq Electric, and rankings of the "Greenest" and "Meanest" cars in terms of environmental impact. Today in Car News

2017 21

Final Transportation Bill: Electric-Car Fans Get Reasons To Rejoice

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It authorizes funds for highway construction and maintenance and public. Electric-car advocates can end the year on a high note, thanks to several provisions in the final Federal transportation bill approved earlier this month. The Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) was signed by President Barack Obama on December 4.

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UK Grounds Maintenance Company Contracts for Four Ford-Smith Electric Vehicles Light Commercial EVs

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Carillion Fleet Management is one of only a few companies willing to underwrite electric vehicles on behalf of its customers, and has supplied the four vans on a seven-year contract hire with maintenance agreement. The Ford Transit vans have been specially adapted by UK specialists Smith Electric Vehicles. Earlier post

Will electric buses replace propane ones in national parks (which replaced diesels)?

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High maintenance costs for the aging bus fleet have led the National Park Service to. Electric buses could soon enter service shuttling visitors around a U.S. national park. emissions plug-in cars Buses Public transport Utah

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Electric-Car Battery Costs Already Cheaper Than 2020 Predictions: Study

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While owners may save money on fuel and maintenance over the long term, a higher initial purchase price remains intimidating, and take time to amortize. It''s widely assumed that electric cars will never emerge into the mass market if buying them requires paying a significant premium over comparable internal-combustion models.

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King County Metro completes accelerated durability and reliability testing of Proterra electric bus

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Total estimated cost of maintenance for this test, incl. Proterra electric transit bus. Source: KCM. Click to enlarge.

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Groupe Renault acquires PVI, a specialist in the electrification of Light Commercial Vehicles

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Escal specializes in the distribution, installation and maintenance of security systems for lifting vehicles. Earlier post.). Master Z.E.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery: Electrician Spent $10, Not $4,000, To Fix

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Some hybrid cars have been on the road for more than a decade now, but every vehicle needs some kind of maintenance eventually. Who said modern cars are too complicated to work on at home? DON''T MISS: How Long Do Hybrid Cars Last: Which Will Make 150,000 Miles?

Oregon To Test Nation's First Per-Mile Road Fee In Lieu Of Gas Taxes

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That''s because road maintenance is heavily reliant on revenue from gas taxes, and that revenue is shrinking as cars use less fuel--and those that run on grid electricity use none. As cars get more efficient, their owners spend less money on fuel. Green Gas Tax Infrastructure Oregon plug-in cars state laws taxes

Pilot production of Tesla Model 3 to start Feb 20: report

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The Silicon Valley carmaker said the "brief, planned pause" was to add paint-shop capacity and do general maintenance at its assembly plant in Fremont, California. Tesla said yesterday it would shut down its production lines for one week this month to prepare for the launch of its upcoming Model 3 electric sedan.

2017 13

CA Tesla Owner Calculates That UberX Is Cheaper Than Electric Car

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Cheap electricity and reduced maintenance needs make most electric cars cheaper to operate per mile than internal-combustion models, but perhaps that doesn''t take things far enough. There seems be an even better way to save money on transportation in some areas: Get rid of the car entirely.

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All-new Renault Megane receives best-in-class running costs

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Anyone looking to lease Renault’s fourth generation Megane will be pleased to find out that it has received best-in-class Service, Maintenance and Rep.

Tesla Model S Service Contract: $600/Year, Or Warranty Voided

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One big advantage of electric cars is reduced maintenance. With no internal combustion engine, there is no oil to change, no exhaust system, no transmission, no myriad of moving parts to break or wear out, and no air or fuel filters to clog up. With regenerative braking, brake pads last virtually forever.

Antelope Valley Transit orders up to 85 electric buses from BYD; first US all-electric public transit fleet

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Safer Work Environment for Technicians: The electric batteries are safe, thermal runaway proof, non-toxic, and maintenance free.

2016 59

Wisconsin: Higher Taxes For Hybrids, Electrics For Not Burning Enough Gas To Fund Road Repairs?

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Much of the money to fund maintenance of this infrastructure comes from taxes on fuel, but that''s something that doesn''t apply to drivers of electric cars--and hybrid drivers pay less than others. It''s not news that the roads and bridges in many states are falling into disrepair.

Renault introduces two new electric light commercial vehicles

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Predictive Maintenance” involves issuing real-time information on the vehicle’s condition. and Master Z.E.—to New Kangoo Z.E. 106 miles).

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11 states assessing fees on EV owners in lieu of traditional fuel taxes

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Highway maintenance has traditionally been funded from a combination of Federal and state taxes collected at the fuel pump. Source: DOE EERE.

Replacing 2003 VW Jetta TDI: What Non-Gasoline Car Should He Pick?

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Maintenance costs for the compact diesel are going up, so he believes it''s time to move on. Everyone needs car-buying advice once in awhile--even the leader of an electric-car advocacy group. Richard Kelly--the president of Plug-In America--has now put almost 200,000 miles on his 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. In a blog post, Kelly laid out hi

2003 20

Why BMW Boosting Its V-8 Twin-Turbo's Fuel Efficiency Kills Batteries

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Maintenance Batteries Turbochargers Fuel Economy ReliabilityModern cars are asked to excel at many things, some of which are at cross purposes. The buying public demands vehicles that are sporty and luxurious, but regulations require them to be increasingly fuel-efficient.

UK companies in $2.5M project to develop marine magnetically geared propulsion motor; potential 10% efficiency gain

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Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, is providing £925,708 (US$1.3 million) in funding. retrofits. Magnomatics. Motors Ports and Marine

Electric car owners could ‘pay more than combustion car owners’ for long journeys

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Electric car owners could face paying more to recharge than it costs to refuel a diesel car, as the Government removes subsidies for charging points.

NJ dedicates all gas tax revenue to transportation infrastructure

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Critics of electric cars often use the argument that, because electric-car drivers don't pay gas taxes, they don't contribute their fair share of road-maintenance costs. But state gas-tax revenue don't necessarily go toward funding infrastructure, or at least not all of it. In last Tuesday's election, voters in one state ensured that their.

Is the free-charging honeymoon over for EV owners? It depends where you look.

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Electric cars Weekly Column

Nopetro opens largest US public/private CNG fueling facility

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The P3 also included providing environmentally sustainable upgrades to LYNX’s existing maintenance facility, as well as coordinating the conversion of the existing public bus fleet to CNG vehicles. As part of the P3 agreement, Nopetro built the CNG fueling station and upgraded the maintenance facility. Brief

Do Electric Cars Alter Your Brain Forever? An Owner Says Yes

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And I have to be honest: The answer, from my perspective, is a resounding YES. I ''feel better'' for the following reasons: I spend less money on fuel and maintenance The pollution I don''t emit benefits the

Schaeffler and Southwest Jiaotong University collaborate on research on future rail vehicles

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Schaeffler Chief Digital Officer Gerhard Baum presented on the development of digitalization at Schaeffler and applications of big data technologies in the railway sector, such as systems for the predictive maintenance of axlebox bearings. Brief

Fastned and Nissan expand their fast-charging partnership

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In addition to four years of free fast charging this package also includes a rental car for four years (12 weeks total) for holidays,four years of free maintenance and a free charge point at home or at work. Netherlands-based Fastned, a builer and operator of fast-charging networks, and Nissan have expanded their partnership. Brief

PHEV Day "Off" - Sunday, 5 April 2009. Haven of Rest & Relaxation. Tho Some Battery Maintenance Work Awaits at Gunter plus Lots of Email EVfort!

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs, and EVnthusiasts, One & All, Later, some battery figures will be tallied out. However, even with 2 x BB batteries reading 9.97 volts cold and discharged from Run to Montgomery, the "Spirit" worked out with those two batteries charged up to 13.34 and 13.32 volts! volts.

Cummins Westport begins production of ISL G Near Zero NOx natural gas engine; first commercially available near zero NOx MidRange engine

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Leveraging the technology improvements of the ISL G, the ISL G NZ offers customers the benefit of improved reliability and durability as well as range and performance with the lowest emissions, utilizing maintenance-free Three-Way Catalyst (TWC) aftertreatment. Cummins Westport Inc. —Rob Neitzke, President of Cummins Westport.

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Busted: 7 Things That Won’t Improve Your Gas Mileage

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Here at GreenCarReports, we often remind you what you can do to improve the gas mileage of your car with articles devoted to tire maintenance, good driving practice and following service schedules. According to Consumer Reports however, there are just as many things that are rumored to improve your gas mileage that just don’t work on

Schaeffler and IBM sign Watson IoT partnership; Industry 4.0

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As a partner for its digital reinvention, Schaeffler has turned to IBM. —Prof. Dr.-Ing. Industry 4.0 Big Data Industry 4.0