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Which oil companies invest in renewables, electric-car services?

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If electric cars are adopted by mass-market buyers in years to come, that will lead over time to notably lower oil consumption. So what are oil companies doing to prepare for that possible outcome? Europe oil plug-in cars Shell renewable energy fossil fuels

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Oil and gas fracking industry targets Millennials for support

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The oil and gas industries certainly know how to tailor their messages to specific demographics. Marketing oil natural gas Social Media Millennials fossil fuelsThe process of hydraulic fracturing—commonly known as "fracking"—to release fossil-fuel reserves from the earth has led to a boom in U.S. So to shore up support.

2016 40

Electric cars pose 'resoundingly negative' threat to oil companies: analyst Fitch

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It goes without saying that mass adoption of electric cars would lead to a massive decrease in oil consumption over time. So far, though, the oil industry hasn't seemed to give plug-in electric cars much attention. oil Batteries plug-in cars renewable energy Investment fossil fuels

2016 39

This Is Why You Don’t Take Money From Oil Companies For Your Schools

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When Chevron, or Phillips 66, or ExxonMobil or E&B oil companies give schools and nonprofits funding money they do it for one reason only.

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American Refining Group taking 1/3 stake in Amyris/Cosan Novvi JV; accelerating commercialization of renewable base oil and lubricants

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Base oils, currently derived from the crude oil refining process, are the building blocks of lubricating oils. Earlier post.)

2016 38

Global oil demand could peak by 2020, says Shell

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The rise of electric cars has led many analysts to make predictions about the future of the oil industry. oil plug-in cars Shell fossil fuelsExxonMobil and OPEC have both made statements indicating confidence that the majority of vehicles on the world's roads will continue to be powered by fossil fuels for the next few decades.

2016 23

Will electric cars cause oil price to crash? Navigant says no

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As electric cars become more widespread, they have the potential to drastically reduce the need for oil. That will lead to reduced transportation-related carbon emissions and lower costs for consumers, but what affect will it have on the oil industry? Economic oil plug-in carsDON'T MISS: Multiple Trends Turning.

2016 35

Saudi Arabia will have $2 trillion to figure out an economy after oil

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Oil-rich Saudi Arabia could find itself in a vulnerable position if world economies shift away from fossil fuels for transportation over the coming decades. The Middle Eastern kingdom is now preparing for that eventually, socking away money for a post-oil economy. oil Middle East energy policy transportation policy Saudi Arabia

California oil producer applies for LCFS credits for producing crude oil using solar-generated power

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Under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), crude oil producers may generate credits for oil that has been produced using innovative methods and delivered to California refineries for processing. Seneca Resource Corporation (Seneca) has applied for LCFS credits for producing crude oil using solar generated electricity.

2016 35

Even The Oil Industry Asks: Does Tesla Mean The End Of Hydrocarbon Fuels?

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oil Tesla Motors plug-in cars fossil fuelsIt's not just the cars made by electric-car startup Tesla Motors, or the fact that it's the first new automaker in decades that appears to have a serious chance of long-term success. The Silicon Valley company is also viewed as a potential disruptor of established players.

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Oil Hauler Brings Electric Cars To Heart Of Oklahoma Oil Country

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plug-in cars oil well youtube Plug-in America OklahomaThe event is comprised of many dozens of individual.

West Coast Could Cut Oil Use In Half By 2030: Report

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oil California energy policy Washington State OregonWhen it comes to purchasing and promoting electric cars and clean energy, the West Coast stands apart. California leads the nation in policies encouraging electric-car adoption, and Washington and Oregon aren't far behind. DON'T MISS: West.

2016 34

Multiple Trends Turning Slowly Against Oil, Says Rocky Mountain Institute

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The cost of a barrel of oil is now just a fraction of what it was several years ago, and fuel prices have mostly fallen across the globe as a result. Oil prices rise and fall, but most industry analysts suggest that the emergence of North American production has loosened OPEC's ability to set prices unilaterally.

2016 44

Oil is cheap, so Kuwait raised its own gas price to compensate

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Cheap gasoline is good news for the economies of most countries, but not those that rely on oil exports. The sustained fall in global prices has led oil-producing countries to search for ways to keep their revenues up. oil Middle East energy policy United Arab Emirates Saudi ArabiaDON'T MISS: Even Saudi Arabia vows to end its.

Electric Cars Could Slash UK Oil Imports 40 Percent In 15 Years: Study

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Green Europe Study UK energy policy oil plug-in cars With high fuel prices and island locations on the same warming planet as every other sovereign state, the United Kingdom could benefit enormously from electric cars.

Oil in ground may be worth less, Exxon concedes, unhappily

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As low oil prices remain steady, many oil companies have been forced to write down the value of their reserves. It's something oil giant ExxonMobil has resisted, even as its revenues have dropped. billion barrels of oil-sand reserves, and 1 billion barrels of other North American oil. oil Exxon fossil fuels

Second Toyota Mirai Video: Hydrogen Is Like First Oil Well

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The town of Titusville, Pennsylvania, considers itself the birthplace of the oil industry. DON'T MISS: 10 Questions On.

CA Climate-Change Bill Passed, Electric Utilities To Target Oil Industry

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oil California climate change electric utilities state lawsLet's call this one a good news, bad news, good news story. On Friday, September 11, the California Senate approved SB 350, the Clean Energy and Reduction Act--by far the most far-reaching climate change legislation enacted in the U.S.

Opinion: Oil Market ShowdownCan Russia Outlast The Saudis?

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November 27, oil consuming countries will celebrate the first anniversary of the Saudi decision to let market forces determine prices. and $50.36

Opinion: Expect A Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry

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The point is, with volumes languishing (and probably poised to decline) tied to a flat oil futures price curve and with economics marginal at $60 per barrel, many E&P operators find themselves running through hedges in 2015 and still in need to finance their already reduced capital spending. Market Background Oil OpinionSource: [link].

2015 23

Cheap Oil Will Last A Decade, Says Huge Oil Trader

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The low oil prices that boosted new-car sales and caused average fuel-economy gains to sputter last year may be here to stay, for a while at least. And those oil prices likely won't increase dramatically for the next. Fuel Gasoline oil energy

Ending $4 billion U.S. oil, gas drilling subsidies would have low impact: study

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subsidies to the oil and gas industries are often a flashpoint among electric-car advocates and environmentalists. Carbon Footprint natural gas incentives climate change taxes oil well government subsidy energyNow a new study suggests that those subsidies.

2016 16

Oil company pays $26 million for half-billion-dollar ethanol plant

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The failure of cellulosic ethanol may prove beneficial to oil giant Royal Dutch Shell. oil ethanol energy policy cellulosic ethanolCellulosic ethanol was seen as an important component of mass ethanol adoption because it is made from non-edible plants. DON'T MISS.

2016 14

$10-Trillion Investment Needed To Avoid Massive Oil Price Spike Says OPEC

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OPEC says that $10 trillion worth of investment will need to flow into oil and gas through 2040 in order to meet the world’s energy needs. The OPEC published its World Oil Outlook 2015 (WOO) in late December, which struck a much more pessimistic note on the state of oil markets than in the past. Market Background Oil

Even Saudi Arabia vows to end its 'addiction to oil'

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Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is now starting to contemplate a future in which gasoline and diesel now longer power the majority of the world's cars. Over the next decade and a half, it hopes to transition its economy away from oil, largely by investing today's oil revenues in other industries.

How Oil Companies Fight CA's Clean Energy: Playbook Leaked Accidentally

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Of course, there''s one group that''s not very happy about these developments: the oil industry. When it comes to curtailing carbon emissions, California leads the way. Its policies promoting clean energy and zero-emission vehicles are the most comprehensive of any state, and have strong public support.

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Shell fuel stations in U.K., Netherlands to add electric-car charging

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That's because a pair of European oil companies plan to add electric-car charging at certain fuel stations. Europe oil plug-in cars charging Shell charging infrastructure gas stationElectric cars are often touted as a way to avoid gas stations. But electric-car drivers in certain European countries will soon be going to them to charge.

2017 46

Opinion: China To Continue Expanding Its Influence In The Oil And Gas Sector

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Since 2009, China has been taking a much more active role in its pursuit of international oil contracts. In 2009, for the first time, Saudi Arabia exported more of its oil to China than it did to the U.S. China also made large investments in Saudi Arabia’s oil refining industry as well. China Oil Opinion

When Will The Last Gasoline Car Be Built? 2070, Shell Oil Says

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The latest prediction comes from a particularly unlikely source: Shell Oil Company, one of the largest petroleum producers in the world.

2013 59

Big energy hugely underestimates electric cars, renewable power

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oil plug-in cars renewable energy energy fossil fuelsMass adoption of electric cars and renewable energy could significantly decrease global consumption of fossil fuels. But does the established energy industry view these new developments as a threat?

2017 47

Study shows renewable diesel from crude tall oil is a high quality drop-in fuel for off-road engines

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A team from the University of Vaasa (Finland) and UPM-Kymmene Corporation has examined how the blends of fossil and renewable diesel produced from crude tall oil (CTO) affect the performance and exhaust emissions of the modern common-rail off-road diesel engine. UPM BioVerno renewable diesel is produced from wood-based tall oil.

2016 43

President Obama proposes 50% increase in spending on clean transportation, funded by $10/barrel tax on oil

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President Obama has laid out a plan for building a “21st Century Clean Transportation System”, the investment for which would be funded by a new $10 per barrel fee on oil paid by oil companies, which would be gradually phased in over five years. Market Background Policy

2016 40

Study quantifies impact of oil and gas emissions on Denver’s ozone problem

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VOCs can come from both natural sources like trees and anthropogenic ones, like oil and gas activities. Emissions Health Natural Gas Oil

Shell hedges bets, adds hydrogen fuel to 1st U.K. station

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Anticipating a possible decrease in fossil-fuel consumption from the mass deployment of zero-emission vehicles, one of the world's largest oil companies is hedging its bets. Europe oil Infrastructure hydrogen UK Shell hydrogen fuel cell

2017 31

Arctic oil on life support

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Oil companies have eyed the Arctic for years. With an estimated 90 billion barrels of oil lying north of the Arctic Circle, the circumpolar north is arguably the last corner of the globe that is still almost entirely unexplored. Statoil, the semi-state-owned oil company from Norway, has been an offshore leader and Arctic pioneer.

Oil Industry Will Begin To Vanish By 2030, Says New Book

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What if electric cars and renewable energy became such common parts of our society that they made the oil industry obsolete? It''s an environmentalist''s dream, and it''s also the thesis of a new book, which claims the oil industry will effectively vanish in large part within the next two decades.

2015 34

New West Coast Oil Refinery Proposed To Meet Clean-Fuel Demand

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Along the Columbia River in Washington state, developers are planning the first new oil refinery on the West Coast in 25 years. Biofuels oil energy policy energy Washington State OregonParadoxically, the goal of the project is to meet new clean-fuel standards. DON'T MISS: United Airlines To Start Using.

Fire breaks out at Chevron oil refinery

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A fire at an oil refinery in San Francisco Bay area has led to a warning to residents to remain indoors as plumes of smoke fill the air. Latest news Chevron fire OilThe fire at Chevron’s Richmond plant in California broke yesterday evening around 6pm local time. By 10pm the fire was ‘contained’ but is still burning. A spokesperson [.].

Korean Oil Company Helps Drivers Save Gas With.Parking Balloons?

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That was our first thought on seeing one gas-saving idea from nothing less than an oil company in South Korea. Called the HERE balloon, it''s oil giant S-Oil''s way of reducing the time drivers spend looking for a space in a large parking lot--and therefore, the gas they waste while doing so. It''s

Opinion: Everyone Is Guessing When It Comes To Oil Prices

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Predicting and diagnosing the trajectory of oil prices has become something of a cottage industry in the past year. Output continues to climb.