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Green Car Reports' 2017 Best Car To Buy nominee: Tesla Model X

Green Car Reports

Pretty much any Tesla electric car is bound to start a conversation. The low, tiny 2008 Roadster, the sleek and Jaguar-esque 2012 Model S sedan, or the company's latest car, the 2016 Model X crossover utility vehicle. But as we experienced first-hand, the Model X has the most attention-getting device of any Tesla ever sold. DON'T MISS: 2016 Tesla.

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DOE awarding up to $80M for supercritical CO2 pilot plant

Green Car Congress

Today the average efficiency of the US fleet of steam Rankine cycle power plants is in the lower 30% range. Drawing of sCO 2 plant. Click to enlarge.

2016 46

Green Car Reports 2017 Best Car To Buy nominee: Chevy Bolt EV

Green Car Reports

The announcement of the Chevrolet Bolt concept car came like a thunderclap at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. After unveiling the 2016 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, General Motors CEO Mary Barra rolled out a bright orange five-door hatchback electric car. It would have 200 or more miles of range, she said, for a price starting at $37,500 before.

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Is it all over for the internal combustion engine?

Green Cars News

News of the death of the internal combustion engine (ICE) has been greatly exaggerated, to misquote Mark Twain. That’s the over-riding feeling among c.

DENSO & Toshiba partner on Deep Neural Network-IP for image recognition systems for ADAS & automated driving

Green Car Congress

Visual features design. Who knows what visual features best separate a person with a smartphone from a person without? Real-time processing. Resources.

2016 45

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Mercedes-Benz S550e wireless charging comes into focus

Green Car Reports

The Mercedes-Benz S550e plug-in hybrid luxury sedan will likely be the first production car to offer wireless charging as a factory option. The availability of wireless charging was announced earlier this year by Mercedes as part of a significant update of the current-generation car. We now know that the S550e will use a version of the Qualcomm.

2016 28

Nano Flowcell liquid-battery car briefly driven by outsider

Green Car Reports

Nano Flowcell Holdings hasn't been shy about promoting its flow-cell battery technology. It's displayed flashy concept cars at multiple auto shows, offering bold performance claims for what it said were near production-ready designs. But the company doesn't seem to have given outsiders any significant time behind the wheel of any of its prototype.

2016 30

Renesas Electronics delivers highly automated driving solution kit to accelerate development of autonomous vehicles

Green Car Congress

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced a highly automated driving (HAD) solution kit that delivers high computing performance targeted at automotive functional safety to reduce development time of electronic control units (ECUs). There are four safety levels, A to D, with ASIL-D being the strictest.

2016 28

LG Chem: GM to sell 'more than 30,000' Chevy Bolt EVs next year

Green Car Reports

A very brief article on a single sentence uttered on Tuesday by an executive at Korean battery maker LG Chem has reverberated around electric-car circles for most of this week. The executive was vice president Kang Chang-beom, and he spoke on a conference call for financial analysts on the topic of LG Chem's third-quarter earnings. His comment has.

2016 25

Which plug-in electric car will sell best next year? Poll results

Green Car Reports

Sales of plug-in electric cars were essentially flat in the U.S. last year compared to 2014, and this year isn't necessarily going to be much better. Part of that is due to product cadence: the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S, two of the top-selling cars in previous years, are now relatively old vehicles. The Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid is only in its.

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India, EU ratify Paris climate agreement: takes effect next month

Green Car Reports

Last December, representatives form 195 countries met in Paris to negotiate an agreement to address climate change on a global scale. Almost a year later, enough countries have now formally ratified that agreement in order that it can officially take effect. The tipping point was reached when India and the 28 members of the European Union ratified.

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Geely launches Lynk & Co; a new electrified and connected global car brand

Green Car Congress

First in the range will be the Lynk & Co 01—an SUV featuring full premium specifications and characteristics as standard. Earlier post.).

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Tesla upgrades self-driving sensors, hardware; full autonomy test next year?

Green Car Reports

Yesterday morning, the state of California held a hearing on proposed rules governing self-driving cars. Both automakers and Google objected to the regulations as written, saying that the requirement to comply with voluntary federal regulations issued last month would hobble their development efforts. Then, last night, Tesla Motors announced a.

Why do electric cars exist? Buyer demand? Legislation? Or VW?

Green Car Reports

Owners love them, but modern electric cars have not made a large dent in sales of internal-combustion cars since becoming widely available five years ago. In fact, but for a few exceptions, electric cars essentially wouldn't exist without legislation aimed at lowering transportation-related carbon emissions. Tesla's success in raising the profile.

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So how about all-electric supersonic aircraft, then?

Green Car Reports

Supersonic airliners haven't flown since 2003, when the last Concorde was retired. But could supersonic planes carrying large number of passengers make a comeback—and with electric power no less? That's the vision of Luke Workman, a designer of lithium-ion battery packs who believes all-electric supersonic aircraft are attainable. DON'T.

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Tesla Model 3: order books full already for 2017!

Green Cars News

Tesla unveiled its affordable Model 3 earlier this year, and it’s a car that promises to democratise electric vehicles. However, unless you’re one of.

Audi electric SUV to carry e-tron name (not Q6), a la first quattro

Green Car Reports

We've known for sometime that Audi will launch an all-electric utility vehicle in 2018, but there has been some confusion about what it will be called. It was widely believed that the SUV would carry the Q6 e-tron name, stemming from both its position in the Audi lineup and its use of an electrified powertrain. But now it appears the electric SUV.

2018 17

Future VW electric-car concepts revealed in patent drawings

Green Car Reports

As it tries to recover from the "Dieselgate" scandal, Volkswagen has gotten more serious about electric cars. At the recent 2016 Paris Motor Show, it unveiled the I.D. compact electric-car concept, and promised a future production model based on it. Now, it appears the ID could be the first of several electric-car concepts from VW. DON'T MISS: VW.

2016 15

Long-delayed BMW i8 Spyder plug-in hybrid due in 2018

Green Car Reports

A convertible version of the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid coupe was teased as far back as the 2012 New York Auto Show, when the i8 Spyder concept first debuted. But while the i8 coupe went into production as a 2014 model, BMW has been unusually slow to approve a convertible version for production. BMW mentioned an i8 convertible during a March press.

27 teams advancing in $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE; converting CO2 to products

Green Car Congress

XPRIZE announced the 27 teams representing six countries advancing in the $20-million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a global competition to develop technologies that convert the most carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas and power plant facilities into products with the highest net value. Coal plant. Breathe (India). Coal plant. C4X (China).

Coal 15

Company car coalition calls on government to stop planned salary sacrifice tax raid

Green Cars News

If you’re one of the 650,000 people who benefit from a salary sacrifice car scheme, the amount you are taxed could be changing soon. That’s unless t.

2016 15

Electric Corvette, BMW plug-in hybrid, Subaru prices, flow-cell car driven: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, predictions on electric car sales, a new luxury plug-in hybrid sedan, why electric cars exist, and another zero-emission vehicle that would require huge infrastructure spending. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Haven't ordered your Tesla Model 3 yet? The company says new orders won't be delivered until 2018. At the earliest. Think.

2018 14

Cumulative plug-in vehicle sales topped 500K units in US in September

Green Car Congress

Cumulative sales of plug-in vehicles in the US topped 500,000 units in September, according to figures gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

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Seat Ateca available to businesses for four day extended test drive

Green Cars News

The Seat Ateca has been making waves since its official launch, offering quality and refinement that not only goes toe to toe with the Volkswagen Tigu. Fleet news SEAT Fleet ATECA

2016 13

VW 'annoyed' it won't get order for electric vans it didn't make

Green Car Reports

Suppose you're one of the world's three largest automakers. You don't offer a type of vehicle that a relatively small but highly visible customer in your home market wants. Do you have the right to be annoyed if that customer designs those vehicles itself? DON'T MISS: USPS picks AM General to help build next-generation mail trucks Only.

Bolt EV sales, new Tesla sensors, unusual ethanol, BMW plug-in hybrids: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which electric cars are finalists for our 2017 Best Car To Buy award? What unusual source for making ethanol did researchers at a Federal lab discover? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, October 21, 2016. Friday, we noted that an executive from Korean battery.

2017 11

Plug-in hybrid next-generation Mini Countryman teased before launch

Green Car Reports

The next generation Mini Countryman crossover utility vehicle will be the brand's first model to offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Its parent company BMW has released teaser images confirming an upcoming production plug-in hybrid. While it did not specifically say the model was a Countryman, the camouflaged prototype being driven by Mini.

BMW 11

Dealers save $500 for car buyers, lobby group claims; 'false,' says Politifact

Green Car Reports

Tesla Motors' direct-sales model for electric cars has rankled franchised auto dealers. Dealer associations have attempted to block Tesla direct sales in multiple states, and have undertaken public-relations campaigns extolling the virtues of the franchise model. One of the latest claims made by franchised dealers is that the traditional model.

Tesla 10

Chinese firm invests $27M with U of Michigan to advance autonomous vehicle research and development

Green Car Congress

Frontt Capital Management Ltd, a Shenzhen-based investment firm focused on developing the intelligent vehicle industry in China, is making a $27-million investment to advance autonomous, connected vehicles and robotic technologies with the University of Michigan, along with industry and government partners. Jack Hu. —S. Jack Hu. —S.

China 11

Nissan completes 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors; Mitsubishi joins Renault-Nissan Alliance

Green Car Congress

Nissan Motor Co., has completed an acquisition of a 34% equity stake in Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) ( earlier post ) and has become its largest shareholder. As indicated in May, when Nissan outlined the deal, MMC is also becoming part of the global Alliance with Nissan and Renault. —Carlos Ghosn hr class="at-page-break" />. Earlier post.)

Carmakers must cut carbon rapidly to evolve, shareholders say

Green Car Reports

Stricter global emissions standards are putting significant pressure on carmakers to improve fuel efficiency and make greater use of electric powertrains. But that may not be the sole force driving automakers toward reduced carbon emissions. Cutting emissions is also a priority for at least some of their investors, it seems. DON'T MISS: India, EU.

Chevrolet to introduce 20 new or refreshed vehicles in China through 2020; hybrids and PHEVs included

Green Car Congress

Chevrolet will introduce more than 20 totally new or refreshed products in China, its second-largest market, by the end of 2020. Nearly 30% of the models will be SUVs; nearly half will be new nameplates for the China portfolio. Chevrolet has been offered in China since 2005 by SAIC-GM. Last year, the 4 millionth Chevrolet was sold in China. Brief

GM 9

Weekly round-up: tales from Tesla, we look at Fiat’s latest hits, and which cars have corporate cachet?

Green Cars News

This week saw Mars probe Schiaparelli destroyed when its parachutes failed to open, while back down on earth a sweet-toothed gorilla managed to escape.

Scotland shows path toward boosting renewable energy in a big way

Green Car Reports

Scotland isn't known for having the most pleasant weather. But its persistent winds make the country a great place for renewable energy. Over the past few years, officials have overseen the construction of numerous wind turbines, in hopes of turning Scotland's weather into a useful resource. CHECK OUT: What Country Powered Itself Entirely On.