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Wind energy capacity in Europe now exceeds total coal output

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For the first time, the total installed capacity of wind energy in Europe now exceeds the total output of electric powerplants fueled with coal. While homeowners are more familiar with photovoltaic solar panels, large-scale wind power is an increasingly important part of the growth in renewable energy.

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No, coal isn't coming back: the reasons in 5 charts

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The coal industry is on the decline, but the reason for that decline has become a subject of political debate. Supporters of fossil fuels blame the energy policies of the outgoing Obama Administration, claiming the emphasis on renewable energy and lowering carbon emissions puts coal at a disadvantage.

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Bankruptcy shows scope of Peabody Coal's climate denial lobbying

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These are tough times for the coal industry. Coal plants are being retired at an increasing rate in North America and Europe, replaced by a combination of natural-gas and renewable generating capacity. Fuel emissions Politics global warming Carbon climate change energy legislation science

Desperate coal company CEO slammed Tesla electric cars as 'fraud'

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coal producer Murray Energy. The debate over U.S. energy policy took a dramatic turn last month when Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk squared off against the CEO top privately-owned U.S. In an interview for the CNBC show "Squawk Box," Robert Murray called Tesla and its electric cars a "fraud." plug-in cars renewable energy fossil fuels

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Peabody, world's largest private coal company, files for bankruptcy

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Peabody Energy—the world's largest private coal company—filed for bankruptcy this week. The company cited a variety of factors, including lower-than-expected demand for coal, and increased production of cheap natural gas obtained through "fracking" in the U.S. Peabody is also saddled with debt from its $5.2

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UK moves ahead on lower-carbon power to end coal use by 2025

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The United Kingdom is increasing its use of low-carbon energy sources as it moves to phase out coal-fired power plants altogether by 2025. Europe emissions energy policy UK England Scotland energy fossil fuels

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Exxon says coal will endure; other analyses beg to differ

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Renewable energy sources may eventually render fossil fuels irrelevant in energy generation, but when will the switch between the two energy sources occur? It's a question that fosters much debate among policymakers, environmental advocates, and financial analysts. For its part, ExxonMobil believes fossil fuels—notably including.

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China axes 103 coal-fired power plants, citing smog, overcapacity

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During negotiations for the Paris Climate Treaty signed last fall, a major concern among critics was whether the carbon emissions of China's sprawling and inefficient energy sector could be reined in. With China, the U.S., and dozens of other countries signing the agreement, the world's most populous country committed itself to decarbonizing its.

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Coal Makes Electric Cars Bad? No, Plug-Ins Show Coal As Worse

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Every so often, electric-car skeptics will attack the idea of using grid electricity to power a car by bringing up coal. Yeah," the argument goes, "but you''re just burning coal instead of gasoline in your electric car--so how''s that any better?"


Even In China, Coal Consumption May Be Peaking

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While use of coal for generating electricity has started to decline in the U.S., China continues to build coal power plants.

Could 'Rolling Coal' Become Illegal In NJ? The Downside Of (Some) Diesel Drivers

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Rolling coal" is very similar to Bullies. Karma can be sweet.

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China team optimizes catalytic hydrogenation process to convert coal tar to gasoline and diesel

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Flow diagram of coal tar hydrogenation process. million tons of coal tar was further processed. Catalysts Coal Diesel Fuels

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China Alone Now Burns Half The World's Coal, New Data Reveals

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China now burns half of the world's coal, according to newly-released data that appears to correct previous government estimates. This latest data shows that China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal annually than its government previously reported. emissions China energy policy climate change energy air pollution

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Coal-tar-based pavement sealant a major source of PAH contamination in Milwaukee streams

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Runoff from pavement with coal-tar-based sealant is the primary source of toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to streambed sediments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to a US Geological Survey and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District open-access study published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Resources.

New bill in coal-producing Wyoming would ban renewable energy for utilities

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While renewable-energy use has grown substantially over the last few years, the regulatory environment remains volatile. Some states have worked hard to stimulate renewable energy, supporting infrastructure projects and offering incentives to consumers who install home solar arrays. But others have tried to restrict renewable energy, often at the.

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Even More Coal-Fired Power Plants To Be Retired Under Proposed EPA Rules

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Among currently used methods for generating electricity, coal is by far the dirtiest. Energy Information Administration (EIA) now predicts that coal's share of U.S. But--in the U.S., at least--it's also on the decline as an energy source. The U.S. electricity generation will decline from 44 percent in 2011 to 32 percent in 2040.

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Clean energy to grow, coal to fade, regardless of Trump EPA plans

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President-elect Donald Trump's choice of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that his administration will pursue radically different energy policies from its predecessor's. Pruitt is a climate-science denier, and has sued the agency he is being asked to lead multiple times. He has.

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'Rolling Coal' Fine Would Be $5,000 Under Proposed Illinois Law

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It''s called "rolling coal"--and drivers of hybrid and electric cars report that it often seemed to be directed at them. Over the past few years, some of America''s, shall we say, less enlightened drivers hit upon a new trend. They started modifying big diesel trucks to spew clouds of soot and smoke whenever the driver hit the accelerator.

Will new technologies phase out coal-fired power plant emissions?

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Emissions from US coal-fired power plants could be phased out within 20 years – that’s the ambitious verdict of a new ACS journal entitled Environmental Science & Technology.

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EPA's Coal-Plant Emissions Rules: This Will Be The Big Fight

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Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce new regulations to cut the carbon emissions of more than 600 existing coal-fired electric power plants. Today, the U.S. And many analysts suggest that this regulation--which will likely spark a major political battle--will be the most important environmental legacy of the Obama

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OSU team demonstrates Coal-Direct Chemical Looping for more efficient and low carbon coal heat release

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An Ohio State University team has demonstrated the successful operation of Coal-Direct Chemical Looping (CDCL)—which chemically harnesses coal’s energy and efficiently contains the carbon dioxide produced before it can be released into the atmosphere. Hot iron and coal ash are left behind. CONSOL Energy, Inc.; Brief

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Proposal: Buy Out, Shut Down U.S. Coal Industry For $50 Billion

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Now he and coauthor Gil Friend have published an audacious proposal to buy up and shut down every private and public coal Give Felix Kramer credit for thinking big.

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Is The Writing On The Wall For U.S. Coal?

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If new EPA regulations go into effect, it may not be coal. These new standards may deter the construction of new coal plants. What will power your plug-in car in a few years? Next week, the EPA is expected to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions by new power plants, The New York Times reports.

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Kyoto team develops two-stage process for direct liquefaction of low-rank coal and biomass under mild conditions

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Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have proposed a novel two-stage process to convert low-rank coals or biomass wastes under mild conditions to high-quality liquid fuel. Also, liquefying high-oxygen content low-ranking coal and biomass also consumes more hydrogen and produces more CO 2 , significantly reducing process efficiency.

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What Future For Coal In The U.S.: Slow Decline Or Faster Retreat?

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Coal is the largest source of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions produced by generating electricity, but that doesn''t mean it will go away any time soon. While coal''s deleterious environmental effects are well known, certain economic factors could ensure its continued role as fuel for electricity generation for years to come.

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Do New EPA Emission Rules Just Hasten Coal's Inevitable Death?

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Take a deep breath and relax. It is highly unlikely that "millions of Americans will be freezing in the dark" (in the words of a critic) once new EPA rules lowering carbon emissions from power plants go into effect. In fact, some analyses suggest that the rules issued last week by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency--widely expected to reduce

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Electric-Car Batteries, Rolling Coal, Luring Tesla Gigafactory: Today's Car News

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Lots of Tesla news today--including hackers, purchase incentives, even environmental rules in California--plus jet fuel from tobacco, and the odious practice of "rolling coal." All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Electric Powered Cars: Coal or ICE

Electric Cars are for Girls

How are electric powered cars fueled with electricity from coal power plants better than the gas-guzzler I'm already driving

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Coal Power Plant That Can Capture Carbon To Open In Mid-2016

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DON''T MISS: EPA''s Coal-Plant Emissions Rules As more plug-in electric cars hit the road, the infrastructure used to generate electricity will need to be increasingly scrutinized.

Report: Natural gas could replace coal

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According to a major new interim report from MIT, natural gas has a leading role to play in reducing harmful emissions primarily by replacing old, inefficient coal plants with highly efficient combined cycle gas generation. Indeed [.].

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Tesla Model S Changes, 2015 Subaru Legacy Video, EPA Coal Limits: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: Detecting Tesla Model S electric-car changes, a video road test of the 2015 Subaru Legacy sedan, and new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coal-plant rules that could spark a political battle. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We ran down last week''s top stories in our Week In Reverse feature.

DOE issues $13M funding opportunity for advanced coal gasification systems for power or fuels

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a funding opportunity announcement ( DE-FOA-0000784 ) for up to $13 million to support the development of advanced coal gasification systems. AOI 1: Coal Feed Technologies - Low-rank Coal Feed or Coal-woody Biomass Feed Technologies. Coal Fuels Gasification Power Generation

Big Coal Doomed: Not By Climate Rules But Fracking & Finance

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Coal is the worst fossil fuel, that much is clear. Its carbon footprint per kilowatt-hour of electricity when it's burned by electric utilities to make electricity is far, far higher than that of natural gas. And that's even before the slowly improving economics of renewable sources come into play, from home solar photovoltaic panels to huge.

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SRI developing process for co-gasification of methane and coal to produce liquid transportation fuels; negligible water consumption, no CO2

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In conventional CTL approaches, energy is supplied by burning a portion of the coal feed, which then produces carbon dioxide. Click to enlarge.

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Blood And Gore: Coal Is Becoming A Stranded Asset

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In case you hadn''t noticed, it''s Halloween. So how could we not comment on an article whose byline reads Gore and Blood? Their topic may be slightly esoteric, but it has big implications for our energy future. It''s all about stranded assets--those that lose economic value well ahead of their anticipated useful life. In this case, reserves of

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The Next Big Emissions Battle Is Not Cars; It's About Coal

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It''s coal. The rules for vehicle gas mileage are pretty much locked down from now through 2025. The math is complicated, but vehicles in 2025 will have to reach a fleet-wide average of 54.5 mpg by 2025--or about 42 mpg on their window stickers. So what''s the next battleground over reducing emissions?

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Natural Gas Continues To Replace Coal: 'Bridge' Fuel To Lower-Carbon Energy

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electricity generated from coal has dropped significantly over the past few years--and that fuel has largely been replaced by lower-emission natural. It''s a simple fact that electric cars get cleaner when the electricity grids used to power them do. And, indeed, those grids are growing less dirty each year in the United States.

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CicLaVia is Back This Sunday & We’ll Be Rolling Against Coal!

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It’s long been time to kick coal out of L.A.’s For more details and t o RSVP go to the Roll Against Coal Facebook page.

CMU study finds that coal retirement is needed for EVs to reduce air pollution

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The researchers also found a significant difference between coal and natural gas generation. Source: Weis et al. Click to enlarge. Weis et al.

Chinas Golden Concord Holdings and Linc Energy form underground coal gasification to GTL JV in China; 5% stake in Linc

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GCL-Poly has interests in Power generation, Coal and Poly-silicon production and one of its subsidiaries, GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd, is a Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed company with a market cap of HKD33 billion (US$4.3 Earlier post.). Linc Energy will hold 33% of the joint venture and GCL will hold 67%. per share. Brief