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California ARB considering four new low-carbon fuel pathways; Neste renewable diesel and sugarcane molasses ethanol

Green Car Congress

California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has posted four new Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) pathways to the LCFS web site. Among the new pathways to be considered is the production of renewable diesel from Australian tallow at Neste Oil’s Singapore plant. Others are sugarcane molasses ethanol from Guatemala; mixed feedstock to biodiesel from Texas; and a new ARB-staff-developed pathway for North American landfill gas. g CO 2 e/MJ; for diesel fuel, it is 94.71

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EV Radar: April 2022


As the EV market expands, new startups don’t have traditional sales channels for their cars. Ford is considering reconstructing their sales channel for both ICEs and EVs. Provided that the automakers are required to meet the safety standards at the same level as regular cars.