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AeroVironment licenses PNNL EV smart charger controller technology

Green Car Congress

The Grid Friendly EV Charger Controller technology notifies the car’s battery charger when to start and stop charging based upon existing conditions on the electrical grid. By charging plug-ins when electricity is most readily available, the technology could translate into lower bills for vehicle owners and a more stable grid.

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Smart Charging for EVs: How Does It Work?

EV Connect

To fully acknowledge the importance of smart charging for EVs, it helps to compare it to “dumb charging.” Consider plugging in your cell phone: While it can communicate to you its charge level , the phone is not communicating with the power grid and the charging implement to adapt its power usage.

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Electrifying School Buses


Operation Cost. As with most EVs, the cost of operating a gas-powered vehicle is simply higher than that of operating an electric one. Electric buses have no oil to change, spark plugs to check, or emission guidelines that regulate them. This makes them perfect targets for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration. .

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Four Factors That Will Impact EV Charging Infrastructure Requirements by 2030


Level 1 slow charging is the simplest approach for home charging — just plug the car (or the car’s charging equipment) into a common household outlet. While it takes a long time for a full charge, it’s worth remembering that most EVs, like most ICE vehicles, are parked the majority of the time. Use cases: Home charging.