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AeroVironment licenses PNNL EV smart charger controller technology

Green Car Congress

Under normal conditions, this stabilizing technology will be particularly important as the power grid is expected to rely more and more on variable renewable resources such as wind and solar technologies. First, reducing the cost of integrating variable renewable generation reduces the electricity costs for all ratepayers.

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Smart Charging for EVs: How Does It Work?

EV Connect

To fully acknowledge the importance of smart charging for EVs, it helps to compare it to “dumb charging.” Consider plugging in your cell phone: While it can communicate to you its charge level , the phone is not communicating with the power grid and the charging implement to adapt its power usage.

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Electrifying School Buses


Operation Cost. As with most EVs, the cost of operating a gas-powered vehicle is simply higher than that of operating an electric one. Also, the majority of these vehicles sit unused during the summer when electricity demands are often the highest and take the greatest toll on the power grid.

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Four Factors That Will Impact EV Charging Infrastructure Requirements by 2030


It provides the speed that EV drivers want, but comes at a high price, with DC fast and ultrafast chargers costing tens of thousands of Euros/Pounds/Dollars. That means a high cost of investment today, with long-term payoff over the next years of EV growth. Setting up more charging stations is not the only consideration.