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Business Leaders Call for Linking Water, Energy and Climate in Global Talks

Green Car Congress

In the examples cited in the report, biomass for biofuels has the largest and widest ranging footprint: from 24,000 m 3 per 1,000 GJ in the Netherlands to 143,000 m 3 per 1,000 GJ in Zimbabwe. The report, Water, Energy and Climate Change: A contribution from the business community says water, energy and climate change are inextricably linked.

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Comedy CAFE Clowns Crack Me Up

Creative Greenius

How about if we give it to you in those big denomination Zimbabwe dollars? They sold out our climate so they could line their pockets and they’ve still got their hands out of their limo windows. Now that’s funny! Really Bob? Even MORE money for GM? Maybe some Washington Mutual stock instead?

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