ClearRefining Process Upgrades ULSD to Lighter, Cleaner-Burning Fuel; Nevada Designates it an Alternative Fuel

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Nevada-based Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC, (ARC) has developed a process—called ClearRefining—for the upgrading of ultra-low sulfur diesel to a lighter, cleaner burning, higher quality fuel. ARC is currently selling GDiesel at the same price as regular diesel through five local and regional Nevada distributors, including Golden Gate Petroleum, one of the largest fuel distributors in Northern Nevada and Northern California.

UOP looking to biomass catalytic pyrolysis to expand volumes of renewable hydrocarbon fuels

Green Car Congress

Under the current set of prices and slate of feedstocks available, you can produce Green Diesel fuels from renewable fats and greases at a price competitive with petroleum diesel—provided you get feedstock at the price needed. Really the question is can the feedstocks be procured at a price competitive to petroleum oil.

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