New DuraBlue ultracaps from Maxwell increase shock and vibration tolerance, energy and power capacity

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The new 2.85-volt, 3400-farad DuraBlue ultracapacitor cell increases the range of available specific power by 17% and stored energy by 23% in the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical “K2” form factor. Wh of stored energy. In other words, added Rick Roth, senior product manager, on an energy storage basis, the new cell offers a lower price per Wh. —Chad McDonald. —Chad McDonald. DuraBlue cell. Click to enlarge. Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

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2014 Chevy Malibu using Johnson Controls AGM battery in Start Stop system

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—Chevrolet spokesman Chad Lyons. AGM batteries are a common energy storage solution for Start Stop vehicles in Europe, where Johnson Controls has sold more than 21 million AGM batteries since 2001 and now produces more than 4.5 Johnson Controls is providing its advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology to power Chevrolet’s 2014 Malibu featuring Start Stop technology. Earlier post.)

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Sandia researchers developing new family of metal-based ionic liquids for low-cost, efficient flow batteries

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The research, some of which was published last year in the RSC journal Dalton Transactions , might lead to energy storage systems that can help economically and reliably incorporate large-scale intermittent renewable energy sources into the electric grid. However, higher energy.

Ioxus launches new ultracap module series for easier design and installation; under the hood for automotive

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The architecture of the iMOD X-Series will be the framework for future Ioxus energy storage technologies across its ultracapacitor systems. —Chad Hall, co-founder and VP of product management at Ioxus. —Chad Hall.

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Ioxus Introduces 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad Ultracapacitor Cells with Higher Power Densities

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The 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad (F) ultracapacitors are smaller in size with increased energy and power density compared to products of other industry players. Ioxus EDLCs can be used as sole energy storage devices or can be combined with other types of energy storage devices, such as batteries or fuel cells, to meet the user power demand requirements. Max stored energy. Specific energy. Chad Hall, Ioxus COO. Ioxus, Inc.

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Ioxus introduces new iCAP ultracapacitor series with a 3,000F cell

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Rated at 2.7V (2.85V surge), the new iCAP represents the lowest weight, lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) and highest power density currently available in the market for energy storage cells, the company says. The iCAP 3000F cells. Click to enlarge. Ioxus, Inc.

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Ioxus Developing Higher Power Density Ultracapacitors

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Typical ultracapacitors are characterized by high power density compared to batteries (but poor energy density), as well as quick charge and discharge. Smaller Ioxus cells offer a power density of 22-28 kW/kg, and larger cells offer densities of 12-15 kW/kg, said Chad Hall, COO of Ioxus. Energy densities for the cells are typically around 2-4 Wh/kg. Ioxus says that it is working on increasing the energy densities as well. Chad Hall.

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