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Sales of hybrid cars increase in US

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After months of doom and gloom for the auto industry in the USA, there is finally a ray of hope courtesy of hybrid cars. Reported sales of hybrids in the US increased by 5.2 This meant that a total of 26,205 hybrid units were sold - some three per cent of all new vehicles, the highest monthly new vehicle share since April 2008. Indeed sales of hybrids have significantly out-performed the total light duty vehicle market, which dropped by 27.7

A closer look at US auto sales in July

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per cent to 566,527 with hybrids having a particularly good month. The company had an exceptionally strong month with hybrid sales which leapt by 323 per cent year on year to 5,353 units. per cent compared to July 2008 although it was the company’s highest volume month so far this year. Sales of the Civic Hybrid plunged by 71.8 per cent to just 969 units while the Honda Insight Hybrid posted 2,295 units.

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Hybrid sales leap in the US

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The cash for clunkers campaign has given a massive boost to hybrid sales in the US, with a reported leap by 48.6 Overall sales of light duty vehicles in the US increased by one per cent to 1,261,997 units according to figures from Autodata, with reported hybrid sales representing 3.07 Compared to July 2009 results, hybrid sales increased by 9.2 General Motors: GM sold a total of 1,708 hybrids during the month – an increase of 4.8

More information on hybrid sales slump

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Yesterday we told you how hybrid sales continued their downward trend in the US. Overall, reported sales of hybrids dropped 45.5 per cent year-on-year to 21,735 even though it incorporated a full month’s sales for new vehicles such as the Honda Insight, as well as the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids. Meanwhile, the Ford Escape and Mariner hybrids saw sales drop by 40.5 Meanwhile, the Honda Civic Hybrid sold 3,361 units, down 22.3

US hybrid sales slump in September

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Hybrid sales were not immune from the troubles either. per cent compared to the previous year at 19,977 units (though they do not include sales of the Mercedes S400 Hybrid which went on sale in the USA at the end of August). Compared to August results, this meant that hybrid sales were down 48.4 However, it sold 2,138 hybrids in September which is 116 per cent up compared to September 2008 – sales of the Milan/Escape hybrid were down 11.3