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Life With Tesla Model S: Thoughts On '10 Things I Hate' Article (Really Only Seven)

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” The article appeared last week on The Drive, a new "automotive culture" website from publisher Time Inc. It was a classic click-bait headline: “Ten Things I Hate About My Tesla.” Tesla Motors plug-in cars

Which Green Car Reports articles are most valuable? Poll results

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A Twitter poll isn't particularly scientific, but like reading the comments on articles, we thought it might give us a. We've now been running a series of Twitter polls for several weeks, and last week we decided to use one poll for a different purpose. Politics Future Cars incentives plug-in cars transportation policy Polls

Green Car Reports, Five Years And 9,800 Articles Later

Green Car Reports

At first one a day, and then more, we wrote articles on fuel efficiency, hybrids, diesel vehicles, and the plug-in electric cars that were then still two years away from the market. Five years ago today, Green Car Reports began a daily publishing schedule.

2009 15

Bob Lutz on the real cost to make the Chevy Volt, Reuters article "preposterous"

National Green Transportation

On Monday, Reuters published an article claiming that each Chevy Volt cost GM $89,000 to manufacture, meaning that GM was eating $49k per Volt sold.

GM 31

Bob Lutz on the real cost to make the Chevy Volt, Reuters article "preposterous"

National Green Transportation

On Monday, Reuters published an article claiming that each Chevy Volt cost GM $89,000 to manufacture, meaning that GM was eating $49k per Volt sold.

GM 15

Tesla Not Disruptive, Future Is Tiny Electric 'Golf Carts': Harvard Scholar

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It's an article--actually a handful of articles--covering research by a scholar of "disruption" who argues that Silicon Valley startup carmaker Tesla Motors isn't disruptive. Friday's the day we use for the stranger and more oddball stories in our lineup, and one of the more unusual we've seen in a while comes from Harvard University.

Chevy Bolt EV compared to Tesla Model S 60: Motor Trend lays it out

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Sometimes reporters and editors will see an article or a section in another outlet and think, "Darn, why didn't we think of that?" This is one of those times. Enthusiast publication Motor Trend had the very clever idea of comparing two electric cars with 60-kilowatt-hour battery packs and more than 200 miles of EPA-rated range.


LG Chem: GM to sell 'more than 30,000' Chevy Bolt EVs next year

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A very brief article on a single sentence uttered on Tuesday by an executive at Korean battery maker LG Chem has reverberated around electric-car circles for most of this week. The executive was vice president Kang Chang-beom, and he spoke on a conference call for financial analysts on the topic of LG Chem's third-quarter earnings.

2016 37

Which electric car excites you the most? Our poll results

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When we started daily publication in 2009, our most popular articles were about hybrid cars. This site covers all manner of vehicles, mostly for personal transport, with a focus on energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and advanced technologies to do so. Now, our readers' highest enthusiasm is reserved for plug-in electric.

Tesla Model S Double-Pedal Behavior Still Inconsistent: A Safety Plea To Elon Musk

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Last summer, I wrote an article patting Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on the back for being so responsive to Model S electric-car owners. I ended that article with a plea to Musk for a safety upgrade on the Model S: a firmware change to cut off power to the wheels if the driver inadvertently presses the. Of whom I am one. But in 2015?

2015 28

What's The Best Electric Car To Buy For The Average Consumer?

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Which seemed like an excellent topic for an article on choosing battery-electric cars Automotive journalists often use each other as information sources, or to get reality checks on new material.

2014 45

Why Do Fuel-Cell Vehicles Make Electric-Car Advocates So Crazy?

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That story hit a chord; as of this morning, it's accumulated more comments than any other article we've. Last Thursday, Green Car Reports published a story noting that the several dozen drivers of Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles had expressed deep frustration with the unreliability of Southern California's current hydrogen fueling stations.

Car Dealers: Innocent, Delicate, Fragile Blossoms, Apparently

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You might be less likely to think of it as the headline of an article about the hurt feelings of car dealers. The article, published "We''re not gonna take it any more!" If you''re of a certain age, that line likely brings back memories of a 30-year-old Twisted Sister song.

BMW, Tesla Are Only Electric-Car Makers 'To Build A Business': Really ??

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Take, for example, a statement by one such analyst, contained an article published two weeks ago in Forbes by British journalist Neil Winton. Sometimes we read things that just make us scratch our heads. Often, statements about the electric-car industry by (presumably) highly-paid analysts in the finance industry are among those things.

Germans are coming for Tesla, German paper says, so now it's 'interesting'

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A recent article on electric cars in the At times, those of us who cover the auto industry fall prey to stereotypes of the German auto industry.

Top five cars for less than £200 per month

Green Cars News

Our price-busting articles on Top five cars you can lease for under £100 a month and Top five EVs and hybrids you can lease for less than £250 a month

2017 15

Has GM really 'already lost' the electric-car race to Tesla?

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They may also lose the forest for the trees, which is what we're tempted to suggest about a new article that addresses the launch of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car. Lots of people like horse races, win-or-lose competitions, and rankings. They're easy to understand, and definitive.

When Will Electric Cars Compete in the Mainstream Market?

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Electric-car advocates often take it as an article of faith that electric propulsion will one day compete directly with vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Many would go further, arguing that electric cars are already competitive with those using an internal-combustion engine, or ICE, in the consumer marketplace.

2014 40

Chevy Volt Vs Mitsubishi i-MiEV: This Volt Uses Less Gas Than Electric Car, Data Shows

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When I traded in my 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car for a 2014 Chevrolet Volt, I wrote an article with the bold prediction that I would now use less gasoline even though my new car has a gasoline engine. Fuel Economy Range-Extended Electric Vehicle

Green Car Reports: Best Reader Of The Year Award

Green Car Reports

While many readers dip into a few articles without commenting or interacting, a substantial number of you read most of our articles and comment, sometimes vigorously. Green Car Reports many readers, more than we thought possible seven years ago, when we launched the site. Awards

2015 13

GE and Nissan to work on integrating electric vehicles and smart grid

National Green Transportation

Every so often this salivation bubbles up with articles glowing with

Plug 49

Tesla To Offer Supercharger As Fast-Charging Standard? Free To Drivers, Yes

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An article yesterday in Engadget claimed Tesla was planning to reveal those designs--possibly involving Electric-car maker Tesla Motors, and more specifically its CEO Elon Musk, has been dropping hints for a while now that it proposes to open up the specifications of its Supercharger DC fast-charging standard for use by other manufacturers.

Hey, Media: Electric Cars Aren't Hybrids, The Difference Matters

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It all started with an article by Edmunds that boiled down to "owners of green cars are trading them in for SUVs in record numbers." That may be true--and it has since been widely covered and recirculated by many other sites--but the auto-data giant neglected a crucial point that it really ought to know. That is, plug-in electric cars are.

2015 39

Fisker Karma Will Be Relaunched With 2012 Design, Updates

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Now, however, a Reuters article says that the company plans to relaunch the existing vehicle--last sold as the 2012 Fisker Karma--"by next year," presumably

Karma 33

The Epic Failure Of Better Place, As Covered By Fast Company

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But until one appears, Fast Company magazine has produced the most comprehensive article yet on the founding--and foundering--of the great Better Place experiment. The remarkable scope, overwhelming ambition, and epic failure of the Better Place electric-car service in Israel is worthy of a book, or several.

CNN engages in fearism with article about electric vehicle range anxiety

National Green Transportation

An October 18, 2010 CNN news article about electric vehicle range anxiety is illustrative about one way to slant the coverage of this issue.

Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

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In an exhaustive 6,500-word article on the financial website Seeking Alpha, analyst Nathan Weiss lays out a case that the Model S actually has higher effective emissions than most Does the supposedly clean, green Tesla Model S really pollute more than a gas-guzzling Jeep Grand Cherokee sport-utility vehicle?

Jeep 38

What Goes Into A Tesla Model S Battery--And What It May Cost

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He said he had "no interest in an article that debates what we consider to be an obvious point -- which is that there is a dramatic reduction in battery costs," then went on to tell the reporter, "You clearly do not understand the

Why We Moderate Comments On Green Car Reports

Green Car Reports

This site now gets a few hundred comments a day on our accumulated total of more than 10,000 articles. We''ve

2014 30

Are Republicans Really Behind Tesla Sales Bans? Data Offers Clues

Green Car Reports

An article last month in The New York Times offers a few data points that may help assess the supposition. It seems to be a common assumption among Tesla Motors supporters: State auto-dealer lobbyists work with Republican legislators to enact laws banning direct sales of Tesla''s electric cars to retail buyers. But is it true?

Iowa 27

Carbon Fiber In Cars: More Energy To Make, Lower Lifetime Emissions

Green Car Reports

Recently, BMW defended the carbon footprint of carbon fiber in a recent WardsAuto article. While its light weight helps raise fuel economy in vehicles, carbon fiber has its critics. An often-long supply chain has led some to question the material''s environmental benefit.

BMW 29

I Can't Buy A Honda Fit Hybrid In The U.S.; Can I Import One?

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We occasionally run articles about "forbidden fruit," or cool and desirable cars sold overseas that aren't available in the U.S. With Honda down to a single hybrid vehicle for the 2016 model year--the aging and low-volume CR-Z two-seater--it turns out one reader is looking covetously at the subcompact Honda Fit Hybrid sold in Japan.

2016 29

Why Higher Gas Taxes Would Have Been Best Way To Save Fuel

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Not A Chance Two recent articles. It's now a widely-accepted tenet of today's U.S. political landscape: You just can't come out and advocate for higher taxes. For any purpose, under any circumstances, no matter what the end purposes. Any politician who does so will be punished by voters.

Tax 29

Life With Tesla Model S: Electric-Draw Vampire Slain, At Last

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This started out as a feel-good article about another great experience I had with Tesla''s extraordinary service program.

2013 29

2016 Honda Civic, Tesla Model X Range, Cadillac Start-Stop: Today's Car News

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We updated our article on a 2016 Nissan Leaf appearing at a National Drive Electric Week event to clarify the updated. Today, we have details on the 2016 Honda Civic sedan, a range estimate for the Tesla Model X, and details on a new engine start-stop system that will appear on certain 2016 Cadillac models. Today in Car News

2015 27

Could Renewable Bamboo Be As Strong As Carbon Fiber For Lightweight Cars?

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Bamboo could be the next carbon fiber, according to a new article on BBC Autos (only visible in U.S., Carbon fiber now appears poised to enter the mainstream of automotive materials, but a less high-tech material could be waiting in the wings as well. apparently).

BBC 26

Tesla Gigafactory Size, 2015 Honda Fit Video Road Test, Mustang EcoBoost Caveat: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

First off, our apologies for some technical issues yesterday that combined with staff travel to prevent us from publishing our usual roster of articles during the start of the day.

2015 22

Tesla Not Disruptive, VW Beetle Hybrid, Electric-Car Recharging Race: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

We update our look at plug-in hybrid sales, discuss an article claiming Tesla Motors isn't a disruptor, and tell you all about a hybrid VW Beetle we drove yesterday. All this and more today on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Tesla Updates, Buying A Mirage, Elio Driven: The Week In Reverse

Green Car Reports

In our new feature, The Week In Reverse, we take a look back at the most significant story we published each day of the previous week--collating them all in a single article for you to review, ogle, ponder, or simply catch up on any you may have missed.

2014 31

Chrysler CEO Underscores, Again: Electric Fiat 500e Loses Money

Green Car Reports

To summarize his comments in a Reuters article that appeared last OK, clearly he shouldn''t have said, "I hope you don''t buy it."

Buy 23