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BYD launches two new all-electric sedans for Chinese market

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Chinese automaker BYD may be largely invisible in the U.S., Aiming to expand on that success for 2016, BYD is introducing two new electric cars for the Chinese market. China BYD plug-in cars BYD Qinbut it's thriving in its home market. DON'T MISS: Who Sold.

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BYD partners with U.S. firm to launch all-electric garbage truck

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emissions China Trucks BYD plug-in cars Commercial vehicleHere's an electric vehicle that really, truly stinks. While automakers are moving in the direction of more electric cars, several companies are also making efforts to electrify commercial vehicles.

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China's BYD built more plug-in cars than any other maker last year

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China sales Plug-In Hybrids BYD New car sales plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Time for a quick quiz: which carmaker sold more plug-in electric vehicles last year—both battery electrics and plug-in hybrids—than any other?

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Who Sold The Most Plug-In Electric Cars In 2015? (It's Not Tesla Or Nissan)

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Green BYD BYD Qin BYD Tang BYD e6 China New Energy Vehicle New car sales plug-in cars salesFive years after the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt first went on sale, plug-in vehicles represent slightly less than 1 percent of U.S. new-car deliveries. With about 200,000 sold, the Leaf is the world's most popular electric car.

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First all-electric London double-decker bus in service; made in China by BYD

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mass transit BYD plug-in cars London Buses Public transportWhen it comes to buses, few are more recognizable than London's iconic double deckers. And now these distinctive vehicles are going electric. DON'T MISS: London's Black Cabs.

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Can GM beat Chinese BYD as global electric-car leader? It plans to try

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It was BYD, the Chinese carmaker notably backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. BYD sold just over 60,000 battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids last year, with the vast majority going to customers in its home country. China General Motors Plug-In Hybrids BYD plug-in carsJapanese, or European firm. DON'T MISS.

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BYD Plans Electric Supercar, More Powerful Plug-In Hybrid

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BYD Auto hasn''t been in the news much lately, but the largest privately-owned Chinese carmaker hasn''t backed away from its ambitious plans.

BYD reveals turbocharged engine

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Chinese automaker BYD Auto has been relatively quiet in recent months after the Warren Buffet backed business was a real headline grabber back in 2009. Green credentials Latest news Auto Shanghai 2011 BYD BYD Auto Green cars new BYD engine

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Transport for London launches first all-electric, long-range double-decker BYD buses into service

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Transport for London (TfL) has introduced the first long-range, battery-electric BYD Double-Decker buses into revenue service routes. Brief

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BYD shares recover after mid-year blip

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Chinese electric car maker BYD saw shares drop 8% this week after posting worse than expected mid-year earnings. Electric cars BYD

BYD Doubles Down On Electric Car, Bus Investment For China

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Manufacturing China BYD plug-in cars Buses Despite several years of early disinterest from consumers, sales of both hybrids and plug-in electric cars in China are on the rise. China overtook the U.S. in monthly electric-car.

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Portland Tests BYD K9 All-Electric Passenger Bus: Quick Ride

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If Warren Buffett needed to catch a ride across town, we suspect he might do it exactly the way that we did this past week: in an all-electric BYD bus.

Samsung takes stake in Chinese electric-car maker BYD, joining Warren Buffett

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China Plug-In Hybrids BYD plug-in cars Warren Buffet SamsungAs cars come to rely increasingly on electronic systems, non-traditional companies are making forays into the car business. Google continues to develop its autonomous-driving technology, and there are myriad rumors that Apple is developing an entire car of its own.

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2016 BYD e6 electric taxi gets range increase to 187 miles: Forbidden Fruit

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China forbidden fruit BYD plug-in cars BYD e6 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV How would you like an all-electric wagon with five seats, a rear liftgate, and 187 miles of EPA-rated range? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, such a car has been certified by.

Hertz rental cars to welcome BYD electric vehicles

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One of the largest car hire companies in the world – the Hertz Corporation – has announced a new strategic partnership with BYD aimed at propelling electric vehicle markets in China. As part of the partnership, Hertz will rent the BYD e6 electric car to Chinese customers and government agencies. The e6 is a five-seat [.].

Antelope Valley Transit orders up to 85 electric buses from BYD; first US all-electric public transit fleet

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All 85 buses will have a range of more than 160 miles on a single battery charge. thereby improving air quality and positively impacting human health.

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China's BYD Yuan Plug-In Hybrid Mini-SUV: Styling Stolen From Ford?

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China Plug-In Hybrids Shanghai Auto Show BYD Crossovers plug-in carsChina is now the world's largest car market, and when it comes to the country's domestic auto industry, quantity often seems to trump quality. And it's not unheard of for Chinese carmakers.

Production of BYD-Daimler DENZA EV begins in China

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The DENZA EV is manufactured by a Sino-German joint venture of BYD and Daimler in Shenzhen. Click to enlarge. BDNT), in Shenzhen. With a 47.5

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Electric bus wins: BYD in Nottingham, Irizar in Bilbao

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The investment in these zero emission buses is a part of Nottingham’s bid to reduce both greenhouse gases and improve air quality. Irizar in Bilbao.

BYD delivers e6 electric taxis to Thriev

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In total, the firm has an order in place for 20 of BYD’s e6 fully-electric cars, to help provide its customers with a clean alternative way to travel.

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Rotterdam using BYD e6 for electric taxi fleet

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The BYD e6 is a five-passenger, crossover vehicle powered by the BYD Fe battery (lithium-iron phosphate). e6 electric taxi. Brief

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BYD announces US market expansion

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It has been a long time coming: but after years of hype, Chinese electric car maker BYD is finally set to expand into the US market.

2016 BYD Tang: Plug-In Hybrid SUV Is First Of Four To Come

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It''s been more than six years since fabled investor Warren Buffet bought 10 percent of BYD Autos, one of the few independent Chinese automakers. DON''T MISS: BYD Plans Electric Supercar, More Powerful Plug-In

BYD Electric Transit Bus Delivers 155 Miles Of Range In Quebec Test

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operations are facing some challenges, BYD''s electric bus has been racking up test miles on Canadian roads. Canadian transit agencies have completed the first phase of a 10-month trial of a 40-foot BYD electric bus on roads between Gatineau, Québec, and Ottawa Ontario, according to Green Car Congress (via ChargedEVs). So far

BYD's Rising Electric-Car Sales Swamped By Falling Gas Models

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Chinese automaker BYD was the first car company in the world to put a plug-in hybrid passenger car into production, a couple of years before the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car hit the road.

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Daimler and BYD reveal Denza electric car

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Developed as a joint collaboration between German car giant Daimler and Chinese carmaker BYD, the new brand has been launched with the expres[.].

ABB and BYD enter strategic global collaboration on energy storage

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Global power and automation technology group ABB and BYD Co., ABB and BYD said they share a common vision of sustainable power and industry as well as transport solutions. In 2014, ABB introduced its EV fast chargers in China, supplying DC fast chargers for the new Denza electric car developed by BYD’s joint venture with Daimler.

BYD Fined Over Wages On CA Electric-Bus Project Jobs

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California''s dream of BYD electric buses may be starting to head toward nightmare territory.

BYD to supply batteries to major automaker

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At the Plug-In Conference last week Mike Tinsey, the global manager of Ford’s sustainability activities, admitted that Build Your Dreams Auto (BYD Auto), the China based battery and car manufacturer, could be a “real threat&#. Now it’s easy to see why.

BYD to make impact in USA

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Chinese battery maker and car manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) Auto is to display its electric cars at the annual shareholders’ meeting of US conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway as it bids to tap into the North American market. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Berkshire Hathaway BYD Auto BYD F3DM Warren Buffet

BYD's Long Beach, CA, Electric-Bus Deal On Indefinite Hold Now

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The city and BYD agreed to terminate the existing contract after the Federal Transit Has California''s dream of zero-emission electric transit buses turned into something more akin to a nightmare? A deal under which the city of Long Beach would buy 15 electric transit buses from the Chinese automaker has fallen apart, according to ChargedEVs.

London private hire firm selects BYD for electric car fkeet

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Following the announcement from the Mayor of London that all new taxis should be zero-emission by 2018, Thriev is ensuring that it remains ah[.].

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BYD launches plug-in hybrid in home market

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Ahead of a European launch planned for 2015, BYD has introduced its Qin plug-in hybrid (pictured) in its home market of China.

First of 27 BYD electric trucks arriving in Southern California freight and rail yards; $19.2M project

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The State of California, San Bernardino Council of Governments (SBCOG) and partners Daylight Transport and BYD Motors celebrated the arrival of the first of 27 electric yard and service trucks for freight and rail yards in three disadvantaged communities in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Fontana. million in cash and in-kind matching funds.

Feds Block Purchase Of Chinese BYD Electric Buses In Long Beach

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Plans by the California city of Long Beach to purchase BYD electric transit buses has hit another speed bump.

Daimler, BYD's Denza Brand Reveals First Electric Car In China

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As Tesla has confirmed with its recent decision to set up production in China, the Chinese market is impossible to ignore. Most major automakers already have operations out there, and electric and hybrid vehicles are on the list for many of them. One of those is Daimler, the company behind Mercedes-Benz and Smart. This week it launched the new

BYD deploying 48V vehicle platform

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At Auto Shanghai, BYD introduced its “Green Hybrid” initiative; among the technologies included in that effort is the use of a 48 VDC vehicle voltage platform using BYD’s internally developed Li-ion batteries (versus 12VDC Lead-Acid technologies). These changes have been shown to save as much as 1.5 Brief

BYD electric bus logs 746 miles in 24h period

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The Antelope Valley Transit Authoritys (AVTA) and BYD operators have put AVTAs new BYD electric bus through a 24-hour marathon ride that looped from Rosamond to Palmdale (California) a total of 18 times. The BYD bus traveled 746 miles (1,201 km) over the 24-hour period, operating in three shifts. Brief

Nanjing, China orders more than 1,000 BYD electric buses and taxis

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Nanjing, China and Nanjing Public Transportation Group ordered more than 1,000 fully electric transit buses and taxis from BYD Company Ltd. The city will be taking delivery of more than 600 BYD K9 battery-electric Buses, 50 of which were delivered for the city’s Youth Olympic Games in August 2014. Nanjing Jiangnan Electric Taxi Ltd.

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Tesla Model S Safety Plea, 2016 BMW X5 40e Plug-In Hybrid, BYD e6 For Uber: Today's Car News

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Today, we have an owner''s concern over a potential safety issue with the Tesla Model S electric car, details on the 2016 BMW X5 xDrive 40e plug-in hybrid SUV, and plans for UberX drivers to use the Chinese BYD e6 electric car in Chicago. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News