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Germany To Spend Billions Supporting Electric Car Expansion

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Among European nations, Germany is one of the least active when it comes to policies promoting electric cars. Germany incentives plug-in cars transportation policyEven as the country's powerful auto industry has turned more attention to plug-in cars, government support for them has been largely limited to political speeches.

Germany announces $1.4 billion electric-car incentive plan

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After much discussion, Germany appears poised to implement significant incentives to encourage the purchase of electric cars. Germany energy policy incentives plug-in cars transportation policyThis week, the German government announced an incentive program that will include rebates for both electric cars and plug-in hybrids. DON'T.

Court orders full reimbursement for VW diesel owner in Germany

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TDI VW Germany lawsuit Volkswagen diesel scandalA lot has been said about Volkswagen's use of "defeat device" software in diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, but a German court may win the prize for most-creative description. Besides.

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Germany Mulls Boosting Electric-Car Incentives Under Carbon-Goal Pressure

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But despite its large domestic car industry, Germany is not among them. Carbon Footprint Germany incentives plug-in cars transportation policySeveral European countries--including Norway, The Netherlands, and France--aggressively promote electric cars as a way to reduce vehicular carbon emissions. DON'T.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cars In Germany: Getting Worse, Actually

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Germany is one of several countries with aggressive plans to curb transportation-related carbon emissions. But a recent study claims the transportation sector in Germany is the only one that hasn't, in. emissions Germany greenhouse gas Fuel Economy carbon dioxide

Germany may miss 2020 emission targets, government report shows

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DON'T MISS: EU starts legal action against Germany, UK for. Europe emissions Germany energy policy plug-in cars fossil fuelsAmbitious emissions-reduction goals are important, because they allow policymakers to coordinate and focus efforts on a defined target. The German government is now finding out how difficult that can be.

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EU starts legal action against Germany, UK for failing to act on diesel emissions

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The European Union began legal action Thursday against Germany, the U.K., The Volkswagen diesel scandal has led to numerous lawsuits against the German automaker in multiple countries. But now regulatory agencies in European countries have become caught up in the legal fallout from VW's emissions cheating. and five other nations.

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New Drivers Start To Take Lessons In Electric Cars In Germany

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Green Germany driver training driver''s ed plug-in cars Ask anyone who''s driven an electric car, and they''ll tell you it''s quite different from piloting a typical internal-combustion car. That''s often meant as a compliment, but the unique driving characteristics of electric powertrains could have weightier implications as well.

Hydrogen cars due a warm welcome in Germany

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Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars environment fuel cell germany hydrogen

Germany To Boost Incentives Toward 1-Million Electric-Car Goal By 2020?

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When it comes to electric-car incentives, Germany hasn''t had policies as aggressive as those in some other European countries. Yet Germany has a goal of putting 1 million plug-in cars on its roads by 2020. RELATED: Belatedly, Germany Follows California, Offers Electric-Car Incentives German Chancellor

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CarboSax: new joint venture for more sustainable carbon fiber production forms in Germany

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PD Glasseiden, a Germany-based producer of fiberglass; European Carbon Fiber GmbH; and the ForschungsCampus Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V., CarboSax intends to create a basis for both specialized niche production and future full-scale plants in Germany. Another focus will be the implementation of the latest findings in materials research.

Electric vehicles facing challenges in Germany

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It appears that electric vehicles will face a number of challenges before they can hope to become successful in Germany. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric vehicles Gartner germany Germany electric carsThe [.].

Bosch beginning autonomous driving testing in Japan; 3rd engineering location after Germany and the US

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Bosch has begun on-road testing of autonomous driving in Japan, its third location for the development work after Germany and the US. —Dr.

2016 32

Germany Likes German Electric Cars; Leaf, Volt, Not So Much

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And in Germany, it seems, electric car It isn''t unusual for citizens of a particular country to employ a little patriotism when buying vehicles and stick to brands from that country. A huge swathe of Americans buy cars built by the Big Three, for example. Italians buy plenty of Fiats.

Germany approves new incentives for electric car drivers

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The German government has agreed a new package of measures designed to promote the uptake of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

2014 48

Belatedly, Germany Follows California, Offers Electric-Car Incentives

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That''s why Germany has finally come around, and will now offer certain perks to drivers of plug-in cars as part of its goal of putting 1 million of them on the country''s roads by 2020. As governments try to encourage the adoption of electric cars, incentives have proven to be one of the most powerful tools.

2020 23

New hydrogen fuel pumps for Germany

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Germany is set to gain twenty new hydrogen filling stations over the next three years as part of a partnership project between car giant Daimler and the Linde technology group. Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars Daimler fuel cell germany hydrogen network station

Hamburg, Germany, Aims For Car-Less Streets In 20 Years

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Urban centers are very different in the U.S. to those in Europe, its more recent history and greater expanses of space allowing wide, open and sprawling spaces to develop--a far cry from the older and more tightly-packed cities of Europe. It''s this difference that makes cities free of cars a much more realistic prospect in Europe than it is in th

German upper house asks EU to ban all gas, diesel cars by 2030

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While its actions only apply within Germany, language in the measure asks the European Union to ensure that all such cars are banned within the EU after that year at the latest. Europe emissions government Germany EU plug-in cars transportation policyType approval for road.

2016 47

Opportunity charging electric bus using PRIMOVE inductive charging from Bombardier in service in Germany

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Undercarriage charging pad. Click to enlarge. From October, four 18 m articulated electric buses will follow. Photo: Braunschweiger Verkehrs AG. Brie

2014 47

Even top German minister for environment prefers Tesla

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Government officials in Germany seeking to express national pride in their choice of vehicle have no shortage of options. Indeed, given Germany's considerable investment in its auto industry, using a German car. Europe Germany Tesla Motors plug-in cars

2017 26

Car sharing service expands into Germany

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Car sharing website BlaBlaCar is launching its service in Germany, bringing its total European operations to ten countries.

2014 BMW i3 Vs. Mercedes B-Class: Car And Driver Tests Electric Cars From Germany

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It''s taken awhile, but electric cars are finally getting some serious attention from the mainstream automotive press. Maybe it''s increased consumer interest, or maybe the fact that there are now enough widely-available models to warrant comparisons, but electric cars are starting to show up more in the pages of enthusiast "buff books."

2014 38

VW In Germany Denies EPA V-6 Diesel Charges: Software Not Used In 'Forbidden Manner'

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Last month, Volkswagen apparently admitted that it had used "defeat device" software to evade emission controls in 482,000 cars sold in the U.S. with three versions of its 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine. Then, yesterday, the EPA issued a complaint in which it accused VW of incorporating similar software into its 3.0-liter V-6 diesels, which are used.

2015 29

Germany now has 7,407 public charging points; 14,531 filling stations

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A survey by Germany’s BDEW (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft), an association of energy and water companies, found that the number of public charge points in the country has grown to 7,407 as of the end of 2016. 890 new charging points have been added to since mid-2016—an increase of almost 12%. Brief

Sixt rents out electric cars in Germany

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Car rental giant, Sixt is expanding its partnership with energy firm, RWE to offer customers in Germany the opportunity to rent electric cars. Tags: Electric cars 500 e Essen Fiat Fiorino germany Karabag micro-vett RWE Sixt

Renault running mini-trial of smart-charging system in Germany with ZOE EVs

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In Germany, Renault has run tests on an innovative smart-charging system with The Mobility House (TMH). Eleven ZOE-owner Renault employees in Germany tested the system at their homes. TMH technology automates electric vehicle charging schedules to coincide with periods when electricity costs less. Brief

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Germans to build own unique electric vans for postal service

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Deutsche Post, Germany's postal service, wants to use electric vehicles, and it's going to great lengths to achieve that goal. Europe Germany plug-in cars fleetIt will build its own electric vans, in fact. DON'T MISS: Automakers to fund 40 percent.

2016 39

Audi joins Electromobility Showcase in Germany

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Already, Audi''s fleet of electric cars have covered more than 50,000 kilometres (31,068[.].

Fleet 24

German government worries carmakers vulnerable to electric-car onslaught

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Germany's government. Europe Germany Daimler VW Group plug-in carsMany governments across the globe have enacted stricter emissions standards to curb air pollution and greenhouse gases; others plan to do so.

VW diesel probe finally reaches to top; former CEO Winterkorn investigated by German prosecutors

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TDI VW Germany Martin Winterkorn Volkswagen diesel scandalGerman prosecutors have extended a probe into Volkswagen's use of "defeat device" software in diesel cars to former CEO Martin Winterkorn.

2017 28

Which countries have plans for all new cars to be electric, and when?

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India Germany Norway New car sales plug-in cars The Netherlands transportation policyPlug-in electric cars currently make up a fairly small percentage of the millions of new vehicles sold globally. But within the next two decades, they may be the only new cars available for sale in certain countries. DON'T.

2016 43

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Less Likely Than Electric Cars: Daimler CEO Zetsche

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hydrogen Germany Daimler Dieter Zetsche plug-in cars hydrogen fuel cellThere's an emerging rivalry between two different technologies for zero-emission transportation: battery-electric cars and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Within the auto industry, each powertrain has its strong advocates. Hydrogen fuel cells are backed most.

2016 44

Automakers to fund 40 percent of proposed German electric-car incentive: Report

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Germany may be on the verge of turning its talk about electric-car incentives into action. Germany plug-in cars transportation policy Incentives and RebatesA new proposal would allow German.

2016 38

What Audi says it learned from 4 years of electric-car testing

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Audi just wrapped up a four-year electric-car test program in its home market of Germany—and the company says it has learned a lot. Plug-In Hybrids Germany plug-in cars Audi A1 e-tron test programConducted together with the German government, it put plug-in electirc cars in the hands of ordinary drivers, who covered a combined 1.4

2016 35

Transit operator launching test of wireless charging of electric buses in Mannheim, Germany

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Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) will fund the project with €3.3 Click to enlarge. Wayside.

2013 29

2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Production Begins Today In Germany

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The 2014 BMW i3 plug-in electric city car has moved one step closer to showrooms, as production began today at the company''s plant in Leipzig, Germany.

Early Mercedes fuel-cell driver's 'sobering assessment' to industry

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Infrastructure hydrogen Germany hydrogen fuel cell alternative fuel vehicles Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell F-CellAs the old saying goes, you can identify the pioneers by the arrows in their backs. Being an early adopter of new technologies can be exciting, but it can also require adaptations to fit into its limitations.

2016 40

Audi A3 e-tron Option: Carbon-Free Recharging (In Germany)

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One advantage to plug-in electric cars is that they can operate with no carbon footprint if the electricity used to recharge them is generated from renewable sources. Burning liquid fuels, on the other hand, will always generate carbon emissions. Now Audi is offering a way for German buyers of its new 2015 Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid model to

2015 18

Mercedes-Benz hybrid buses arrive in Germany

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Public transport in Germany is about to get cleaner after Mercedes-Benz delivered the first two of a total order of eight of its hybrid buses to the Dresden Transport Company. The vehicle in question is the Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid, which boasts a downsized diesel engine as the genset that provides power to a [.].