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Action on climate change 'harmful, unnecessary': Trump White House

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policy on climate change would change drastically under President Donald Trump, it should have been laid to rest shortly after noon yesterday. Politics global warming energy policy climate change Donald TrumpIf there were any doubt that U.S.

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Trump EPA ordered to remove climate science; gag order, grant freeze too

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Following the removal of all mentions of climate change from the White House website, the new administration has apparently trained its sites on the U.S. Politics EPA global warming climate change science Donald TrumpEnvironmental Protection Agency.

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China happy to become world's climate-change leader if U.S. lags

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joined the rest of the world and took a leading role in global efforts to avert irreversible climate change. But that seems unlikely to continue under the Trump administration, which has nominated climate-science deniers to numerous key positions. China government energy policy climate change transportation policy Donald Trump

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Bankruptcy shows scope of Peabody Coal's climate denial lobbying

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Fuel emissions Politics global warming Carbon climate change energy legislation scienceThese are tough times for the coal industry. Coal plants are being retired at an increasing rate in North America and Europe, replaced by a combination of natural-gas and renewable generating capacity.

Trump names proud climate-science denier to head EPA transition team

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climate policy. Trump has repeatedly denied the science of climate change, calling it a "hoax" at times. Prior to his Tuesday election victory, he also named a top climate-science denier to head his Environmental Protection. EPA energy policy White House climate change

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BC government unveils climate plan

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The government of British Columbia recently unveiled its Climate Leadership Plan , targeting the reduction of net annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 million tonnes below current forecasts by 2050 and the creation of up to 66,000 jobs over the next ten years. —Climate Leadership Plan. Carbon pricing mechanisms.

California Approves Aggressive New Plans To Combat Climate Change

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emissions Politics California climate change state lawsCalifornia continues to lead the way in all things green, now with new legislation that calls for dramatic cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions over the next few decades. They include targets for reductions.

Trump's EPA head Pruitt: climate-science denier who sued the EPA many times

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If there were any doubt that president-elect Donald Trump supports fossil fuels and does not believe in the scientific consensus of climate change, his pick to head the U.S. Environmental Politics EPA climate change carbon dioxide regulation fossil fuels Donald TrumpEnvironmental Protection Agency should put it to rest.

Cross-Border Carbon: Mexico Sets Limit On Climate-Change Emissions

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Mexico is officially joining the cadre of nations seeking to limit climate change, with a formal promise to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions. global warming energy policy mexico greenhouse gas climate change MORE: U.S. And China Agree To Curb.

U.S. states agreed to keep Exxon climate-deception probe secret: here's why

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As far back as the 1970s, Exxon conducted research that confirmed the occurrence of climate change—and that burning fossil fuels is a major contributor to it. But the company—now ExxonMobil—largely kept that research under wraps, while funding campaigns that denied the science of climate change for decades.

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More than two-thirds of Americans accept climate science, regardless of Trump

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administration has made it clear that it does not accept the scientific consensus on climate change. Politics EPA global warming Carbon greenhouse gas climate change carbon dioxide Donald TrumpThe new U.S.

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Effects Of Climate Change Could Last 10,000 Years Or More: Scientists

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But science has shown that continuing to do so on a large scale for even a short while longer could bring on disastrous climate change. And now a new study suggests the effects of climate change could last much longer than. Environmental emissions oil climate change fossil fuels

CA Climate-Change Bill Passed, Electric Utilities To Target Oil Industry

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On Friday, September 11, the California Senate approved SB 350, the Clean Energy and Reduction Act--by far the most far-reaching climate change legislation enacted in the U.S. oil California climate change electric utilities state lawsLet's call this one a good news, bad news, good news story.

13 global companies launch Hydrogen Council in Davos; promoting hydrogen to help meet climate goals

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The Council is led by two Co-Chairs from different geographies and sectors, currently represented by Air Liquide and Toyota. trillion and 1.72

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Nissan CEO Ghosn: Climate Change Must Be Corporate Humanitarian Cause

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But the need to curtail climate change is at the root of many of these There are many reasons that automakers sell electric cars.

Methane from livestock nearing worst-case scenario for climate change: scientist

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Exhaust emissions from gasoline and diesel cars get a lot of attention from policymakers attempting to combat climate change. Environmental emissions greenhouse gas climate change Methane foodBut another very large source of carbon emissions has nothing to do with transportation.

IMF: Fossil Fuels Subsidies Are $5.3 Trillion A Year If Climate Costs Included

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Climate change doesn't just present an environmental threat to human populations, it also has a tangible economic impact. Governments must invest in measures to combat climate change, and deal with its effects as well as the general consequences of societies that depend on the combustion of fossil fuels to run their economies.

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U.S. to pull out of Paris climate-change agreement under Trump

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As seemed likely from the day Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, the country will pull out of the global Paris Climate Agreement to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Politics climate change carbon dioxide Donald Trump

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3 billion cars by 2050 would need biofuels to offset climate impact: projection

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Even with aggressive promotion of battery-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell cars, hundreds of millions of internal-combustion vehicles will remain on the world's roads for decades to come. But estimates of exactly how many internal-combustion cars will be displaced by alternatives in a given period vary wildly. One alternative-fuels lobbying group.

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Electric cars a key part of climate-action plans in Ontario, Quebec

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In the past two months, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec announced aggressive climate-change policies, both featuring strong plug-in electric vehicle support. Canada plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle Ontario Quebec

Black carbon is a much larger cause of climate change than previously assessed; about twice previous estimates, and 2/3 the effect of CO2

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the distribution of black carbon in the atmosphere and determine its role in the climate system. Impacts of black-carbon climate forcing.

$1 billion for electric cars, Mini changes, climate science views, Tesla acceleration: Today's Car News

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Today, we talk about a very controversial Tesla, consider the idea of $1 billion in electric-car infrastructure and incentives, and look at the percentage of Americans who accept climate science (it's high). All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

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Elon Musk On Climate, Hyundai Ioniq, Electric-Car Sales: Today's Car News

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Today, Elon Musk discusses climate change and the future of transportation, the Hyundai Ioniq name is confirmed for a new Prius competitor, and we have plug-in electric car sales figures for November. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

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Big Coal Doomed: Not By Climate Rules But Fracking & Finance

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Carbon Footprint EPA natural gas climate change electric utilities regulation renewable energy energyCoal is the worst fossil fuel, that much is clear. Its carbon footprint per kilowatt-hour of electricity when it's burned by electric utilities to make electricity is far, far higher than that of natural gas.

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Landmark CA climate bill could have wide effects on cars, energy

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But a landmark climate bill recently passed by the California state legislature will require. California already leads to the nation in efforts to limit air pollution and reduce carbon emissions. California energy policy plug-in cars renewable energy transportation policy

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative to invest $1B over 10 years in low-emissions tech

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The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) will invest $1 billion over the next ten years to develop and to accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative low-emissions technologies. OGCI Climate Investments (OGCI CI) will aim to deploy successfully-developed new technologies among member companies and beyond.

Comprehensive assessment concludes black carbon second-most important human emission in warming climate

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m -2 , is the second-most important human emission in terms of its climate-forcing in the present-day atmosphere. Source: Bond et al. to +2.1?W?m

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Renault-Nissan Alliance to provide 200 EVs for Paris climate conference

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance will provide a fleet of 200 all-electric vehicles as the official passenger-car provider for the United Nation’s COP21 climate conference in Paris later this year. More than 20,000 UN participants from 195 countries are expected to attend the annual climate summit. van, the Renault Fluence Z.E. Brief

Hansen paper emphasizes importance of retention and expansion of nuclear power for health and climate reasons

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Hansen, a long-time advocate for action to mitigate anthropogenic climate change, is retiring from NASA to enable him to increase his activism.).

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Used Electric Cars, Dealers Back Tesla, CA Climate-Change Bills: Today's Car News

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Today, find out whether it's worth buying a used electric car, why some car dealers may support Tesla's direct-sales model, and what California legislators want to do to combat climate change. All this and more on Green Car Reports. It turns out that not all car dealers hate Tesla's direct-sales model. Today in Car News

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Volkswagen e-Golf Climate Control: How Much Does A/C Impact Range?

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In Portland, Oregon, where we’re putting our long-term Volkswagen e-Golf to the test, it’s been one of the hottest summers on record. So far in the summer of 2015, Portland has had more than 25 days reaching 90 degrees or more, as well as multiple 100-degree days—in all, some serious heatwaves. Yet we’ve been keeping our.

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Photos reveal how polluted the U.S. was before EPA was founded

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He has also called climate science a "hoax" created by China to hurt. emissions government EPA History climate change regulation air pollutionIt can be argued that the current presidential administration appears to lack interest in the traditional mission of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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U.S. Senate Votes Against Affirming Climate Science Validity

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Then what do we make of politicians who continue to deny the accepted scientific consensus that human activity is affecting the climate? Would you trust a politician who believes the earth is flat? Or that the sun revolves around the earth? Or that the Holocaust never happened? DON''T MISS: U.S.

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'Super Greenhouse Gas' Emissions From Air Conditioning A Climate Concern

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When it comes to the environmental impact of cars, all the attention tends to be focused on the gasoline, diesel, or electricity that powers them.

Is the UK losing belief in climate change?

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How much faith do you have that climate change is a reality? The proportion of adults describing climate change as “definitely” a reality fell from 44 per cent to 31 per cent over the last 12 months. According to a new poll by Ipsos Mori, belief in global warming is falling in the UK. Even though [.].

Lung Association report highlights health and climate costs of petroleum-based transportation and the benefits of shifting to ZEVs

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The report, Clean Air Future: Health and Climate Benefits of Zero Emission Vehicles , was produced by the American Lung Association in California. Under this scenario, the estimated total health and climate change costs associated with passenger vehicle fleet pollution drops from to $37 billion annually to $15.7 billion by 2050.

While Fossil Fools Ignore Climate Crisis EcoMedia Acts Aggressively to Protect Environment

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Climate scientists now agree that we won’t be able to restrict warming to just 2 degrees – which would have been bad enough.

Britain set for future of climate chaos

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The report entitled ‘UK Climate Projections 2009’ launched yesterday by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn provides the most in-depth picture to date of the threat facing Britain from soaring summer temperatures, more extreme weather, increased water-stress and rising sea levels. “Now is the time to act.

Lifecycle study finds fuel switching from diesel to natural gas could produce net climate damage absent reductions in CH4 emissions and improved vehicle efficiency

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Otherwise, fuel switching can produce net climate damages (more radiative forcing) for decades. —Camuzeaux et al. HPDI to be on average 5.5%

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Trump budget to slash EPA funds, ax staff, kill climate-change plans: reports

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Imagine appointing a lifelong pacifist, who believes it is never justifiable to take up arms against any man, to run the U.S. armed forces. The appointment of Scott Pruitt as the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could perhaps be viewed in a similar light. In his former position as Oklahoma attorney general, he sued the.