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SoCal Edison to install 1,500 electric-car charging sites; what's your electric utility doing?

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Electric utility Southern California Edison (SCE) is moving ahead with plans to install electric-car charging stations within its service area. As part of a pilot program, it plans to work with property owners to facilitate the installation of 1,500 charging stations. The program, called Charge Ready, kicked off May 27.

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In CA, Renters Can Now Install Electric-Car Charging Stations

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For people who don''t own a home in which to install a charging station, that can be a problem. For many drivers, a home charging station is necessary to make electric-car ownership feasible. California has now made life a little easier for plug-in electric-car drivers who rent apartments, condos, and homes, though.

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Installing An Electric-Car Charging Station: This Old House Shows You How

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For most owners of battery-electric cars, some form of home charging is a must. Videos plug-in cars charging Charging station Home charging

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Home Solar Panel Installation Cheaper Than Ever

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There are few better ways of running an electric car than doing so on solar power, and that''s now cheaper than ever according to a new report. The Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory produces an annual "Tracking the Sun" report (pdf file) into the prices of photovoltaic (PV) power systems. From 2011 to 2012 it shows

Honda's California HQ Installs 120 Electric-Car Charging Stations (But Sells No Plug-In Cars)

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It's installing a remarkable 120 charging stations at its U.S. Honda currently doesn't offer any plug-in electric cars, and has only sold a small number over the past several years. But the Japanese carmaker isn't quite done with cars with plugs. headquarters in Torrance, California.

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Tesla Scrambling To Meet Supercharger Installation Deadline

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Last spring, a map on Tesla''s website promised that 18 new "Superchargers"--the ultra-fast charging stations for its Model S electric luxury car--would be activated around the U.S. during "Summer 2013." Though summer''s not technically over until September 21, most of us have put away the sunscreen, sent the kids off to school, and transitioned t

As Solar Installations Soar, Utilities Confront Distributed Renewable Power

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As electric-car sales continue to grow, major changes are expected to come to the electricity infrastructure used to power them. As solar cells become more affordable, utility companies must ponder the impact of a larger portion of U.S. homes and businesses that either disconnect from the grid or buy only a fraction of their previous electricity

Yes, Teslas Can Tow: Model S Trailer Hitch Installation (Video)

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If you think about it, the Tesla Model S comes close to being the ideal tow vehicle for lighter loads. It''s large, weighty and stable at speed.

California giving electric car owning tenants right to install charging stations

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On Monday, the California Legislature sent Gov. Brown a law meant to ease a big electric car adoption hurdle.

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Glasgow shopping centre installs first rapid charging point

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A shopping mall near Glasgow has become the first shopping centre in Scotland to install a rapid charging point. Electric cars Nissan Renault

Toyota seize the light with engine plant solar installation

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Almost 13,000 solar panels have been fitted to Toyota’s engine manufacturing factory in Deeside, North Wales. Toyota Editor Pick

Walgreens Promises To Install 800 EV Chargers At Its Stores

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If you hadn’t guessed, we’re talking about installing electric car charging stations, a trend that's getting more common among big businesses across the Cracker Barrel did it at all its Tennessee stores, and Best Buy is doing it at stores all around the country.

American Honda installs 1MW Bloom Energy solid oxide fuel cell system at Torrance campus

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has installed a new 1MW solid oxide fuel cell system from Bloom Energy ( earlier post ) on its Torrance, California campus. American Honda Motor Co., The fuel cell system comprises five energy servers each producing 200 kW of power, and will provide 25% of Honda’s electricity needs for its 1.13 The SOFCs are fueled by natural gas. Brief

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Car dealer tries to install solar, town-owned utility limits power it can generate

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Install some solar panels on the roof of a building, cut carbon emissions, and perhaps save some money on electricity bills. It should have been fairly straightforward. But car dealer Bariel Ford just happened to be located in a town that owns its own utility. dealers energy policy electric utilities dealerships renewable energy solar

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Mobileye completes installation of collision avoidance technology across 4,500 New York City for-hire vehicles

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Mobileye has completed the installation of collision avoidance technology across 4,500 for-hire vehicles in New York City. Together with Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc., Brief

Bentley: home of largest UK’s largest solar installation

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The firm’s factory in Crewe is to become home to the UK’s largest roof-mounted solar panel installation, with over [.].

Honda to install public CNG fueling station near Marysville Auto Plant

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HAM) will install a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station on its Marysville Auto Plant property in Marysville, Ohio. As part of its effort to reduce its global CO 2 emissions and minimize the environmental impact of its operations, Honda of America Mfg. million miles of truck travel in FY2013. Brief

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Toyota Confirms Sub-$1000 Electric Vehicle Charger, Installation Included

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The cost of having an electric vehicle charger installed in your home just got a lot cheaper this week thanks to Toyota, which confirmed that its official 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid charging station will cost just $999, including installation.

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CA issues $9 million in grants for electric-car fast charger installations

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California will issue nearly $9 million in grants for the installation of electric-car DC fast-charging stations along the state's highways. This will create a charging network to link up the country's most populous state with the West Coast Electric Highway already developed by Oregon and Washington. That will, in turn, make it easier for.

Source London installs 1,300 electric car charging points

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London''s Plugged-in Places scheme, Source London, has now successfully installed 1,300 electric car charging points across the capital.

Motoring for free thanks to home solar installation

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Roz Drinkwater is the proud new owner of a Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, which she uses for her daily journeys to[.]. Mitsubishi

Mother-Daughter Team Installs Battery Packs In Chevy Volt Electric Cars

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Do your Mother''s Day plans involve safety glasses and hydraulic lifts? While one mother is taking today off as a weekend, tomorrow she and her daughter will likely don their work clothes and head back to the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant that builds the Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR extended-range electric cars. Earlier this week, te Detroit

Volkswagen Installs Huge Solar Array At Chattanooga Plant

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Volkswagen flipped a large ceremonial switch yesterday that signaled the official launch of a huge array of photovoltaic solar cells at its Chattanooga assembly plant, which builds the Volkswagen Passat mid-size sedan. The new solar field can supply up to 12.5 percent of the plant’s total energy needs, adding to an already low-carbon

How Not To Install An Electric-Car Charging Station: A Case Study

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We''ve all seen those ''FAIL'' pictures that turn up on the internet with startling regularity--tastelessly placed adverts in newspapers, security cameras facing blank walls, products with overly suggestive graphics. you know the deal. Welcome to the latest in a long line of fails, spotted by of BMW ActiveE facebook group user, Jack Brown.

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ABB-led consortium launches $10.5M project to install fast chargers along key European highways

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In addition to ABB, the consortium includes the Dutch e-mobility operator and retailer Fastned B.V.; Click to enlarge. Earlier post.) million euros.

Sumitomo installs first large-scale power system using used EV batteries

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This commercial scale storage system, built on Yume-shima Island, Osaka, will begin operating in February 2014. Earlier post.)

Honda To Install Natural-Gas Fueling Station Near Ohio Car Plant

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Honda announced today that it will install a compressed natural-gas (CNG) fueling station near its Marysville, Ohio, assembly plant. If drivers are going to use an alternative fuel, they need places to fill up their tanks.

Viking Grace LNG ferry to install rotor sail; first LNG/wind electric propulsion hybrid ship

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Preparations for the retrofit are underway, with the installation scheduled to take place during Q2 of 2018. Norsepower Oy Ltd., Earlier post.).

First reference installation of Opcon Waste Heat Recovery technology for ships; potential for 5–10% fuel savings

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are two 450 V, 60 Hz, 1,700 kW AC-generators installed. The MV Figaro. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.) Opcon Powerbox ORC Marine version.

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BMW teams with Schneider to install home charging for i3 supermini

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The collaboration means that the firm will not only be the manufacturer of BMW’s i Wallbox, but also its recommended installer.

Honda begins installation of solar power generation systems at automobile dealership locations in Japan

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has installed a 9 kW-capacity solar power generation system at the Adachi Odai location of the Honda Cars Tokyo Chuo dealer network. The installation is the kick-off of a project to install Honda Soltec solar power generation systems with a total capacity of 1 MW at Honda automobile dealership locations in Japan by 31 March 2014.

Little Chef to install electric car charging points

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The charging points made by Reuben Power are part of the manufacturer’s plans to install a network of 1 million charging points across the country. Little Chef is to begin testing high speed charging points for electric cars at ten of its branches within the next few weeks, The Times reports. If the trial is [.].

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More Sites Install Solar Carports For Electric-Car Charging

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It's the green ideal: Charging an electric car or plug-in hybrid using electricity generated purely from the sun. But it's not fiction; a handful of large, multi-space solar carports are popping up in areas as diverse as Silicon Valley, New York City, Detroit, and Tennessee. The latest one, unveiled last week, sits outside the headquarters of GE

GM installs Tracking Solar Tree charging canopy in Warren

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General Motors is introducing a solar charging canopy that moves with the sun. Chevy Volts beneath the Solar Tree. Click to enlarge. Brief

XL Hybrids, Henley Transmission Services partner to certify AAMCO for hybrid conversion installation, servicing

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developer of a low-cost hybrid electric powertrain designed specifically for class 1-3 commercial fleet use ( earlier post ), has signed an agreement with Henley Transmission Services, LLC, the largest franchise holder of AAMCO automotive service centers, to certify AAMCO technicians to install and service XL Hybrids’ hybrid-electric conversions.

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H2 Logic installs hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours

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The refueling station is based on the H2Station CAR-100 product and was installed in only 48 hours before conducting of the first refueling.

Scuderi Group to build and to install LPG-powered split-cycle generator with compressed air storage capability

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The signing of the agreement begins the process of building and installing the first LPG-powered Scuderi power generator and energy storage systems.

Job Training For Returning Vets: Installing Electric-Car Chargers

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Under a recent Federal contract, Eaton will provide those charging stations to various Federal locations--and the company is also working to train new installers for those stations. Industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation, whose automotive business makes superchargers and many other parts, also supplies electric-car charging stations.

New Zealand's First Free Public Charging Point Installed

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Despite New Zealand's international clean and green image, it's a country which has been trailing behind when it comes to electric vehicles, with almost every all-electric vehicle on the nation's roads being a home-conversion. The price of New Zealand's gasoline has now reached $6.12 USD per gallon, with more increases expected over the coming

UPA installs 500 kWh containerized Li-ion system from BYD for grid storage

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BYD mega-watt-scale energy storage stations are installed in several locations in the US and are rated at a 91% AC-DC-AC round-trip-efficiency but have shown actual performance at this site as high as 95.3%—a Expected service life of the Iron-Phosphate batteries is more than 25 years. Brief