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Volvo CEO says hybrids will supplant diesels, even in Europe

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Even though it has experienced some ripples of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, Europe remains a diesel stronghold. Diesels have been popular in Europe for decades because of their high fuel economy, although governments in several countries are trying to limit their use because of concerns over air pollution. Europe Plug-In Hybrids

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Nissan Suggests 'Five Most Breathtaking Electric Drives' In Europe (Video)

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So if you're still planning a summer vacation, Nissan Europe has a few. Europe Videos plug-in cars Great Drives tourism

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Every diesel brand in Europe emits more than VW, says new report

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Europe emissions EU Study Volkswagen diesel scandalIt's been a year since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that Volkswagen used illegal "defeat device" software that allowed its diesel cars to cheat emissions tests. The VW diesel scandal may be just the beginning, though.

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Europe's carbon goals could make cars unaffordable: Ford exec

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Europe emissions Fuel Economy transportation policyStricter emissions standards may raise the average cost of new vehicles, but will that make them "elitist?" The increasingly sophisticated technology required to improve the efficiency of new gasoline and diesel cars does indeed add to their cost.

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$70M H2ME project launches in Europe to deploy 325 fuel cell vehicles and 29 refueling stations

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A large coalition of European partners has launched the €63-million (US$70-million) project Hydrogen Mobility Europe ( H2ME ). Click to enlarge.

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Audi equipping new models in Europe with Audi connect SIM

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Audi is now equipping its new models that use the second-generation modular infotainment platform with Audi connect SIM. Connected vehicles

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BMW says electrified models exceeding sales expectations, especially in Europe

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BMW said that its electrified models continue to exceed expectations, especially in Europe. While 4% of all BMW sales in Western Europe in July were electrified vehicles, that percentage increases significantly in markets where innovative electric mobility is supported through financial and infrastructure measures.

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Nissan Leaf electric car on scenic coastal, rural drives in Europe: video

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The Japanese carmaker recently released a video of its Leaf electric car driving to picturesque coastal locations throughout Europe.

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VW e-Crafter, Mercedes Urban e-truck concept: electric vans for Europe

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That is seemingly about to change, at least in Europe. Europe Trucks Mercedes-Benz plug-in cars Commercial vehicleTo realize truly significant reductions in carbon emissions, powertrain electrification will have to extend beyond just passenger cars. DON'T MISS: Road for electric trucks with.

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Toyota Motor Europe hybrid sales up 45% year-to-date; targeting 50% hybrid take-rate by 2020

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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) reported that sales of hybrids have increased 45% so far this year compared with the same period in 2015—which was already a record year. 31% of Toyota Motor Europe’s customers have opted for a hybrid powertrain in 2016; 41% in Western Europe alone. Europe Hybrids Sales—Karl Schlicht.

Fiat is Europe’s cleanest car brand for sixth year

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Fiat has been named Europe’s cleanest car brand for 2012; a title it has now achieved for the sixth year running. Fiat JATO Dynamics Europe

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Nissan BladeGlider arrives in Europe

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Nissan’s innovative BladeGlider concept has made its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Electric cars Nissan Editor Pick

ICCT update finds real-world vehicle fuel economy gap continues to widen in Europe to 40%

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Peter Mock, Managing Director of ICCT Europe. Europe Fuel Efficiency Policy RegulationsEarlier post.). Source: ICCT. Click to enlarge.

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Europe reveals plan to reduce car noise

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Green cars Latest news car noise Europe green cars noiseIt has voted by 30 to 27 for lowering motor vehicle noise limits for vehicles [.].

Nissan and ENEL announce V2G system, launch smart grid trials in Europe

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Nissan will commence Smart Grid trials in partnership with multinational energy manufacturer and distributor, ENEL. Earlier post.). Click to enlarge.

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Fisker’s Karma coming around in Europe

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Fisker Europe Fisker Karma SalesFisker’s European expansion continues apace with the news that car dealer group Guarnieri will exclusively import and market all Fisker vehicles in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Avis Builds Largest Electric-Vehicle Lease Fleet In Europe With Latest Nissan Order

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Denmark is about to gain the largest fleet of electric cars available for lease in Europe, thanks to a deal between Nissan and Avis. The rental company will purchase 401 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans, and 60 Nissan Leaf electric cars. Denmark fleet sales plug-in cars Avis Nissan e-NV200

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Electric cars: Will Europe lead the way? The Green Piece.

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But a recent report by Ernst & Young suggests that it is Europe that will become the first mass [.]. Europe U.STuesday 18 October, 2011. The Green Piece Column. When it comes to electric cars, many have said that it is the emerging economies, not shackled by convention, that will lead the way in electric car uptake.

Air Liquide and Hyundai commit to accelerate deployment of H2 fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure in Korea and Europe

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On the occasion of this state visit, Air Liquide and Hyundai committed to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen infrastructure and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) in Korea and in Europe. In Europe, Air Liquide and Hyundai intend to further develop FCEV fleet projects such as taxis or municipal fleets. Brief

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Tesla to open 30 new service centers and stores across Europe, expand Supercharger network

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Tesla will also continue rapidly expanding its Supercharger network, allowing Model S drivers to travel long distances across Europe for free. The retail, service, and Supercharger expansions come as Tesla dials up its commitment to Europe, which continues to be a priority market for the company. Earlier post.). Brief

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Toyota to begin sales of Mirai fuel cell vehicle in Europe by September

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At the Geneva motor show, Toyota announced that it would begin sales of the new Mirai fuel cell vehicle ( earlier post ) in Europe by September.

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Partners launch $51M hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and infrastructure project in Europe

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million) to supply three of its electrolyzer-based refueling stations to London under Europe’s FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking)-funded HyFive project. Europe Fuel Cells Hydrogen Infrastructure These stations will share internationally agreed fuel and re-fueling standards. million (US$4.7

Peugeot-Citroen Sells 50,000th Diesel Hybrid Car In Europe

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It''s used in four different models on sale throughout Europe--Citroen''s DS5 Hybrid4, Peugeot''s 3008 and 508 French automobile maker PSA, responsible for the Peugeot and Citroen brands, has just sold the 50,000th example of a drivetrain we''ve not yet seen in the U.S.--diesel diesel hybrids.

Tesla brings supercharger network to Europe

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Tesla is not just providing the electric cars of the future, it''s also offering the charging network that can power those vehicles.

Tesla models now available for business lease in Europe

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European car leasing firm, Athlon Car Lease has signed an agreement with Tesla Motors to make the firm’s electric models available to businesses across Europe. Tesla Motors Athlon car lease eu Europe programme Tesla

Nissan introduces new 1.5L diesel in Juke in Europe; 56 mpg US

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Nissan is introducing a new 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine in the Juke in Europe. Diesel Engines Europe Fuel Efficiency Nissan Juke n-tec.

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Fuel cell car world challenge arrives back in Europe

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The Mercerdes-Benz F-Cell World Drive is now closer to home as it cross the Ural Mountains in Kazakhstan and arrives back in Europe. Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars Mercedes b-class Europe F-CELL fuel cell hydrogen Mercedes-Benz round the world

Elon Musk Talks Tesla Model X Details, Model S Upgrades, At Europe Q+A Sessions

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Tesla Motors is notoriously stingy with information about its cars and future plans, to the great frustration of news-hungry Model S owners and fans.

Land Rover targets Europe with new diesel hybrid models

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Even though the leading markets for hybrids are in the US and Far E[.]. Hybrid cars Land Rover

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid: Van Model For Europe, But Still A Year Away For U.S.

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Over in Europe however the plug-in crossover has been on sale for a few months now--and Mitsubishi is adding another variant to the range. American buyers are still enduring what seems like an interminable wait for the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid.

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Electric cars gather for 4,500km rally around Europe

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Proving that electric cars can, the eTourEurope returns tomorrow with a fleet over a 1,000 electric vehicles expected to take part. Ele[.].

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Honda promotes hydrogen future in Europe

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Honda has become the newest member of the CEP programme designed to promote the hydrogen movement in Europe. Honda Clean Energy Partnership fuel cell hydrogen

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Nissan Leaf Customers Get Battery Leasing Option In Europe

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In Europe, things are a little different. In America, if you want a new electric car, you go to a dealer and buy one. You might have to wait a bit of course, but generally your money gets you access to both the car and its batteries. If you''re Renault, you sell people a car and offer its batteries only on a lease.

VW Sales In U.S., Europe Slammed By Diesel Emission Scandal

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It's been a little more than three months since the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal erupted into the public eye. Over that time, VW has revealed multiple violations of emissions rules across the globe for roughly 11 million of its TDI diesel cars sold not only by Volkswagen but also Audi and Porsche. And details of its proposed fixed for.

Ford’s first electric vehicle arrives in Europe

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Ford has begun production of its first fully electric car in Europe. The electric vers[.]. Electric cars Ford

Honda to debut FCEV fuel cell concept in Europe

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The new FCEV concept was first seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show Iast November, where it showed off its next-generation fuel cell system. The [.].

Are Electric Bicycles Catching Cars As Europe's Favored Transport?

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It shouldn''t come as a surprise to discover that there are more bicycles around than there are cars. They''re vastly cheaper for a start, and require no pesky tax, parking fees or indeed, fuel. As far as methods of transport go, they''re second only to walking for inexpense. More newsworthy is that the electrically-assisted bicycle, or e-bike, is

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Europe's First Six Tesla Superchargers Now Live In Norway

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The first Tesla Supercharger fast-charging stations are now up and running in Europe''s capital for electric cars, Norway. Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] announced via its Twitter feed that 90 percent of Norwegians now live within 200 miles of a Supercharger station--well within the 265-mile range of a Model S.

Europe reveals green car action plan

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The European Commission has revealed an ambitious plan to promote the use of greener vehicles and establish Europe as a global leader in the development of greener transport solutions. Tags: Green credentials charging commission develop eu Europe ifrastructure

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Renault launches Europe’s first Better Place centre

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The Better Place battery swap model continues to take the world by storm and now the company, along with its partner Renault, have launched Europe’s first Better Place centre where visitors can place an order for a Renault Fluence ZE and sign up with Better Place for mobility services. When the Fluence debuts in Denmark [.].