First production Detroit SP:01 EV rolls off assembly line

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seconds) with a top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h). Detroit Electric has established distributors throughout Europe and Asia extending from the North (Iceland and Norway) and the East (Azerbaijan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong) to the South (South Africa), with additional countries due to join the growing global network over the coming months.

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UNECE Adopts Type Approval for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles’ Electric Safety Requirements; Applies in 41 Countries

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The Regulation encompasses the electric safety requirements of road vehicles of categories M and N, with a maximum design speed exceeding 25 km/h (16 mph), equipped with one or more traction motor(s) operated by electric power and not permanently connected to the grid, as well as their high voltage components and systems which are galvanically connected to the high voltage bus of the electric power train. Generic format of the approval mark pursuant to Regulation No. 100. “1”

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