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2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, 2024 Acura TLX: Lately’s Automotive Information

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One of the crucial automobiles it’s nonetheless to be had in is the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. Stellantis will stop construction the supercharged 6.2-liter liter V-8 referred to as the Hellcat on the finish of the moment, this means that you’ll nonetheless get the engine, however no longer for lengthy.

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Stellantis to invest $229M in Kokomo operations to produce 4th-gen 8-speed transmission; ICE, MHEV and PHEV

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This new transmission will have the flexibility to be paired with internal combustion engines (ICE), as well as mild hybrid (MHEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) propulsion systems, for vehicles across the Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge brands. KTP celebrated the 5 millionth eight-speed transmission built on 30 September.

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Chrysler Slings Updates at Pacifica for 2024

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The frankly excellent plug-in hybrid variant will be available in two models for 2024, including a Select trim in addition to the spendy Pinnacle and its second-row throw cushions. The top-rung Pinnacle gets a different hue for its quilted Nappa leather seats as well. Images: Stellantis] Become a& TTAC& insider.

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FCA to invest $4.5B to expand production capacity in Michigan, electrify Jeep vehicles with PHEV, possible BEV models

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It allows Jeep to enter two white space segments that offer significant margin opportunities and will enable new electrified Jeep products, including at least four plug-in hybrid vehicles and the flexibility to produce fully battery-electric vehicles. Today’s announcement represents the next step in that strategy. FCA would invest $1.6

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Chrysler Group files S-1 for IPO; snapshot of R&D priorities; exploring a light-duty hydraulic hybrid

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It is focusing its efforts on five areas aimed at reducing fuel consumption and emissions: vehicle energy use (weight, aerodynamics, and rolling resistance); engines; transmissions; axles and drivelines; and hybrid propulsion and alternative fuel technologies. Hybrid propulsion and alternative fuel vehicles. Vehicle energy use.

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Plug-in Manufacturers Grow

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I t wasn't that long ago that I remember a Chrysler ad that bragged about how its new Charger, with the big V 8, was a hybrid. The Korean automaker's promised to put a hybrid subcompact, a hybrid mid-size and a plug-in competitor to the Chevrolet Volt on the road within five years. it burned gas and rubber.

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