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Chrysler Slings Updates at Pacifica for 2024

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A neatly named Road Tripper package is expanded to Touring L (a trim, not long wheelbase) and the Select PHEV, bringing a basket of exterior graphics and jazzy orange accents plus a few blacked-out inserts for those who want to try and assert their dominance in the school pick-up line. Images: Stellantis] Become a& TTAC& insider.

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Chrysler Group files S-1 for IPO; snapshot of R&D priorities; exploring a light-duty hydraulic hybrid

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Chrysler is also seeking to reduce electrical loads through application of higher efficiency fans and fuel pumps. Thermal management technologies not only help reduce fuel consumption, but are an important factor in extending battery range for hybrid electric and all-electric vehicle models. Transmissions.

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Plug-in Manufacturers Grow

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it burned gas and rubber. H ere's the Mazda story thanks to Autocar: Mazda plans Volt rival Autocar August 28, 2008 Autocar has learned that Mazda engineers are hard at work trying to develop a rival to the Chevrolet Volt – a car which uses a petrol engine to charge a battery pack which powers the wheels via an electric motor.

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