Smart Meters and Electric Cars

Revenge of the Electric Car

Several automakers, including Ford, have partnered with Edison to ensure those cars can get their electricity from somewhere. “When we look at the electrification of vehicles, there are a lot of different issues involved,&# said Ford spokeswoman Jennifer Moore. It might seem that simply plugging in your Chevy Volt or Ford Escape before bedtime would do. Tags: Ford Inside Track miEV socal edison smart meters

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Coming Soon – The Electric City

Revenge of the Electric Car

Despite such skepticism, Washington is putting considerable money into the effort, including billions of dollars in loans to Ford, Nissan and Tesla Motors. Under last year’s stimulus package, nearly $200 million will support Nissan’s introduction of the Leaf by permitting the installation of 13,000 charging stations around cities in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Tennessee in the next year or so. Photo by Jim Wilson, New York Times.

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