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Researchers from Caltech and UC San Diego report very high performance catalysts to convert seed oils to olefins

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In a brief note highlighting the Caltech/UCSD work, Phil Szuromi at Science noted that linear-chain olefins are essential building blocks for both commodity products, such as lubricants and thermoplastics, and fine chemicals and drugs. The ethanolysis of fatty acids derived from seed oils could provide a renewable source of LAOs.

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What is EVSE?

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As a result, some EVSE manufacturers build charging stations with a wide variety of connector types, and EV owners carry adapters with them…just in case. You’re charging an onboard charging system inside the electric vehicle (EV), which then converts that power to DC electricity and sends it to the battery. How Does EVSE Work?

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A Skeptic’s Take on Beaming Power to Earth from Space

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Each megasat could then convert gigawatts of power into a microwave beam aimed precisely at a big field of receiving antennas on Earth. These rectennas would then convert the signal to usable DC electricity. But the contract and promises went unfulfilled. consultancy.

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