Elektromotive Extends European Recharging Network to Belgium and Luxembourg

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UK-based Elektromotive has appointed The PluginCompany to install networks of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Belgium and Luxembourg. The Elektrobay. Elektromotive has exported Elektrobays to Sweden, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Iceland and Saudi Arabia.

Elektromotive heads to Belgium and Luxembourg

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UK based Elektromotive is making headway in the electric vehicle recharging market after appointing ThePluginCompany to install networks of charging stations across Belgium and Luxembourg. Pilot schemes will begin almost straightaway, with 20 Elektrobay units to be installed in the country by the end of the year with further rollouts planned in 2010.

Elektromotive continues European expansion

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Last week we told you that the company was heading to Belgium and Luxembourg (see article ), and now it will play a pivotal role in the introduction of an electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in Denmark. It will be responsible for the installation of the first Elektrobay roadside charging stations, which are scheduled to be completed ahead of this month’s COP15 global climate change conference in Copenhagen, which takes place from December 7-15.