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EV Radar: April 2022


As the EV market expands, new startups don’t have traditional sales channels for their cars. Waymo has invested time and effort in turning regular cars smart and automating the driving experience. Now, they get to charge for their robotaxi rides. Andorra.

EV Radar: May 2022


When considering an EV, the first hurdle always seems to be charging time. Over the years, charging technology and battery capacity have made significant improvements. And now, the industry is shifting to 800 volts as soon as 2025, which could potentially halve charging time.

Travelling after Brexit

Greenways Insurance

If this happens, UK motor insurance customers driving in the European Economic Area, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland will need physical proof of motor insurance when they travel, commonly referred to as a Green Card. Uncategorized car insurance Brexit UK

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