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Emissions collusion between VW and German agency runs deep: magazine

Green Car Reports

As the Volkswagen diesel scandal lumbers onwards, German media outlets have often broken the latest news and revelations from deep inside VW Group. While the German auto giant had hoped at first to have the issue largely wrapped up by now, the scandal first publicly revealed in September 2015 shows no signs of abating. The updates to.

2015 12

Nissan Leaf Vs BMW i3 Vs Volkswagen e-Golf: German Magazine Compares

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German magazine Auto Bild has now The BMW i3''s styling has been divisive since its launch earlier this year but one thing that most agree on is its abilities--it''s among the best electric cars yet.

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Consumer Reports confirms 2016 Toyota Prius 52-mpg rating

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Nonetheless, the magazine says the 2016 Prius is the most fuel-efficient car it's ever tested. Fuel Economy Consumer Reports EPA Ratings

2016 44

Twizy wins Stuff Magazine’s transport prize

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Renault award Twizy

Daimler JV Beijing Benz Automotive named Factory of the Year by Produktion magazine

Green Car Congress

In a ceremony held in Munich on 21 March, Daimler’s largest global production facility, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., BBAC), received a “Factory of the Year” award from theGerman publication ‘Produktion’. BBAC was chosen for recognition in the “Excellent Large Series Assembly” category. FBAC), another local Daimler joint venture. Brief

Tesla falls even further as Consumer Reports ranks reliability

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The Tesla Model S was once the darling of Consumer Reports, garnering high ratings in the magazine's initial tests. But more recently, Consumer Reports has found fault with the initial build quality of the Model X crossover, and criticized Tesla's Autopilot system. That build-quality problems meant Tesla's first appearance as a brand in the.

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ORNL team receives special recognition award from R&D for 20 kW wireless power transfer

Green Car Congress

at the 54 th annual R&D 100 Conference, sponsored by R&D Magazine. US Department of Energy (DOE) researchers won 32 of the 100 awards given out this year by R&D Magazine and received a special recognition award for the most outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential. Earlier post.). Brief

2016 35

Tesla Owners Throw Party To Thank Store, Service Staff

Green Car Reports

The Tesla Model S recently earned even more praise from Consumer Reports, scoring 103 out of 100 on the magazine's rating scale. Carmakers sometimes make gestures to demonstrate their appreciation of loyal customers, but it's rare for that scenario to be reversed. ownership Tesla Motors plug-in cars

Store 36

Magazine Article and 914 EV Wiki

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I ran out to Barnes and Noble today and picked up the March issue of Sports Car Market magazine. My 914 was featured on page 38 along with John Benson's 914 DC conversion! I hope Electro Auto doesn't get even more swamped by the publicity. I'm glad these EVs are getting coverage so more people can see what's possible. Got that EV Grin again.)

DC 2

Could Future Mazda Engines Emit Less CO2 Than Electric Cars?

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In an interview published last week with the British magazine Autocar, Mazda claimed that its next generation of SkyActiv Is it possible to make a gasoline engine so efficient that it would emit less carbon dioxide per mile than is created by generating electricity to run an electric car over that same mile?

2014 40

Consumer Reports On Tesla Model S: Best Test Car Since 2007

Green Car Reports

In fact, the magazine''s descriptions of the luxury sport sedan brim with adjectives.

2007 22

2013 Tesla Model S Electric Car: Consumer Reports Still In Love

Green Car Reports

One year and 11,380 miles after taking delivery of its Model S, the magazine is still raving about its battery-electric luxury sport sedan. Consumer Reports'' love affair with the Tesla Model S electric car is proving to be more than just a casual fling.

Traveling Through Time, Exploring the String Theory and Hugging the Giant Sequoias

Creative Greenius

We also found magazines ( Utne Reader anyone?) I pulled an old issue of Sierra (the magazine of the Sierra Club) from July/August 1997.

Juice 11

Traveling Through Time, Exploring the String Theory and Hugging the Giant Sequoias

Creative Greenius

We also found magazines ( Utne Reader anyone?) I pulled an old issue of Sierra (the magazine of the Sierra Club) from July/August 1997.

Juice 11

Tesla Model S P85D Lauded By Consumer Reports, 'Breaks' Rating System

Green Car Reports

The Tesla Model S P85D, the highest-performance and most expensive version of the all-electric luxury sedan, has earned even more plaudits and compliments from Consumer Reports magazine. The P85D, in fact, "performed better in our tests than any other car ever has," the publication said this morning. Consumer Reports plug-in cars P85D

2015 38

Battelle-R&D Magazine forecast predicts 5.2% growth in 2012 global R&D spending to $1.4+T, largely driven by Asian economies; US companies and tech providers to boost energy R&D spending by 23.1% to $6.7B

Green Car Congress

The Battelle-R&D Magazine annual Global R&D Funding Forecast concludes that global research and development (R&D) spending will grow by about 5.2% The team from Battelle and R&D Magazine forecast that a 2.1% Global R&D spending 2011. Size of circle reflects the relative amount of annual R&D spending by the country noted. trillion.

2015 BMW 535d Named 'Diesel Car Of The Year' By Diesel Driver Site

Green Car Reports

Enthusiast magazines have heaped praise on the company's cars for years, usually for their sporty handling and luxurious appointments. The automotive press gives out many, many awards each year, and BMW is certainly no stranger to receiving them. Now though, BMW has a different kind of award for the trophy case. Green Awards

2015 29

The Epic Failure Of Better Place, As Covered By Fast Company

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But until one appears, Fast Company magazine has produced the most comprehensive article yet on the founding--and foundering--of the great Better Place experiment. The remarkable scope, overwhelming ambition, and epic failure of the Better Place electric-car service in Israel is worthy of a book, or several.

Tesla Model S: Too Many Problems To Recommend, Consumer Reports Says

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market, the respected consumer magazine said it could no longer recommend the Model S because the car's predicted reliability is below. Every honeymoon comes to an end sooner or later, and so it was with Consumer Reports and its former paramour, the Tesla Model S electric car. As part of its yearly reliability report on cars sold in the U.S.

2015 31

Tesla Reliability, Take Two: Are Newer Owners Less Tolerant?

Green Car Reports

The magazine said the electric car showed too many reliability issues in its latest owner survey. Tesla's stellar reputation was somewhat tarnished earlier this week with the news that Consumer Reports is withdrawing its recommendation for the Model S. But another organization has its own take on the situation.

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Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S Electric Car Is 'Best Overall' Vehicle

Green Car Reports

The magazine''s Top Picks and Brand Report Cards are a set of ratings for vehicle quality Even car companies have reason to worry about their report cards.

Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S 'Best Overall' Again In 2015

Green Car Reports

DON''T MISS: Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S Electric Car Is ''Best Overall'' Vehicle (Feb 2014) As the well-regarded consumer magazine notes in its summary: For all of the impressive Well, Tesla Motors seems to have done it again.

2015 26

Consumer Reports gives Tesla Model S top score in car review

National Green Transportation

The score, 99 points out of 100, ties with an old Lexus

Lexus 31

Green Car Reports Scorecard: 3 Stories We Got Right In 2014, 3 We Didn't

Green Car Reports

That''s why there are Retractions sections in newspapers and magazines, and updates shown by using We published roughly 1,800 stories on Green Car Reports this year, covering everything from fuel economy (it''s rising) to electric cars (there are more on sale than ever).

2014 24

Hybrids, Subaru, Mazda Clean Up In Consumer Reports 'Best New-Car Value' List

Green Car Reports

The magazine named the 2014 Toyota Prius hybrid best overall automotive value. People buy green cars for fuel efficiency, but that''s often far from their only good quality. Consumer Reports released its "Best New-Car Value" list yesterday, and there are plenty of hybrids and fuel-efficient gasoline cars on it.

Prius 29

Life With Tesla Model S: Pushing the Range Limits In 60-kWh Car

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But last week, I got an invitation from Don Sherman, Technical Director of Car & Driver magazine, to meet him in Danville In the eight months I''ve owned my 60-kWh Tesla Model S, I''ve never had occasion to drive it more than 120 miles, comfortably within the car''s EPA-rated 208-mile range.

EPA 29

Life With Tesla Model S: Three Days Of Service Nirvana

Green Car Reports

It was a perfectly satisfactory experience, pretty much like any other service visit: Drive to the shop, read magazines for a couple of hours, get the car back, drive home. A few months ago, some minor glitches in my 2013 Tesla Model S were fixed at the Tesla service center in White Plains, New York.

Even In 2007, As VW Designed Dirty Diesels, It Said Electric Cars Were The Future

Green Car Reports

Many journalists tend to have pack-rat tendencies, but sorting out old press kits, files, and magazines can have unexpected rewards. So it was for auto writer John Rettie, who recently uncovered an interesting tidbit in an issue of Driver, the in-house magazine sent out by Volkswagen of America to owners of its cars.

Twizy electric car sponsor Culture Award

Green Cars News

The inaugural Attitude Magazine Awards will be electric thanks to sponsorship by the Renault Twizy. The tiny two-seat quadricycle will sponsor the Culture Award at the magazine’s new award ceremony. This award will seek to acknowledge the an outstanding performer from across the creative industries. Renault Renault Twizy

Consumer Reports Verdict: 2014 Cadillac ELR 'Priced Out Of Its League'

Green Car Reports

In its first assessment of the car, magazine''s testers wrote that they suffered from sticker shock. A Cadillac badge is only worth so much. The 2014 Cadillac ELR extended-range electric car is based on the Voltec system used in the Chevrolet Volt, but costs more than twice as much. And Consumer Reports thinks it''s just not worth it.

Dynamic wireless charging trial confirmed for the UK

Green Cars News

According to Engineering and Technology Magazine, a spokesperson of the Highways Agency confirmed previous off-the-cuff comme[.].

Diesel car proves fuel efficiency in US road trip

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That’s the question Car Magazine posed for itself as they took on a challenge to prove the real world fuel efficiency of a readily-available-in-Europe, diesel model and [.]. Volkswagen America Car magazine diesel DRIVe golf bluemotion

Toyota Prius V Loses 'Recommended' Rating From Consumer Reports

Green Car Reports

It''s also something the Toyota Prius V wagon has failed to avoid following the magazine''s most recent assessment. Receiving a ''Recommended'' rating from the journalists at Consumer Reports isn''t the only automotive accolade to aim for, but it''s certainly one of the biggest. Due to

2013 22

Dear Tesla: Car And Driver's Hilarious Take On Why Car Dealers Are Awesome

Green Car Reports

From Jonathan Swift''s "modest proposal" to MAD Magazine in the formative years of many pre-teen boys, it serves as a bracing reminder of the absurdity of life. Ah, satire. Green Dealership NADA New car sales Politics Tesla Motors dealers sales state laws

2015 22

BMW could celebrate centenary with improved i8

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Considering the i8 already has 357bhp and sprints to 62mph in 4.4 seconds and hits the electronic buffers at 155mp[.]. Hybrid cars BMW Editor Pick

2016 24

MPG Marathon returns and opens for entries

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Sponsored by ALD Automotive and Shell FuelSave and organised by Fleet World Magazine, the latest edition of the[.]. Green credentials

Tesla Model S Electric Car Versus. Ford Model T? A History Lesson

Green Car Reports

Well, give Car and Driver points for high concept: In picking a car to test against a 2013 Tesla Model S luxury electric sedan, the magazine chose.a 1915 Ford Model T. Yep, the most advanced, most talked-about battery-electric vehicle on the planet was pitted against the car that put the world on wheels a century ago.

Renault ZOE electric car wins BusinessCar ‘Techies’ award

Green Cars News

Respected among the business world, the awards are the only ones in the industry that reward tech[.]. Renault

2011 Nissan Leaf Gets Manga Makeover For Monocle Magazine

All Cars Electric

We’ve said it before, but Nissan makes unmistakably Japanese-looking cars. From the eye-like large headlamps, smiling grille and bulbous nose of the Nissan Townpod concept to the soft curves of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, Nissan’s cars look as if they belong in the pages of a manga. Someone at Nissan must have been listening. The 2011 Nissan

BMW X5 xDrive35d Named 2012 Diesel Car of the Year

Green Car Reports

This morning, the BMW X5 xDrive35d was named the 2012 Diesel Car of the Year by the readers of The Diesel Driver magazine. The BMW beat the new Volkswagen Passat TDI, which placed second, and the VW Golf TDI, which garnered third place. Altogether, 13 passenger cars and light trucks competed for the award.

2012 20