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Cobham, Jaguar Land Rover and Ricardo partnering to develop switched reluctance traction motor

Green Car Congress

Since switched reluctance motors (SRM) do not use permanent magnets, they could provide an ideal replacement technology. Basic mechanism of a SRM.

What's The Real Cost of a Better Place Electric Car in Israel?

Green Car Reports

Since buying my Better Place Renault Fluence ZE in Israel, I'm frequently asked about the price. I bought the car because I liked the way it drove and thought it would save me money. I had been looking for a new car, but had no intention of buying a green model as such. I was quickly satisfied that the car's daily range wasn't an issue and that

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Apple's iOS 6 Maps application screws pedestrians and mass transit users

National Green Transportation

You may have heard that yesterday Apple made a few announcements relating to the upcoming versions of iOS, Mac OS X, and the laptops Apple sells.

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2012 42

Lexus GS to get small capacity hybrid engine option

Green Cars News

The new Lexus GS range will receive a small capacity hybrid engine, chief engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori revealed to Already available with a 2.5 litre V6 petrol and 3.5 litre V6 petrol hybrid engine options, the all-new smaller hybrid option will allow the GS to compete on equal footing with the likes of the BMW [.].

China team optimizes catalytic hydrogenation process to convert coal tar to gasoline and diesel

Green Car Congress

Flow diagram of coal tar hydrogenation process. Credit: ACS, Kan et al. Click to enlarge. Al 2 O 3 -USY. of the total. —Kan et al. and 1.69

Coal 30

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Daimler starts production of new smart fortwo electric drive; buy or lease the vehicle, rent the battery

Green Car Congress

Start of production for the new smart fortwo electric drive. Click to enlarge. Daimler has invested more than €200 million to upgrade the site. The 17.6

2012 Ford Focus Electric SmartPhone App, Website, Goes Live

Green Car Reports

According to our own reckoning, Ford hasn’t really sold that many 2012 Ford Focus Electric cars to non fleet customers. For those who have made the purchase however, the automaker has announced its smartphone iPhone app and website are now live, letting customers remotely interact with their car. Just like smartphone apps for the 2012 Nissan

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New Review: 2012 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Hybrid SUV Blog

A No Compromise Hybrid SUV. If that’s what you’re looking for, the 2012 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid fits the bill. News Rankings). Cadillac Escalade

Renault ZOE breaks electric car range record

Green Cars News

Renault’s highly anticipated electric supermini has set a new record for the longest distance travelled by a production electric car. Already we’ve been itching with anticipation of the launch of the ZOE-expected to be the most affordable EV yet when it arrives in the UK next year (see story)- but with a new record for [.].

WHO IARC classifies diesel exhaust as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1)

Green Car Congress

After a week-long meeting of an expert working group, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified diesel engine exhaust (DEE) as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1), based on sufficient evidence that exposure is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer. —Dr.

Renault ZOE Shatters Distance Record For An Electric Car

Green Car Reports

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: range-anxiety is one of the biggest hurdles facing electric car manufacturers. If consumers don't believe that an electric car is going to get them from Point A to Point B (without a time-consuming battery recharge), vehicle sales will stall. Thankfully for EV automakers, there's good news to

This is cool!

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

Awhile back when I was still running the ADC 9", I had installed the air conditioner around Fall time or so. Before summer hit, the ADC motor went out.

Nissan Pixo dodges the taxman with 99g/km CO2

Green Cars News

Nissan’s little Pixo city car is the latest model to join the tax-dodging sub 100g/km CO2 club, thanks to a few clever engine tweaks. That’s not all the Pixo has changed for the summer, the new revised model also benefits from a choice of fresh, new exterior colours and improved interior. Changes to the model’s [.]. Nissan CO2 emissions Nissan Pix

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A123 Systems introduces new Nanophosphate EXT Li-ion battery technology with optimized performance in extreme temperatures; OEM micro-hybrid program due next year

Green Car Congress

Cold cranking performance of EXT battery systems, 80 Ah and 60 Ah. 10 sec. crank, 7.0V minimum, 100% SOC. Click to enlarge. EXT cycle life. —Dr.

Superbus Electric 'Sports Bus' Now Road Legal, Ready For UAE

Green Car Reports

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superbus! Buses aren't normally the most exciting method of transport. Though popular in Europe, in the U.S. they're more often regarded as something to be avoided at all costs. Maybe we'd be more keen to ride the bus if it was a Superbus? It looks hugely cool for a start--like something straight out of a

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Sparrow Electric Car

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Sparrow electric car was featured in Austin Powers 'Goldmember'. Groovy, baby

Ford breaks sales record in China

Green Cars News

The car market in China has become increasingly important to automakers worldwide with sales in the country now surpassing those of any other single country in the world, including the USA. So it’s no wonder then that Ford China is celebrating after recording a record sales month. During May 2012, sales of Ford brand cars [.].

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Researchers optimize production of high-quality transportation fuels from LDPE plastics

Green Car Congress

Researchers in Spain have obtained high-quality transportation fuels (gasoline with RON >80 and diesel with cetane number >70) from oil obtained by the thermal cracking of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) using a bifunctional catalyst comprising Ni (7 wt %) deposited on a hierarchical Beta zeolite (Ni/h-Beta). in the period 2000-2010. Resources.

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Toyota’s New Electric Car Is One Your Kids, Not You, Will Want To Drive

Green Car Reports

If children are the future, then how do we get them driving clean, green electric cars? It’s a question we’ve thought a lot about, but Toyota thinks it has come up with a solution, with a new three-seat electric concept car that your kids can drive. As Automotive News (subscription required) details, the tiny car was unveiled this week

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Grandma Power

Electric Cars are for Girls

Grandma power is saving the planet

UK’s first fast-charge electric buses start work in Coventry

Green Cars News

Coventry is to become the first place in the country to get fast-charge electric buses, as local bus service company Travel de Courcey unveiled its three new models. The electric buses are expected to start running park and ride routes of the city from next week. The £1m scheme to launch the buses was part-funded [.].

FTA to award $400K for pedestrian/cyclist collision warning system on buses

Green Car Congress

The US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will award (FTA-2012-010-TRI) up to $400,000 for one or more pilot projects to increase pedestrian/cyclist safety through demonstration of advanced pedestrian warning system on transit buses. In 2008, 4,378 pedestrians were killed. and 69,000 were injured in traffic crashes in the United States.

Chinese-Japanese Group To Turn Saab Into Electric-Car Brand

Green Car Reports

Last December Saab fans all around the world received the grim news their beloved brand was filing for bankruptcy, despite the best attempts of its then-owner, Swedish Automobile, to find a buyer interested in paying off all of Saab’s outstanding debts and investing in new products. Since then administrators have been sifting through the

Hazel Henderson: Clean Air Activist

Electric Cars are for Girls

Hazel Henderson went from housewife to clean air activist in one (smoggy!) New York year

Electric smart fortwo rolls off production line

Green Cars News

smart has gone into production with its new fortwo electric drive (ED) at its Hambach facilities in France. The electric model becomes the first, full production electric car built by a German brand and will make its first deliveries to customers in its native Germany from this summer, as order books open today (June 12, [.].

BMW shows i Pedelec Concept e-bike

Green Car Congress

The compact bicycle can be folded up quickly; the trunk of the BMW i3 Concept has room for two. BMW i Pedelec. Click to enlarge. Brief

Bigger Batteries Key To Better Quick Charging For Electric Cars

Green Car Reports

To help make electric cars more palatable for long-distance driving, the 2012 Nissan Leaf SL and 2012 Mitsubishi i can be rapid-charged from empty to 80 percent full in around 30 minutes using specially-designed Chademo rapid charge stations. For those using them, rapid charge stations provide a welcome alternative to slower, level 2 charging

Back to work

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

I drove the S2K to work all last week and things are looking pretty good. I'm using 100Ah to get from home to work and 65Ah to get back home. This gives a pretty idea of what a 2,000 ft elevation climb will do to your range. Since my weakest cell is still delivering nearly 140Ah, I should be in good shape for quite some time.

Europe to target van emissions of 147g/km by 2020

Green Cars News

The European Commission is to propose enforcing strict new CO2 emissions for vans, as it seeks to tighten standards for cars too. Draft text seen by the Reuters news agency suggests that the EU could impose a fleet average emission level of 147g/km CO2 by 2020 for vans to compliment plans for a 95g/km CO2 [.]. Latest news CO2 emissions eu van

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Ethanol thermal stratification as a means to extend the high-load limit of HCCI engines

Green Car Congress

The effect of increasing levels of fuel stratification on observed pressure. Krisman et al. Click to enlarge. —Krisman et al. Resources.

2012 Ford Focus 3-Cylinder: Quick Drive Report

Green Car Reports

Downsizing: The car industry's buzzword for both consumers shopping for smaller cars than their previous model, and carmakers equipping their models with smaller, more efficient engines. Both are linked to lowering the cost of driving, but the latter is most interesting from an efficiency perspective. Smaller engines and turbochargers match the

2013 Ford Focus ST: Mean, Green, With Overboosted Ecoboost

Green Car Reports

Can a sporty car also be a green car? And can you add performance boosts to a green engine without making it a gas-guzzler? For thinks the answer is yes. Enter the 2013 Ford Focus ST, the latest in a long-line of motorsport-inspired performance Ford Focus STs, but the first Focus ST to be sold in the U.S Unlike the previous-generation 2.5-liter

2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Quick Drive, Highest MPG With Third Row

Green Car Reports

If you need to carry up to seven people at once, and you're quite horrified by the mileage ratings on most of the three-row vehicles that are truly up to the task, we have the vehicle for you: the 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. With EPA ratings of 28 mpg city, 28 highway, it's the highest-mileage three-row vehicle, based on Combined

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Raw Diesel Fumes Worse Than Second-Hand Smoke, Says W.H.O.

Green Car Reports

Diesel cars might get great gas mileage when compared to their gasoline counterparts, but now the World Health Organization has warned that diesel fumes are now known to prove lung cancer. In fact, the W.H.O. says, diesel fumes are more carcinogenic than secondhand cigarette smoke. So dangerous, it has decided to elevate diesel to the status of