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Tesla And Other Tech Giants Scramble For Lithium As Prices Double

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And the battle for market share in and around this commodity has everyone from major tech players to trend-setting investor gurus vying for a foothold.

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UC Berkeley EBI, Shell sign $25M partnership to fund new energy tech research

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UC Berkeley’s Energy Biosciences Institute has entered into a five-year research agreement with Shell International Exploration and Production to fund research that meets the growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. —Shell chief technology officer Yuri Sebregts. Brief

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Clean Tech Could Generate More Growth Than Fossil Fuels: Study

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Clean tech has obvious environmental benefits, but could it have economic benefits as well? The push by world governments to lower carbon emissions is viewed by some as financially hazardous, demanding considerable investment in new technologies in an economy that always seems to be in some state of distress.

Toyota Improves Semiconductor Tech In Hybrids, 10 Percent MPG Gains

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Toyota has revealed it''s developing a new design of semiconductor that could improve the fuel efficiency of its hybrid vehicles by up to ten percent.

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Autonomous vehicle tech company Nauto enters strategic relationships with 3 automakers, including BMW and Toyota, and Allianz

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Nauto’s deep-learning technology also runs on retrofit devices that can be mounted in any vehicle. —Gill Pratt, CEO Toyota Research Institute.

2016 46

Quant Limousine With Flow-Cell Battery Tech Begins German Road Trials

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At the Geneva Motor Show in March, German firm Quant revealed a car powered by what it called ''nanoFLOWCELL'' technology. Now, the flow-cell vehicle will make its road-going debut, as the car has been approved for real-world testing by the TÜV or Technischer Überwachungsverein, Germany''s road safety monitoring agency.

2014 46

Hybrid & Hydrogen, Or Electric? Toyota, Nissan Battle Over Future Green-Car Tech

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Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan have always done things a little differently. But when it comes to company strategies for meeting future transportation needs, each firm''s approach couldn''t be more different. Nissan is resolute on its decision to go electric. Toyota, on the other hand, believes hybrid cars and fuel cells are the way forward

2014 45

CALSTART white paper shows nationwide tech supplier industry ready to support more efficient heavy-duty trucks and buses

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is a leader in transportation tech, including next-generation advanced engines. Source: CALSTART. Click to enlarge.

2016 26

Volkswagen takes lead in car tech innovation

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Volkswagen is the global leader in the field of innovative drive technologies according to a new study. Electric cars Volkswagen

BMW i3 To Get Fuel Cell Version With Toyota Tech?

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In 2015, Japanese automaker Toyota will make a fuel-cell vehicle available to the public. It has worked on the project with German firm BMW, itself planning a fuel-cell vehicle--and that vehicle could now be a fuel-cell version of the i3 electric car. According to Motoring, Toyota USA''s advanced vehicle boss, Craig Scott "intimated strongly" that

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BMW, Samsung To Share Electric-Car Battery Tech With Other Makers

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BMW has announced that it''s open to sharing the battery technology it uses in its i3 and i8 plug-in vehicles with other automakers. The company hopes that by sharing the technology, which it co-developed with Samsung SDI, it will benefit from improved economies of scale. According to Automotive News Europe, BMW purchasing boss Klaus Draeger says

2014 39

Chevrolet offers sneak peak of Spark EV Tech

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General Motors'' brand Chevrolet has decided to whet our appetite with a sneak peak of its exciting Spark EV Tech Performance concept.

CAR report quantifies automotive’s position as a leading high-tech industry

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The report authors acknowledge the difficulty of defining “high-tech” in an ever-changing economic environment. Click to enlarge. Resources.

2014 29

Daimler investing >€7B in next 2 years in green tech; fuel cell plug-in, BEV architecture; 48V

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At its TecDay event in Stuttgart, Daimler said it will invest more than €7 billion (US$7.9 billion) in green technologies in the next two years alone.

2016 29

Chevrolet Malibu Buyers Appreciate Gas-Saving Stop-Start Tech

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Stop-start engine technology is used widely in cars in Europe, but until recently very few automakers have applied it to vehicles sold in the U.S. For the most part, that''s because the benefits aren''t shown up in EPA testing. But a few automakers are also worried that customers may not be accepting of the gas-saving technology. Chevrolet needn''

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Via Motors Latest To Try Electric Vehicle-To-Home Backup Power Tech

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Japanese companies have explored the concept of electric vehicles powering houses for some time, but with events like last year''s Hurricane Sandy fresh in peoples'' minds, some U.S. organizations are investigating it too. One of these is the Department of Defense. Another is Via Motors, the Bob Lutz-backed electric vehicle company converting GM''

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2017 Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid to get updates to styling, tech

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The 2017 Audi A3 sedan and convertible get several styling and technology updates that will likely be applied to the A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid model as well. The current-generation A3 debuted in Europe in 2012, although it didn't go on sale in the U.S. until the 2015 model year (there was no 2014 A3). Nonetheless, the model is now about.

2014 20

VW Talks Future Tech: Plug-Ins, Natural Gas, 10-Speed Transmissions

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Volkswagen chairman Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn covered virtually every area of green technology in his talk at the recent Vienna Motor Symposium. Plug-in cars, natural gas vehicles, diesels and a new ten-speed dual-clutch transmission were all discussed, pointing to a bright future for Volkswagen''s future vehicles. Winterkorn emphasized that

The Social Non Profit – Working Smarter with Social Tech

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The Social Non Profit. As a consultant in the social media and non profit sphere, I am firmly embedded in “working smarter&# motif.

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1983 Volvo Concept Car Previewed Today's Green Tech

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Traditionally, concept cars are superficial beasts, showing off an automaker''s latest style, eventually watered down and rationalized before they hits the road. More recently, they''ve also previewed new drivetrain technologies and materials, as products are now expected to minimize their impact on the environment. Volvo, ever the straight-laced

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Volvo Adds New Diesel Tech, 8-Speed Auto To Improve Fuel Economy

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Volvo doesn''t sell any diesel vehicles in the U.S, but if and when it decides to change that it''ll certainly have some of the more advanced units on sale. The company''s new diesel engine family, launched this fall in Europe, features what Volvo calls ''i-ART'' technology to help cut fuel consumption and emissions.

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Green car tech to spark intellectual property war?

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Quoting an unnamed head of patents and innovation at one of the top ten carmakers, the publication[.]. Green credentials

2013 31

VW To Focus On Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Tech, Slash Spending Due To Diesel Scandal

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The Volkswagen diesel-emission cheating scandal has caused executive heads to roll, cars to be yanked off sale, and regulators to pore over real-world emission data with a laser-like focus. It has made the future of the VW Group as the world's largest carmaker seem far more perilous than it did just one month ago. This morning, the company's board

Tokyo Tech team engineers Nannochloropsis algae to boost oil production; method potentially applicable to other strains

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The study’s results suggest that the specific gene promoter used in this work could also be applied across various algae to boost oil production.

2015 23

Audi's Traffic Light Recognition Tech Will Save You Gas, Time

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Taking the average passenger car and making it more efficient is the combination of dozens of factors from engine technology to aerodynamics to more extreme measures like hybridization. But some factors you just can''t control, like traffic, weather and the changing of traffic signals. Audi thinks it can at least mitigate the latter with its lates

2014 19

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, partners demo automated, connected vehicles on I-395

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The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and Transurban, which operates the express lanes, conducted a demonstration of automated, connected vehicles on a 10-mile stretch of I-395 for federal and state officials. US Sen. Brief

2015 13

500 Mile Electric Cars? New Lithium-Air Tech Has Potential

Green Car Reports

We'd be the first to point out that many of the electric car owners currently out on the roads have had absolutely no trouble with the 100 or so miles they get from a full charge. However, it'd be foolish to assume that some people really don't need more than that, and as a result there's always room for an EV with greater range. Improvements to

DOE to award $12.5M to improve efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks as part of new tech track for US-China initiative

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy is soliciting applications ( DE-FOA-0001542 ) for the formation of a Consortium to pursue five identified R&D topic areas related to improving the operating efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Funding available is $12.5 million, and will support the US Consortium. Combustion control and optimization technology.

2016 34

Tetrahedrite-based tech could save waste heat from cars

Green Cars News

Whenever you run a car, a lot of the energy in the fuel you used is lost as waste heat. With the growth of hybrid vehicles it was though[.].

2014 24

Volkswagen adds BlueMotion tech to Transporter range

Green Cars News

It is not just cars that are cutting emissions this morning, good ol’ vans are getting in on the action too, as Volkswagen extends its BlueMotion technology to the Transporter panel van, kombi and people carrier ranges. The carmaker’s proven BlueMotion efficient diesel technology as featured on the Golf, Passat and other passenger cars, now [.].

Will Audi's Next Sports Coupe Use E-Tron Quattro Hybrid Tech?

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It seems strange that Audi has so far failed to capitalize on the huge success of its R18 e-tron quattro endurance racing cars. They''re without doubt some of the most technologically-advanced race cars of the modern age, yet the Ingolstadt automaker has made only token references to the R18 with plug-in hybrid or diesel A3 hatchbacks, or the

Chinese Electric Car Maker Dubs Its Top-Secret Tech 'Snowden,' After You-Know-Who

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Sometimes, you just can''t make them up. A small Chinese electric car firm is currently seeking permission to name its new electric car technology ''Snowden''--named for the former U.S. intelligence contractor now in political asylum in Russia, after leaking top-secret mass surveillance details to the press.

Hyundai Vs. Tesla, Gas-Mileage Road Testing, BMW Shares Battery Tech: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: An executive''s statement sparks conflict between Hyundai and Tesla, the EPA wants carmakers to verify gas mileage with road testing, and BMW and Samsung plan to share battery tech with other companies. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Volvo XC90 'Twin Engine' Tech: Plug-In Electric, Turbocharged AND Supercharged

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Volvo''s long-term powertrain strategy is all about four-cylinder engines. Gone are the firm''s long-standing five-cylinder gasoline and diesel units, and gone is the old XC90''s V-8--replaced, in the next-generation car, with a power unit Volvo calls ''Twin Engine''.

Tomorrow’s motorists more interested in tech than cars

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Yet what is perhaps more interesting is how this trend might in[.]. Green credentials

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2015 Ford C-Max Ads To Downplay Twice-Cut Gas Mileage, Focus On Fun, Tech

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Offered in North America only with hybrid powertrains, the Ford C-Max hatchback was supposed to give its maker a high-profile, high-efficiency model to compete with the Toyota Prius family. However, Ford has had to cut the C-Max Hybrid''s fuel-economy ratings twice, leading the company''s marketers to think of a different way to sell it. RELATED

Bob Lutz: Volt's Electric Tech Should've Gone Into Escalade First

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Ex-GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz played an instrumental part in getting Chevrolet's range-extended electric car, the Volt, to market.

New Lithium-Ion Battery Tech Could Appear In Next Few Years

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Silicon nanoparticle battery tech currently under development at the New battery technology is five years away, and always will be. Well, that's the impression you might get whenever new technology is announced.

Honda Demonstrates 'Green Wave' Tech Designed To Ease Traffic

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Have you noticed how much poorly synchronized lights—or traffic that's trying to go faster than the lights permit—can add to congestion? A new system in the works from Honda aims to provide a simple interface for smoothing traffic flow, while increasing safety and gas mileage. The idea is simple and two-fold: to advise drivers on what


Pasha, Port of LA and California ARB partner on $26.6M Green Omni Terminal demo project; emerging zero and near-zero emission tech

Green Car Congress

A hallmark of the project is collaboration with green-tech original equipment manufacturers and technical experts from the private sector, academia and regulatory agencies. Pasha Stevedoring and Terminals L.P. At full build out, Pasha will be the world’s first marine terminal able to generate all of its energy needs from renewable sources.