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Fisker’s Karma coming around in Europe

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Fisker’s European expansion continues apace with the news that car dealer group Guarnieri will exclusively import and market all Fisker vehicles in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Fisker Europe Fisker Karma Sales

Prayon and Pulead to create JV for manufacture and sale of lithium iron phosphate material for Li-ion batteries

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Jointly owned by OCP (Morocco) and SRIW (Belgium), Prayon manufactures and markets an extensive range of purified phosphoric acids, phosphate salts and fluorine products that are used in food, fertilisers and a range of industrial applications. The joint venture will help meet the increasing global demand for licensed LFP. Brief

Skeleton Technologies joins Flying Whales program to develop next generation of heavy-lift, large-capacity airships

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For that purpose Morocco will become the “third parent country” of Flying Whales. Average operational power is expected to be approximately 1.5

Umicore and Prayon form beLife JV to develop and produce phosphate-based cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

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Jointly owned by OCP SA (Office Chérifien des Phosphates, Morocco) and SRIW (Belgium), Prayon. Materials company Umicore and phosphate producer Prayon are forming a joint venture—beLife—to develop and produce. phosphate-based cathode materials for use in lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries. This intellectual. Licensing AG.

Renault plant to set new standard in environmental impact

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UNICEF: 300M children worldwide breathing air exceeding WHO pollution guidelines by 6x or more

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No society can afford to ignore air pollution. —UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. —“Clear the Air for Children”. Resources. Hsu, R.

Nissan Forecasts US$2.9B Loss for Fiscal Year; Cuts Planned Production by 20%

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Joint manufacturing projects with Alliance partner Renault in Morocco and India will be revised. In Morocco, Nissan will suspend its participation in the industrial project near Tangiers. With the release of its third-quarter fiscal year results, Nissan Motor Co., forecast an operating loss of ¥180 billion (US $1.9 billion (US $1.4

Ricardo study predicts that BRIC automotive markets will be eclipsed by the “Rising-15”

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Ricardo’s Rising-15 automotive markets include: Argentina; Egypt; Indonesia; Iran; Malaysia; Mexico; Morocco; Nigeria; Peru; the Philippines; South Africa; Thailand; Turkey; Ukraine; and Vietnam. Positioning the Rising 15. Source: Ricardo Consulting. Click to enlarge. Nissan introducing new Datsun in Indonesia. million vehicles in 2012.

Study reports non-US global shale gas recoverable resources of 5,760 Tcf; global shale gas boosts total recoverable natural gas resources by 40%

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These include France, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa, Morocco, and Chile. Map of 48 major shale gas basins in 32 countries. Source: EIA. Click to enlarge. A new EIA-sponsored study by Advanced Resources International, Inc. —EIA Administrator Richard Newell. Estimated recoverable shale gas resources by country. Data: EIA.

Urban transport | Two wheels good | The Economist

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Every big carmaker seems to be developing one, and governments are vying with each other to support them. The figure has doubled since 2005.