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Opel cuts price of Ampera EREV by $10,000

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The Opel Ampera can transport four people up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) on pure electric power and more than 500 kilometers (311 miles) in bi-fuel operation without making a stop to re-charge. Brief

GE and Berkeley Lab developing water-based high energy density flow battery for EVs

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Discharge and re-charge of such flow batteries occur in electrochemical cells separated from energy storing tanks, which makes them safer.

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Rolls Royce unveils the Phantom Experimental Electric; induction charging system

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The Li-ion cells use a nickel cobalt manganese chemistry with a gravimetric capacity of around 230 Wh/kg, a high energy density which is important in achieving an acceptable range between re-charges. A fourth induction charger is also fitted to enable wireless charging, a technology being trialled in Phantom EE. Earlier post.)

ITF report finds self-driving shared vehicles could take up to 90% of cars off city streets; total kilometers travelled increases

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Even during peak hours, only about one-third (35%) of the current number of cars would be needed to provide the same number of trips as today.

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Honda begins demonstration testing of Fit EV concepts in Guangzhou; targeting EV production in China before end of 2012

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In addition, proposals regarding re-charging infrastructure will be made based on the results of the EV range verification and other relevant information. The charging time of Fit EV is less than six hours with a 220V power supply; the range is more than 150 km (93 miles). Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Brief

Euro Parliament Transport Committee backs draft directive mandating expansion of alternative fuel stations; grandfathering CHAdeMO

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When setting targets, member states are to pay particular attention to proving sufficient number of re-charging points and refueling points in urban areas. Europe Fuels Hydrogen Infrastructure Smart charging Minimum number of publicly-accessible recharging points for electric vehicles in each member state. Click to enlarge.

Tata Motors to supply 25 diesel series-hybrid buses to MMRDA

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The batteries can be re-charged by the diesel, as well as through regenerative braking. A hat-tip to Chris!). Brief

Nissan, New York City launch LEAF electric vehicle taxi pilot

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As part of the pilot, Nissan and partners in New York City will also install several CHAdeMO-based DC quick chargers, which will enable drivers to re-charge their electric taxis quickly during their shift. With quick charging, Nissan LEAF can be recharged to about 80% in under 30 minutes. Brief

Daimlers car2go launches large-scale all-electric vehicle car-sharing fleet in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure only uses energy from renewable resources. Part of the Amsterdam car2go EV fleet.

EADS demonstrating electric and hybrid aviation propulsion; innovative distributed propulsion series hybrid

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The embedded wake re-energizing fan is designed to capture the wake energy by re-accelerating the complex wake. Click to enlarge. meters.

GM's CEO Waggoner Announces Saturn Plug-in Hybrid; Bio-fuel Hummer

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Wagoner said GM is using the Saturn Vue hybrid sport utility vehicle to develop a plug-in hybrid, which can be re-charged from a standard electrical outlet, and will offer biofuel-capable Hummer SUVs. LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Corp. (GM) GM) Chief Executive Rick Wagoner said Wednesday that the U.S.


Monash University team develops graphene-based supercapacitor with energy density of 60 Wh/L

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SCs are generally made of highly porous carbon impregnated with a liquid electrolyte to transport the electrical charge. Known for their almost indefinite lifespan and the ability to re-charge in seconds, the drawback of existing SCs is their low energy density. A paper on the work is published in Science. —Professor Li.

Coulomb Technologies and Carbon Day Automotive Unveil Solar Plug-In Station in Chicago

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Carbon Day Automotive and Coulomb Technologies unveiled a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in the City of Chicago.

Electric cars to get wireless recharging

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The Virginia-based firm has developed a product called ‘Plugless Power’ which allows electric vehicles to be re-charged using a hands-free proximity system. The dual-component charging system based on inductive charging technology utilises a base station [.].

Next-gen Chevy Volt improves charging experience for users

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Chevrolet says it has made the charging system in the next-generation Volt even easier for customers to recharge the battery and to check the charge status. The new and enhanced features include: GPS location-based charging. New, more intuitive charge status indicators. Portable cord set enhancements. Brief

Axion Power to supply PbC mini Power Cube in Zero Energy Building in Washington DC Naval Yard

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Because of our PbC battery’s extended cycle life, high rate of charge acceptance and fast re-charging capability, Axion is able to offer metrics that make economic sense especially when compared to other more exotic chemistries that are currently in the marketplace. Axion Power International, Inc., Earlier post.] Brief

Porsche Offers Li-ion Starter Battery Option

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Other benefits include a significantly greater number of charging and discharging cycles; a lower self-discharge; and longer service life.

Toyota: Prius PHEV Fuel Economy Not Yet Available

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This is due to the added weight of a large battery that, once depleted by pure-electric drive, will contribute nothing until it is plugged in and re-charged Toyota’s current plug-ins are: being used for auto show displays, brief demonstrations and university studies.

IHS Automotive sees Google leading technology, testing, software development for autonomous driving

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This provides Google researchers additional expertise not available directly to traditional OEMs. —Egil Juliussen, PhD., Earlier post.).

Opel Unveiling Vivaro e-Concept Extended Range Electric Van Research Study at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010 Show

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Opel engineers have mounted the batteries, which can be re-charged on a standard household 230-volt outlet under the floor of the Vivaro e-Concept.

Accenture Study Finds Consumers Will Require More Than Fuel Savings From Hybrid and Electric Vehicles; Cost, Vehicle Dynamics, In-Vehicle Services

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Assuming a hybrid or electric vehicle could run on an electric charge for 200 miles, want the driving distance between re-charging points to be every 11 to 50 miles. Want re-charging to take less than 20 minutes. Just 36% of respondents cited higher fuel prices as a reason to buy. Germany. France. Italy. US/Canada.

USABC awards Leyden Energy $2.28M contract for Li-imide based 12V start-stop batteries

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The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) awarded a $2.28-million stop-start battery system development contract to Leyden Energy Inc.,

Sion Li-S battery pack powers electric UAV on 11-day flight

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Zephyr 7 runs exclusively on solar power, which is used during the day to charge the battery that is used to power the flight through the night; this flight in shorter days and longer nights was significantly more demanding than any previous one, Airbus noted. m) and a weight of just over 110 lbs. (50 50 kg). —Dr. Earlier post.). Brie

DOE to award up to $4.5M to projects for alt fuel and advanced vehicle deployment

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This includes training for technicians and service personnel that will be operating and maintaining AFVs, and the associated fueling/re-charging infrastructure and service facilities, as well as tow-truck operators and automotive salvage/recycling operators that are dealing with wrecked vehicles and equipment end-of-life processes.

Fuji Heavy Launches Subaru Plug-in STELLA EV in Japan; Targets 170 Units in FY 2009

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Components of the STELLA EV powertrain. Click to enlarge. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The Subaru Plug-in STELLA. Click to enlarge. Toyota holds a 16.5%

Green Crossover Project in Japan Showcases Li-ion Stationary Storage for EV Charging; EnerDel Providing Packs for Vehicles and Stationary Storage

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The combination of on-site battery storage with rapid re-charging allows for the use of direct current throughout the system, sharply reducing the amount of time needed to charge a vehicle. Tags: Car Sharing Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Japan Smart charging Smart Grid Earlier post.).

Nissan’s Killer EV App, the Plug-In Car That Puts the Nail in GM’s Coffin

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You might as well call most of the cars they’re selling “future clunkers.&# Plus it looks ten times cooler. The Focus? Really Ford?

Ernst Young Survey Finds Roughly 60% of Chinese Consumers Would Consider Purchasing a Plug-in Vehicle

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Battery driving range was the top concern about plug-ins (73%), followed by charging stations (69%); reliability and serviceability (64%); and safety (64%). 82% of respondents consider a range per charge of less than 200 miles to be acceptable. Chinese consumers led in their consideration of a plug-in vehicle purchase. Mike Hanley.

THINK and AeroVironment to Pursue Projects to Promote Fast-charging Infrastructure; THINK Picks Enerdel as Sole Battery Provider for US

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AV), a leading developer and supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to pursue demonstration and commercial projects using AV’s level III fast-charge system and the THINK City electric vehicle to jump-start the development of fast-charge infrastructure in the United States. Earlier post.)

Three Battery-Electric Opel Merivas to Participate in MeRegioMobil Research Project; Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

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Opel will use MeRegioMobil to study new intelligent charging technologies. Charging time with 230V is approximately 3.5 Click to enlarge.

Saab to Introduce 9-3 ePower EV Prototype at Paris Show; Fleet Tests in Sweden in 2011-2012

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A separate 12-volt battery, for the lights and cabin ancillaries, is also charged from the battery pack via a current transformer. Earlier post.)

Burlington Hydro Takes Delivery of First EV in Commercial Fleet Application in Canada

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Charge time is 3.8 They are therefore ideal in respect to the opportunity to centralize re-charging infrastructure. Earlier post.)

Pike Survey: 48% of US Consumers Interested in Purchasing a PHEV40

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per gallon, home re-charging, additional charging stations being available around town, and assuming the price and other vehicle features were right.

Kia unveils Optima Hybrid sedan at LA Auto Show

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kW HSG also functions as a generator to re-charge the battery pack if the state of charge is low and when the car is stationary. Kia Optima Hybrid. Click to enlarge. Kia Motors Corporation premiered the hybrid version of its new Optima sedan ( earlier post ) at the Los Angeles Auto Show. L/100km) (city 36.0 mpg, highway 40.0

PHEV3A Week Plus in Review from San Diego - Phoenix - Tucson - Bisbee - Douglas - Bisbee -.

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But suffice to say, the "Spirit" did lots of charging around: One showing was 95.4MPG for 90 with the 5-minute blue screen having readings: 30MPG; 100; 95; 70; and 100MPG. Still in running around and re-charging back up, the "Spirit" showed these readings 70.6 and stories plus pixs are being waited upon. for 30; 93.5 for 33; 86.4

Hummer achieves 100mpg

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An American green technology company has developed a hybrid Hummer capable of over 100mpg. The H3E can go about 400 miles before needing to refuel.

Aixam Mega welcome electric car plan

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This means that there is scope to start working towards that target of 100,000 electric vehicles straight away.

Toyota Unveils Dedicated Hybrid Concept, Plan for Prius Family; Expands Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Program in the US

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Like hydrogen fuel cells, battery-electrics will require the creation of infrastructure for re-charging, on the go. The FT-CH concept.

Wanted: Electric MINI test drivers

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Fully re-charging the battery using off-peak electricity at current prices will cost around £1.50. Not only for safety and security reasons, but primarily to ensure that a high power charging unit in the form of a wall box measuring approximately 0.6m charging cable. from 01- 30 September 2009. x 0.6m hours.

MINI E joins Government electric vehicle announcement

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Its charge time is strongly dependent on the voltage and amperage of the electricity flowing through the grid. miles.