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Autonomous Electric Hearse: Designer's Concept For The Last Mile

Green Car Reports

hearse plug-in cars concepts fleetElectric powertrains have been applied to a wide variety of road vehicles to reduce emissions, from small city cars, to fairly large delivery trucks. But there's one category of vehicle where electrification hasn't really been considered. It's customarily the last vehicle most people will ever ride in.

2015 42

Porsche Mission E electric car concept design video

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The Porsche Mission E that debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show isn't just another concept car. DON'T MISS: 2018 Porsche Mission E: 600-HP.

Fuel-cell concepts from 50 years ago: famed designer Brooks Stevens

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Most car buyers would be hard-pressed to name a single automobile designer working today. But it wasn't always that way: names like Raymond Loewy and Harley Earl were known well outside the design studios where they created the "cars of tomorrow." future hydrogen History concept hydrogen fuel cell

Koito and Quanergy collaborate to design automotive headlight concept with built–in solid-state LiDAR

Green Car Congress

a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, are collaborating to design an automotive headlight concept with built-in Quanergy S3 solid state LiDAR sensors ( earlier post ). Koito Manufacturing Co., the largest global maker of automotive headlights, and Quanergy Systems, Inc., —Dr. Louay Eldada, Quanergy CEO.

2017 28

Renault Trezor concept in Paris; electric drive, new design language

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Automakers often use concept cars to preview future styling for much more restrained production models. Even when a concept car doesn't make it into production, elements of its styling can. Paris Auto Show Renault plug-in cars Paris Motor Show Formula E Championship

Volvo Trucks testing long-haul hybrid powertrain in Concept Truck

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With the Volvo Concept Truck, Volvo Trucks has developed its first hybrid vehicle designed for long-haul applications. Earlier post.).

2017 46

Next Generation Concept SUV

Hybrid SUV Blog

Concept vehicles highlight features and designs that drivers will see in the models they buy in a year or two. Concept Vehicles

Volvo CE unveils the next generation of its autonomous electric load carrier concept

Green Car Congress

The HX1 was proof of concept. After this, Volvo CE will examine the project results to see if the concept is viable for the industry.

2017 46

Shell Project M Concept City Car: Huge Efficiency Gains Possible, Designer Gordon Murray Says

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Famed car designer Gordon Murray will team up with former Honda engine specialist Osamu Goto and oil company Shell to develop a concept for "an ultra-compact, efficient car for city use based around the internal combustion engine." Manufacturing minicar City car Gordon Murray concept Fuel Economy Shell T25

Honda 13

Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan: Final Design, Price Revealed For Japan

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Specifically, it provided images of the final production version''s exterior design--little changed from the concept it showed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2013--along with

2014 37

Toyota’s electric Me.We concept nominated for Design of the Year award

Green Cars News

concept has been shortlisted for the Transport award as part of the Designs of the Year awards at London’s Design Museum.

Mitsubishi eX concept crossover highlights design and electric vehicle technology directions

Green Car Congress

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) unveiled the Mitsubishi eX electric crossover concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Click to enlarge.

Designer creates green concept for VW

Green Cars News

With an increasing demand for storage space and urgency to go green, designer Mark Kruse has come up with a solution aimed at the Volkswagen brand. His vehicle, dubbed the Concept S, is a versatile and modular car which aims to offer an affordable alternative for city dwellers.

Volkswagen Group appoints new heads of Global R&D, Group Design, Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy

Green Car Congress

Michael Mauer will lead Group Design in addition to his present function at Porsche. Mauer studied vehicle design and began his career at Mercedes-Benz in 1986, holding various functions until 2000, including design responsibility for the A-Class, SLK and SL models as well as Smart design. Brief

2015 34

Jaguar Land Rover's Future Electric-Car, Efficiency Concepts Previewed

Green Car Reports

With European prestige-car makers scrambling to respond to the unexpected and disruptive arrival of electric-car company Tesla Motors, a host of luxury car brands have been showing off their electric concepts. The coming Frankfurt Motor Show will see design studies by Audi and Porsche, possibly others, that point toward future all-electric.

Audi unveils Q8 sport concept with 48V mild hybrid system (mHEV); drive system coming to “many” Audi models

Green Car Congress

The drive system of the Audi Q8 sport concept is a major step towards optimizing efficiency and sustainability in large-volume series production.

2017 46

Daimler and BASF jointly develop smart forvision concept electric vehicle; energy efficiency, temperature management and lightweight design

Green Car Congress

Daimler and BASF have developed a new joint concept electric vehicle that combines both companies’ ideas for holistic electric mobility.

2011 37

Hybrid Kinetic H600 microturbine range-extended electric vehicle concept runs 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds

Green Car Congress

The 60 kW microturbine range extender delivers 40% efficiency, low emissions, and a 10000-hour maintenance interval. and 77.4%

2017 29

Volvo Concept Coupe Plug-In Hybrid: Classic P1800 Reimagined

Green Car Reports

"The new Volvo Concept Coupé reveals how we could shape our cars from now on.

2013 50

BMW unveils electric Megacity vehicle design

Green Cars News

Take a look at the design sketch for the BMW Megacity electric vehicle (below), which is due on the market in 2013. At the company’s Innovation Days briefing it revealed the design along with a new LifeDrive architecture on which the vehicle is based.

2013 19

Faraday Future Shows FFZero1 Concept, But What Did We Learn?

Green Car Reports

Mysterious startup carmaker Faraday Future has now revealed the FFZERO1 concept, a supercar built to demonstrate the flexibility of its modular electric-car architecture. The Variable Platform Architecture, or VPA, is essentially a skateboard design with a flat battery pack, a motor on one or both axles, and crash structures front and rear.

2016 33

Nissan unveils Vmotion 2.0 concept signaling future design, zero-emission and autonomous directions

Green Car Congress

takes the design a step further by forming an intelligent three-dimensional shape to create the volume and architecture of the vehicle.

Novel opposed-piston free-piston linear generator for hybrids seeks to overcome drawbacks of earlier designs

Green Car Congress

Design of opposed-cylinder free-piston linear generator from earlier works with single, centered linear generator. Click to enlarge. Huang 2012.

Is Walmart's WAVE Concept Truck The Fuel-Efficient Future Of Semis?

Green Car Reports

That''s why Walmart is getting into the truck-design business with the WAVE--Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience--concept.

2014 60

Schaeffler presents high-performance 48V concept mild hybrid vehicle at Aachen

Green Car Congress

As part of the 25 th Aachen Colloquium this week in Germany, Schaeffler is unveiling the “Schaeffler High Performance 48 Volt” concept vehicle.

2016 46

Volkswagen Group brings new Audi and Porsche EV concepts, Volkswagen PHEV concept to Frankfurt; 20 more plug-ins by 2020

Green Car Congress

The Audi e‑tron quattro concept provides a preview of the production battery electric SUV planned for early 2018, said Prof. mph) in 4.6

2015 45

BASF and Hyundai Motor showcase RN30 concept at K Fair; new lightweight and performance materials

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor unveiled the RN30 high-perfromance concept at the Paris Motor Show in September. As a result, the RN30 features 380 PS (279.5

2016 41

UTRC and ANGP unveil first low-pressure conformable natural gas tank design

Green Car Congress

UTRC developed its unique tank concept under ARPA-E’s Methane Opportunities for Vehicular Energy (MOVE) program. Earlier post.). —Dr.

Aspen 23

Goodyear shows two concept tires targeting autonomous and shared vehicles; smart tires

Green Car Congress

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company showcased several new and emerging technologies in its latest concept tires at the Geneva International Motor Show.

2017 20

Volkswagen Cross Coupe Plug-In Hybrid Concept: Mid-Size SUV Previewed For 2016

Green Car Reports

Earlier this week at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, it introduced yet another concept, this one pointing toward an updated design for the future crossover. The Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE Concept features a plug-in hybrid powertrain and styling

2015 41

Toyota reveals Me.We electric car concept made with bamboo

Green Cars News

Revealing what it dubs an ‘anti-crisis’ car, Toyota’s new battery-powered concept is nothing if not visionary. Toyota concept electric car

SMDI design study produces twist beam concept that reduces mass ~30% relative to baseline assembly

Green Car Congress

An S-Beam Design based on 22MnB5 sheet, DP780 tube and HSLA550 materials was predicted to have a 14.9% U-beam design. S-beam design.

Fuel 12

Audi unveils h-tron quattro fuel cell SUV concept at Detroit; MLB evo platform

Green Car Congress

The Audi h-tron quattro concept combines an Audi fifth-generation fuel cell stack delivering up to 110 kW with a power-optimized 1.8 miles).

2016 53

Audi A7 piloted driving concept “Jack” now driving more naturally

Green Car Congress

Jack”—the internal nickname for the Audi A7 piloted driving concept technology platform now passes trucks with a slightly wider lateral gap.

2016 31

NASA electric research plane designated the X-57, nickname: “Maxwell”; SCEPTOR

Green Car Congress

NASA will test new propulsion technology using an experimental airplane now designated the X-57 and nicknamed “Maxwell.” Click to enlarge.

2019 12

Oerlikon Graziano unveils new EV transmission, modular FWD hybrid transmission concept

Green Car Congress

Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment’s transmission specialist brand, Oerlikon Graziano, introduced a new EV transmission and the concept of a new modular front-wheel drive hybrid transmission at the 2016 CTI Symposium and Transmission Expo in Berlin this past week. The transmission features a compact design (150 mm (5.91

2016 26

Toyota Setsuna electric car concept: wood body, 28-mph speed

Green Car Reports

So it was a surprise when the company announced that it would show an all-electric concept car, the Setsuna, in its first appearance at the Milan Design Week events that kick off on April 11. Green Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) plug-in cars

2016 24

Audi reveals shocking, new EV city car concept

Green Cars News

Audi has released the details of a bizarre new electric vehicle concept to rival the Renault Twizy Z.E. In what seems an odd design for the premium car brand, the new Audi urban concept is a two seat vehicle, where the passenger sits behind the driver. Audi says its new urban concept is designed to [.].

Electric Volkswagen Bus Teased Again: Will It Be Real This Time?

Green Car Reports

It was first mentioned fully five years ago, when Volkswagen showed an all-electric taxi concept based on an updated minivan with all the design cues of the VW Bus. A further concept followed the. Future Cars taxi plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Volkswagen Bulli Concept Nissan e-NV200

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept coupe: all-electric powertrain hints at future plans

Green Car Reports

As the famed Monterey Car Week moves into high gear today, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new concept car: the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. It's not too surprising that a large, elegant, uber-luxe streamlined coupe with gullwing doors might be shown to depict a future design direction for its high-luxury Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand.

2016 26