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Supercapacitor energy density could soar using contact-lens polymer

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Engineers are nothing if not creative. Significant research is going into improved ways of storing electricity, including alternatives to the currently dominant lithium-ion battery-cell chemistry in electric cars. That includes using supercapacitors to substitute for storage batteries in some circumstances. DON'T MISS: Batteries from junkyard.

Toyota researchers develop truffle-inspired cathode material for Li-S battery with layer-by-layer self-assembled polymer membrane

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However, the use of polymers as interface modifiers, composites, or coatings have improved the cyclability of sulfur cathodes. Click to enlarge.

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Global Bioenergies’ bio?isobutene now at 99.77% purity; polymer-grade level

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Global Bioenergies has purified its bio‐isobutene to 99.77%, a polymer‐grade level. Several applications in the polymers business (rubbers, plastics.) require high‐purity isobutene, and 99.77% corresponds to the polymer‐grade standard. —Thomas Buhl, Head of business development at Global Bioenergies. Brief

BioSolar extends agreement with UCSB for further development of novel polymer cathode; projecting up to 459 Wh/kg and $54/kWh for Li-ion cells

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Startup BioSolar, Inc. Both are scientific advisors to BioSolar. doubling the range of a Tesla, and costing four times less. Cathode. Anode. Wh/kg. $/kWh.

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Audi to use suspension springs of glass fiber-reinforced polymer instead of steel for ~40% weight savings

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The GFRP spring is some 40% lighter than a steel spring. Click to enlarge. Whereas a steel spring for an upper mid-size model weighs nearly 2.7 Brief

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Polymer-graphene nanocomposites as high-rate “green” electrodes for Li-ion batteries

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A team of researchers from the US and China have developed novel polymer?graphene demonstrated a general one-pot synthesis of polymer?graphene

EPoSil: electroactive polymers for generating electricity from wave power

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This is an essential part of the electroactive polymer that converts mechanical energy into electrical power. Source: Bosch. Click to enlarge.

EU funded project developing fast rechargeable zinc-polymer battery for hybrid and small electric vehicles

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million (US$5 million) research project to create a new class of fast rechargeable zinc-polymer batteries for hybrid and small electric vehicle applications. The PolyZion (Fast rechargeable zinc-polymer battery based on ionic liquids) received funding of €2.4 An EU consortium is two years into a 3-year, €3.5 million (US$3.4

Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 C; potential for automotive applications

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Polymers aren’t typically thought of for these applications because they normally degrade at such a low temperature. Credit: Virendra Singh.

Self-healing polymer wrapper enables longer cycle life in silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries

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Top: The stress of repeated swelling and shrinking shatters a conventional silicon electrode and its polymer binding. Wang et al., Wang et al.

Solvay Specialty Polymers launches new wear-resistant Veradel polyethersulfone; improved powertrain efficiency

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Solvay Specialty Polymers introduced Veradel 3300 SL 30 polyethersulfone (PESU). The new Veradel grade is a tough, high-performance resin designed to meet growing global demand for advanced polymers that can improve automotive powertrain efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Veradel 3300 SL 30 PESU is available worldwide. Brief

Li-ion sulfur polymer battery shows high energy density as well as safety

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A team from the University of Rome Sapienza has developed a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery based on the combination of a high capacity sulfur-carbon cathode, nanostructured Li x Sn-C anode and polysulfide-added PEO-based gel membrane. mAh g S -1 , depending on the cycling rate. Moreover, the addition of a dissolved polysulfide (i.e.

Lithium Polymer Batteries

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New lithium polymer batteries for electric cars - cheaper, lighter, and.400 miles on a charge

Researchers advance concept of “4-D” printing technology using shape memory polymer fibers

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Dunn of the Singapore University of Technology and Design incorporated shape memory polymer fibers into the composite materials used in conventional 3D printing (additive manufacturing), which results in the production of an object fixed in one shape that can later be changed to take on a new shape. A team led by H. —Martin Dunn. Brie

Avantium raises 30M to advance YXY technology for green chemicals and fuels; new bio-based polymer PEF

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PEF is a new polymer that can be made out of plant material instead of oil; Avantium is targeting the replacement of petroleum-based polyesters as PET with PEF. Avantium, which spun off from Shell in 2000 to develop furan-based biofuels and biomaterials ( earlier post ), has raised €30 million (US$43.9 Brief

Researchers Develop Novel High-Performance Polymer Tin Sulfur Lithium Ion Battery

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Sketch of the Sn/C/CGPE/ Li 2 S/C polymer battery. PEO=poly(ethylene oxide). Credit: Hassoun and Scrosati. Click to enlarge. C+4.4Li + +4.4e -.

New Honeywell polymer additives for asphalt decrease paving energy costs and pollutant emissions

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Honeywell has introduced a line of additives for asphalt aimed at helping the paving industry decrease energy usage, reduce emissions and save money while helping meet demanding road specifications. Depending on the asphalt’s composition, using Honeywell Titan can also reduce the amount of additive required by nearly 30%. Brief

Improvement in polymers for aviation

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Researchers at the Polymer Technology Group, part of the UPV/EHU’s Department of Polymer Science and Technology and the Institute for Polymer Materials, POLYMAT, in Spain, recently reported the synthesis of high-performance poly(etherimide) (PEI)-based nanocomposites (PNs) with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) via melt mixing.

Researchers make breakthrough for fuel cells and batteries

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Researchers at Pennsylvania State University and MIT believe they have developed a new solid-state polymer electrolyte for use in electrochemical devices including fuel cells and batteries. The major potential advantage of such a system is that it would produce electrolytes that can firmly bond to the fuel cell electrodes on either side.

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Ford brings cellulose fiber reinforced thermoplastic to 2014 Lincoln MKX

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Bio-polymers Biomass Materials Plastics Weight reduction Early version of CRP-based armrest piece under development. Source: Weyerhaeuser.

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ISU study finds large potential for biobased materials in auto industry, but with challenges

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Bio-polymers Biomass Biorefinery Sustainability Wave and Tidal Web/TechA study by researchers at Iowa State University has determined that the automotive industry has a very large potential to utilize biobased materials. Their report, “Biobased Automobile Parts Investigation”, was developed for the USDA Office of Energy Policy and New Uses.

Microporous polymer material for supercapacitors with large capacitance, high energy and power densities and excellent cycle life

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A team led by Dinglin Jiang at the National Institutes of Natural Sciences in Okazaki (Japan) reports in the journal Angewandte Chemie on the synthesis of co-operative porous frameworks based on aza-fused π(pi)-conjugated microporous polymers (CMPs) for use in supercapacitors. Ragone plots of Aza-CMPs. Source: Kou et al. Click to enlarge.

GM begins market positioning for Cruze Diesel in 2013; small displacement diesels to “fill an important niche”

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Bio-polymers DieselGM expects that the North American introduction of a 2.0L Earlier post. ). The company suggests that the planned US introduction of the Chevrolet Cruze diesel will benefit from a growing interest in diesel cars, sales of which could double by mid-decade, according to market research firm Baum and Associates.

Obama Administration releases National Bioeconomy Blueprint; health, food, energy and environment

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Bio-hydrocarbons Bio-hydrogen Bio-polymers Biobutanol Biodiesel Biogasoline Biomass Biorefinery Biotech Synthetic BiologyThe White House today released a national Bioeconomy Blueprint , a comprehensive approach to harnessing innovations in biological research to address national challenges in health, food, energy, and the environment.

LLNL 3-D printed biocatalytic polymer turns methane to methanol at room temperature and pressure

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Using particulate methane monooxygenase (pMMO), the researchers created a biocatalytic polymer material that converts methane to methanol.

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DuPont Polymers showcases new automotive jounce bumper

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This alone significantly reduced cost, size and improved performance. Click to enlarge. of vehicles over tens of thousands of kilometers. Brief

Oxis Energy polymer Li-S pouch cell surpasses 450 cycles

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Oxis’ standard polymer Li-S pouch cell has surpassed 450 cycles. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.). Batteries

Panasonic commercializes conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automotive use

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Panasonic Corporation has developed conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors realizing large capacitance and large current in a compact form factor (SMD type), suited for automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units) power supply circuits of HEV, EV and gasoline-powered vehicles, etc. Brief

EU targets more environmentally friendly batteries

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A new project has been launched by the European research consortium known as the SOMABAT (Solid materials for high power Li polymer batteries) with the aim of creating more environmentally friendly and higher power Li polymer batteries.

CMU researchers rule out one potential cause of resistance in polymer electrolyte fuel cells; R&D guidance toward commercialization

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Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have discovered how nanoscale polymer films limit future cost reductions in fuel cell electric vehicles.

Amyris achieves record low cost farnesene production; sales growth in performance polymers and industrial solvents markets

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The company has also accelerated its sales activity relating to high-performance polymer-grade farnesene for the polymers market and Myralene as a replacement for higher-priced limonene. Amyris, Inc., , a company which converts plant-sourced sugars into renewable hydrocarbons, reports achieving a record low manufacturing cost of $1.75

Trapping Li polysulfides in a polymer matrix to improve Li-S battery performance

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To overcome the challenge of soluble polysulfides as charge/discharge intermediates in Li-S batteries, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, with colleagues at Murray State University, have designed highly crosslinked polymer-electrolyte coating layers with electron-donating groups to bind the polysulfides. Resources. Brief

IBM Research discovers new class of industrial polymers; cheaper, lighter, stronger and recyclable thermosets for aerospace, automotive and others

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Polymers are long chains of molecules connected through chemical bonds. New ultra-strong polymer reinforced with carbon nanotubes.

New process for manufacturing nano-cellulose powder; applications in novel lightweight composite materials

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Bio-polymers Biomass Materials Weight reductionA scanning electron microscope image of chemically modified, nanofibrillized cellulose.

New multifunctional polymer binder achieves theoretical capacity of LiFePO4 Li-ion batteries without additives

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Researchers led by a team from Griffith University in Australia have developed a multifunctional polymer binder that not only maintains the outstanding binding capabilities of sodium alginate but also enhances the mechanical integrity and lithium-ion diffusion coefficient in a LiFePO 4 (LFP) electrode during the operation of the batteries.

New Mazda bio-based engineering plastic features high-quality finish without paint; suitable for exterior parts

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Bio-polymers Materials Mazda Motor Corporation, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, has developed a new bio-based engineering plastic that can be used for exterior design parts for automobiles. The new plastic will help Mazda to reduce its impact on the environment in a number of ways.

United Soybean Board awards Battelle and Biobent Polymers funding to assist in commercialization of soy-based bio-composite polymers

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The United Soybean Board (USB) has awarded Battelle funding specifically targeted to assist Biobent Polymers, the Marysville, Ohio-based bioplastics company, in the commercialization of its new bio-composite polymers made from soy. Masavage, Chief of Strategy and Operations at Biobent Polymers. —Keith J. Brief

Solvay participating in Polimotor 2 carbon fiber reinforced polymer engine project

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Solvay is taking a “leadership role” in the development of the Polimotor 2 all-plastic automotive engine to be tested in a race car next year, demonstrating the company’s advanced specialty polymer technologies in light-weighting through metal replacement. The original Polimotor was developed by Matti Holtzberg in the 1980s. Resources.

Consultancy looks to aggressive weight reduction in major powertrain components for CO2 savings; metal and polymer matrix composites

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A more ambitious solution is possible in the medium-term, using polymer matrix composites (PMCs). —Mark Findlay, DSD’s managing director.

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Grafoid Inc. and Rutgers University to jointly develop and commercialize polymer and non-polymer technology graphene applications

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and Rutgers University AMIPP Advanced Polymer Center signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop jointly graphene technology applications related to both polymer and non-polymer applications. Grafoid Inc. Focus Metals, A Canadian emerging mid-tier junior mining company, is the lead partner in Grafoid Inc., Grafoid Inc.