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Argonne LCA study finds many alternative fuels consume more water than petroleum and natural gas fuels

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They found that many alternative fuels consume larger quantities of water on a per km basis than traditional petroleum and natural gas pathways.

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Audi in new e-fuels project: synthetic diesel from water, air-captured CO2 and green electricity; “Blue Crude”

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Audi’s latest e-fuels project is participation in a a pilot plant project in Dresden that produces diesel fuel from water, CO 2 and green electricity.

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ORNL team devises electrocatalyst for direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol with high selectivity; pushing the combustion reaction in reverse

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Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions EthanolTheir finding was serendipitous. —Adam Rondinone, lead author. Click to enlarge.

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SOLAR-JET project demonstrates solar-driven thermochemical conversion of CO2 and water to jet fuel

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The EU-funded SOLAR-JET project has demonstrated the production of aviation kerosene from concentrated sunlight, CO 2 captured from air, and water.

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GWU team uses one-pot process to co-generate H2 and solid carbon from water and CO2; solar fuels

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One-pot electrolytic process produces H 2 and solid carbon from water and CO 2. Li et al. Click to enlarge. Earlier post , earlier post.) (In

New catalytic system for conversion of CO2 to methanol shows much higher activity than others now in use

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CH 3 OH conversion not seen over a Cu-Zn alloy. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels Methanol Source: BNL. Resources.

DOE awarding up to $80M for supercritical CO2 pilot plant

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Low cooling water consumption. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions Power GenerationDrawing of sCO 2 plant. Click to enlarge.

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New version of Argonne lifecycle model for water footprint of biofuels now includes cellulosic feedstocks

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of the online tool Water Assessment for Transportation Energy Resources ( WATER ) this week. Water footprint accounting.

Rice team demonstrates plasmonic hot-electron solar water-splitting technology; simpler, cheaper and efficient

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Researchers at Rice have demonstrated an efficient new way to use solar energy for water splitting. b) Energy schematic of the structure.

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Study finds perennial biofuel crops’ water consumption similar to corn

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Evapotranspiration (ET) refers to the sum total of water lost while the plant is growing, either from evaporation through the plant stem itself (a process called “transpiration”), or from water evaporated off of the plant’s leaves or the ground. —Hamilton et al. —Hamilton et al. —Stephen Hamilton. Resources.

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New inexpensive catalyst for conversion of CO2 to CO could help with storage of renewable energy

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CO can then be reacted with H 2 O via the water?gas As such, development of Bi-based cathodes for conversion of CO 2 to CO would represent an important development for the fields of CO 2 electrocatalysis and renewable energy conversion. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Power Generation Tropsch methods. Resources.

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USDA provides $91M loan guarantee to Cool Planet for biogasoline blendstock plant; biomass pyrolysis and catalytic conversion

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The output from each catalytic array when cooled is comprised of volatile gases, renewable fuel and water. Source: Cool Planet. Earlier post.).

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NREL enzyme enables conversion of biomass to sugar up to 14x faster than current alternatives; changing the economics of conversion

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The enzyme called CelA, a cellulase from the bacterium Caldicellulosiruptor bescii , could thus could change the economics of biofuel conversion.

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ARPA-E to award $60M to 2 programs: enhancing biomass yield and dry-cooling for thermoelectric power

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The US electric power industry has relied primarily on water cooling technologies to remove low grade heat from thermoelectric power plants.

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EPFL team develops low-cost water splitting cell with solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 12.3%

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Science published the latest developments in Michael Grätzel''s laboratory at EPFL in the field of hydrogen production from water. Credit: EPFL.

EPFL/Technion team develops “champion” nanostructures for efficient solar water-splitting to produce hydrogen

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Fe 2 O 3 (hematite) electrodes that achieve the highest photocurrent of any metal oxide photoanode for photoelectrochemical water-splitting under 100?mW?cm

Swiss team develops effective and low-cost solar water-splitting device; 14.2% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency

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As the V OC of the presented c-Si cells is only ∼600 mV, four cells need to be connected in series to achieve stable water splitting performance.

New $30M ARPA-E program to develop new solar conversion and storage technologies; targeting higher solar penetration in mix

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Concentrating solar power (CSP), solar heating and solar hot water applications combined contribute less than 0.1% Source: ARPA-E. Category.

DOE awards LanzaTech $4M for low-carbon jet & diesel demo plant; 3M gpy; Audi evaluating fuel properties

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The catalyst first removes water from the ethanol (dehydration), leaving behind ethylene. Aviation Bio-hydrocarbons Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Diesel Fuels Vehicle ManufacturersThe LanzaTech award was one of six totaling $12.9 million. Earlier post.). Earlier post.). Earlier post.).

UC Berkeley hybrid semiconductor nanowire-bacteria system for direct solar-powered production of chemicals from CO2 and water

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However, such an approach has not been fully realized owing to a host of unmet basic scientific challenges. —Liu et al. ovata and E. coli strain.

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PHEV conversion company Echo Automotive completes $3M financing, joins CALSTART

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a developer of technologies enabling the conversion of existing fleet vehicles into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, completed a $3-million financing with United Fleet Financing, LLC, through a private placement offering and mezzanine financing. The terms of this note include conversion features at $0.55 Echo Automotive, Inc., Brief

SRI developing process for co-gasification of methane and coal to produce liquid transportation fuels; negligible water consumption, no CO2

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Water consumption less than 235 kg/barrel. Top: Conventional F-T process. Bottom: SRI process. Click to enlarge. Lifecycle GHG comparison.

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On the road to solar fuels and chemicals

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This motivates the development of sustainable processes to generate fuels and chemical feedstocks from water and CO 2 using solar energy; such a process is analogous to photosynthesis in nature and is sometimes referred to as artificial photosynthesis. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Materials Solar Solar fuelsResources.

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New $30M ARPA-E program to produce renewable liquid fuels from renewable energy, air and water

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Conversion efficiency, %. A potentially greener technology option of using hydrogen from water electrolysis requires 9.5 Gasoline. 0.325.

Caltech engineers devise new thermochemical cycle for water splitting for H2; recyclable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and at lower temperatures

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Davis’ first paper as a graduate student dealt with the sulfur-iodine low-temperature water-splitting cycle.). Xu et al. Click to enlarge.

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Researchers develop co-catalyst system for lower cost conversion of CO2 to CO; syngas for synfuels

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high overpotentials are needed to convert CO 2 because the first step in CO 2 conversion is the formation of a “CO 2 ? OC = open cell). is not.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg launches OTTO-R project with VW Group, Shell, OMV as partners; P2X for green gasoline

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Researchers at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, with partners from the automotive industry (Audi, VW) and the petroleum industry (Shell, OMV) have launched the €1.46-million OTTO-R project for the production of gasoline from “green” methanol produced from CO 2 , water and renewable electricity. million.

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MIT researchers devise simple catalytic system for fixation and conversion of CO2

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Molybdate is relatively abundant and stable in air and water. reacts with triethylsilane in acetonitrile under an atmosphere of CO 2 to produce formate (69% isolated yield) together with silylated molybdate (quantitative conversion to [MoO 3 (OSiEt 3 )] ? , Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Catalyst

Linde pilot testing dry reforming process to generate syngas from CO2 and methane for production of fuels and chemicals

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The dry reforming process differs from steam reforming, which combines CH 4 and water (H 2 O) in the form of steam to produce the syngas.

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Researcher urges more effort on assessment of land and water impacts of oil sands production; reference point for other unconventional fuels

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Bitumen production from the Canadian oil sands provides a point of reference that could be used to observe and better manage the land and water impacts of a rapid transition to unconventional fuels, suggests Dr. Sarah Jordaan of the Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University.

Researchers from MIT and Sun Catalytix develop an artificial leaf for solar water splitting to produce hydrogen and oxygen

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Placed in a container of water and exposed to sunlight, the device quickly begins to generate oxygen from one side and hydrogen bubbles from the other.

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Light over heat: UV-driven rhodium nanoparticles catalyze conversion of CO2 to methane

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Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels Solar fuelsAn open-access paper on the work is published in Nature Communications.

S. Korean researchers develop new catalytic pathway for direct conversion of CO2 to liquid hydrocarbon fuels

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Hence, this report focuses on the catalytic CO 2 -to-liquid fuel conversion (CO 2 FT synthesis) with renewable H 2. Source: Choi et al.

Novozymes and Sea6Energy collaborating on the conversion of seaweed to sugars for production of fuels and chemicals

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Novozymes will research, develop, and manufacture enzymes for the conversion process, while Sea6 Energy contributes its offshore seaweed cultivation technology. In addition, Sea6 Energy is also pioneering approaches to fermenting the sugars derived from seaweed to produce fuel in a manner that requires minimal use of fresh water resources.

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CalTech, Berkeley Lab team uses new high-throughput method to identify promising photoanodes for solar fuels

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Each water molecule consists of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar fuelsResources.

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CHRIS: I care about the health and the quality of life whether its drinking water, the air that we burn up with our cars, or the food we consume everyday. Was there a level of distrust among the execs? CHRIS: Yes. It took time and there was distrust on all sides at different times. There was risk all around. This other is what went right.

Global Bioenergies plans to acquire Dutch start-up Syngip; gaseous carbon feedstocks for renewable isobutene process

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just using water, H 2 , CO 2 and sunlight. Bio-hydrocarbons Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Synthetic Biologyto transfer all Syngip shares to Global Bioenergies S.A. Its recent work has been directed to the implementation of metabolic pathways leading to light olefins: major petrochemical molecules, which include isobutene.

Researchers create efficient, simple-to-manufacture photoanode for solar water-splitting

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The results appear in two new studies. The first, on the creation of the catalytic films, appears in Chemistry: A European Journal. Resources.

Study for European Parliament assesses options for turning CO2 into methanol for use in transport

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Further, open standards could increase the “food or fuel” dilemma associated to the use of first generation biofuels, i.e. biocrops, and the competition for land and water resources. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Europe Methanol Policy Wireless Carbon dioxide recycling in the methanol economy Source: Olah et al. Methanol islands.

NCSU team develops catalyst for thermal hybrid water-splitting and syngas generation with exceptional conversion; H2 gas and liquid fuels

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In contrast, previously reported ferrite materials typically exhibit 20% or lower steam to hydrogen conversion. 2FeO 3-? Image credit: Feng He.

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