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Electric vehicles will not help South Africa cut emissions, say researchers

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The story about China’s coal-reliant electricity production resulting in electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more polluting than combustion cars (see story) may have been twisted by some unscrupulous media to imply that all EVs, wherever they are used, are a far-worse for the environment than oil-drinkers (see the usual suspects for more info).

Exxaro Partners With Sasol Mining in JV to Supply Potential Mafutha CTL Plant in South Africa

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Exxaro Resources Limited, a South African-based mining group, has entered into a prospecting joint venture agreement with Sasol Mining Proprietary Limited (Sasol Mining) for the development of a new coal mine to supply Sasol’s potential new inland coal-to-liquids (CTL) project.

Battelle team developing new hybrid direct coal-to-liquids process to produce jet fuel; lower costs and GHGs

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In a cost-shared program supported by the US Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and the Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) of the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA), a team at Battelle is demonstrating a new, hybrid, direct coal-to-liquids process for producing jet fuel using biomass-derived coal solvents.

Celanese sees new TCX ethanol process as key component in future growth; a paradigm shift in ethanol production

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In a paper presented at the US Department of Energy (DOE) Coal Liquefaction and Gas Conversion Contractors Review Conference in 1995, Joo et al.

Design study for SA underground coal gasification plant underway

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South Africa state-owned power utility Eskom reports that a design study is currently under way for an underground coal gasification (UCG) demonstration plant, which will include a 250,000 Nm 3 /h gas production plant and a 100 MW to 140 MW gas turbine plant. The coal seam lies between 280 m and 300 m deep. Mining Weekly.

DOE to Award Up to $5M in Grants for RD on Hydrogen Production from Coal

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The US Department of Energy has issued up to a $5-million Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0000103) to solicit laboratory-level R&D projects to develop novel technologies for producing hydrogen from coal. Global deposits of PGMs are quite limited with the largest quantities located in South Africa and Russia. 99.99%.

Joint IEA-NEA report details plunge in costs of renewable electricity; nuclear competitive with other baseload power sources

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Overnight costs for coal plants in OECD countries range from a low of US$1 218/kWe in Korea to a high of US$3 067/kWe in Portugal. Renewables.

ExxonMobil: global GDP up ~140% by 2040, but energy demand ~35% due to efficiency; LDV energy demand to rise only slightly despite doubling parc

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Africa’s liquids exports are expected to decline as local demand more than doubles. Click to enlarge. Outlook for Energy. Overview.

Sasol and University of Pretoria Collaborating on Synthetic Fuel Research

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A research collaboration between South Africa-based Sasol and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Pretoria (UP) has led to the commissioning of high-tech equipment to gain better insights into the properties and performance of synthetic diesel fuels. Tags: Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Fuels

Sasol, GE develop new anaerobic microbial technology for cleaning of Fischer-Tropsch waste water; boosting gas-to-liquids (GTL) value proposition

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The new Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Technology (AnMBR) will be further developed at a new demonstration plant at Sasol’s R&D Campus at its Sasol One Site in Sasolburg, South Africa. Sasol currently uses aerobic microbes to treat GTL and coal-to-liquids (CTL) effluents in ORYX GTL, Qatar and Synfuels, Secunda facilities.

Sasol embarking on feasibility study on a US gas-to-liquids facility in Louisiana

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South African energy and chemicals group Sasol today announced that it has chosen the southwestern region of the State of Louisiana as the site for a planned gas-to-liquids (GTL) facility. billion barrels of liquid fuels and chemicals from coal and natural gas. reduced emissions) for the GTL system. Emissions performance of GTL diesel.

Researchers Propose New F-T Process for Synfuels; Less Work Required Could Result in 15% Reduction in CO2 Emissions Compared to Conventional Route

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Researchers from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa and Rutgers University are proposing new Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) reaction chemistry and process designs that they say could increase F-T process efficiency and reduce CO 2 emissions by 15% compared to the conventional process. Credit: Adapted by P. Huey/Science.

Climate Change #Liar-Deniers Are The New Racists

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And so the Greenius sees the day coming when the LiarDeniers will be socially akin to KKK members and Southern redneck haters.

China Moving Ahead with Shenhua CTL Project; NuCoal in Canada Focusing on CTL Gasoline Project

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Project developers in both China and Canada are moving forward with new coal-to-liquid (CTL) fuel facilities, according to the Coal-to-Liquids Coalition (CTLC). The plant will be jointly developed with South Africa-based Sasol, the world’s largest CTL company. Earlier post.)

First 100% Synthetic Fuel Passenger Jet Flight

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South Africa-based Sasol recently provided the synthetic jet fuel for the first passenger aircraft flight fully fueled by a synthetic fuel; demonstrations of aviation synfuels have so far been using 50% blends with petroleum-based jet fuel. To date, most of the aircraft leaving O.R.

Fast action on black carbon, ozone and methane could help limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees C

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ventilation air from coal mines. Replacing coal by coal briquettes in cooking and heating stoves. for 2030 and beyond. Transport.

Study finds rising temperatures increase risk of unhealthy ozone levels absent sharp cuts in precursors

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These gases come from human activities such as combustion of coal and oil as well as natural sources such as emissions from plants. In addition to NCAR, the study co-authors are from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; University of Colorado, Boulder; and North-West University in South Africa. Scenario A2 and RCP 8.5.

Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

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February, 2009 : Record heat waves in late January and early February overloaded urban energy, water, and transport systems in the southernmost states of South Australia and Victoria and intensified hundreds of seasonal and man-made bushfires throughout the countryside, killing 374 people. by Jack Rosebro. ” [ 1 ]. ” [ 3 ]. 10 ].