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IFQC annual ranking of gasoline sulfur standards sees progress around the world; US drops to 46th

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Montenegro leaped 48 slots, from 89 th place in 2010 to 41 st in this year’s ranking. Maximum gasoline sulfur limits. Click to enlarge.

Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

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Montenegro. Expert predictions about where oil and gas prices are headed vary widely. prices at the pump. to $4 per gallon. car market. Country.

UNECE to align heavy-duty vehicle engine emissions requirements with Euro VI

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The proposal will be submitted to the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) in June 2012 for its final adoption. Source: UNECE.

UNECE Adopts Type Approval for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles’ Electric Safety Requirements; Applies in 41 Countries

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100 includes the 27 Member States of the European Union, the European Union itself, as well as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Norway, Russian Federation, Serbia, Switzerland, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Tunisia and Turkey. 100. “1” 100 as amended by 01 series of amendments.

Marine Scientists Issue Monaco Declaration Calling for Immediate Action to Reduce Ocean Acidification

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Recovery from the current large, rapid, human-induced perturbation, if left unchecked, will require thousands of years for the Earth system to reestablish even roughly similar ocean chemistry (Archer, 2005; Montenegro et al., Projected spread of acidification of the oceans from 1994 (left) to 2100 (right). Source: ACECRC. Click to enlarge.