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Report: Japan To Offer Technical Aid On Lithium To Bolivia

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The Nikkei reports that Japan will offer technical assistance to Bolivia to develop its lithium resources and ensure a stable supply of the metal. Bolivia has the world’s largest lithium reserves.

Tesla And Other Tech Giants Scramble For Lithium As Prices Double

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Right now, most of the world’s lithium comes from Australia, China and the “Lithium Triangle” of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

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Report: Japan to offer lithium assistance to Bolivia

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Japan is poised to offer technical assistance to Bolivia as it bids to develop its lithium resources and ensure a stable supply of the metal. Tags: Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Bolivia Electric cars japan lithium supplies

Report: Japan Considering Economic Aid To Bolivia in Return for Lithium Supplies

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Bolivia is expected to decide in the first half of this year which companies will be awarded the development work. About half of the world’s lithium deposits are believed to be in Bolivia’s Great Lake of Uyuni. Japan, France, Brazil and other countries are vying to tap these mostly undeveloped reserves.

Report: Japan to aid Bolivia for lithium supplies

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Ford building new $1.6B plant in Mexico for small cars

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Vehicles produced in Mexico also serve customers in the US, Canada, China, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and South Korea. Ford is investing US$1.6 billion in a new small car plant in Mexico, building a new manufacturing site in San Luis Potosi State. Construction begins this summer. billion in China.

Study outlines supply chain challenges for lithium

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Due to political instability, there is a question of US access to materials produced in Bolivia, which holds the world’s largest lithium resource and has new production projects in the pipeline, she says. —Ona Egbue. The US is a major importer of lithium. This action by China highlights the risks of global dependence. —Ona Egbue.

The Future of Electric Cars Could Lie in.Afghanistan?

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Today's sources of lithium are far and few: Bolivia has something like 40 percent of the world's deposits, while Russia, South Africa, Chile and Argentina have some. Electric cars like the 2011 Nissan Leaf require lots of lithium and other precious heavy metals to make them go.

Orocobre and Toyota Reach Deal for Argentine Lithium Mine

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They state that politically unstable, remote Bolivia owns the world's largest reserve of lithium, which is certainly true. Critics of the development and use of lithium-ion ("li-ion") batteries have long cited their concerns over the (un)availability of lithium, and with moderate success.

Petrobras oil and gas output in Brazil and abroad up 5.4% in January

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down on December 2010, mainly due to a in gas output in Bolivia cause by a scheduled shutdown of one of the gas treatment plants. In January, Petrobras’s average oil and natural gas production in Brazil and abroad reached 2,661,843 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), 5.4% higher than the volume registered for January 2010. Brief

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GM Creates New South America Regional Organization

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GM South America includes GM’s existing sales and manufacturing operations in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela as well as sales activities in those countries and Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. General Motors is creating a new regional organization to meet rising customer demand in South America. Ed Whitacre.

Evidence from glacier ice: Until it was banned, leaded gasoline dominated the anthropogenic lead emissions in South America

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The researchers used measurements from a 138m ice core, drilled out of the Nevado Illimani glacier in eastern Bolivia. Click to enlarge.

BASF and Embrapa’s Cultivance Soybeans Receive Approval for Commercial Cultivation in Brazil

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Additionally, there is a significant interest in developing this technology adjusted to local needs of neighboring countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Cultivance is the first genetically modified crop developed in Brazil, from laboratory to commercialization.

Petrobras Oil Production up 6.3 % in Brazil in 2009

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The variation in the natural gas volume is the outcome of the decreased demand for the gas coming from Bolivia. Petrobras’ average oil and natural gas production in Brazil in 2009 was 2,287,457 barrels of oil equivalent (boe), 5.1% more than a year ago (2,175,896 barrels/day). more than the 2,399,958 boe/day produced in 2008. less than 2008.

Climate Talks End In Copenhagen Accord; Countries Settle On Non- Binding 2 ºC Warming Limit

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In the end, 188 countries voted in favor of the motion, with Cuba, Bolivia, Sudan, and Venezuela voting against it. by Jack Rosebro. As heads of state convened, an abbreviated document was hurriedly produced to minimize sticking points and shopped around among leaders of developed countries. China doesn’t like numbers.”

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Most of the worlds Lithium is located in Bolivia, 50% plus. Bolivia is no friend of the USA. ’s power generation, he said.