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Who is winning the green car race? The Green Piece

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The vehicle scooped the Car of the Year award in Japan in its debut year, and the third generation of the model took the prize again in 2009.

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UMTRI study finds US and China could turnover more than 90% of LDV fleet to alternative powertrains by 2050 under very aggressive penetration scenarios

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In their study, they used three different alternative powertrain/fuel models: less aggressive, moderately aggressive and very aggressive, applied across four developed economies (United States, Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea) and four developing economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). Japan. Eliminating hybrids from the.

Can Toyota really claim to be green? The Green Piece

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The vehicle has earned almost iconic status, lauded by celebrities and generally seen as the ‘ultimate green car’. How green is this green car?

Big Science tools for clean transportation: neutron scattering at ORNL

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Beam time is granted to researchers via the general user program. GP-SANS: General-Purpose Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Diffractometer.

Slow start for charge of the electric cars - Times Online

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The 2011 start date has been chosen to coincide with theexpected introduction of a wider variety of electric and plug-in hybrid carsin Britain. How far hybrids will be encouraged in the new government initiative remains tobe seen. So the car uses an electrical store to power the drive motor. Car buyers were less enthusiastic.