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Mitsubishi’s PlugIn ElectricSUV

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The article notes, for example, that Mitsubishi already sells three versions of the Lancer compact sedan. The concept SUV is powered by a 1.6

Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

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Postal Service. The USPS will be using the vans for a variety of duties at locations around the country – including daily home delivery. Network.

OSU smart membrane could enable new category of high-energy, high-power energy storage for EVs

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plugin EVs to Tesla’s 85 kWh battery pack). plugin EVs to Tesla’s 85 kWh battery pack). —Herya and Sundaresan. Click to enlarge.

Brian Howey Get's it

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I also hope for his next column he finds out some more about the exciting things going on with Plugin-hybrids, like the Chevrolet Volt and other pure EV's being announced and driven currently. Read Brian Howey's entire article here , but below is the last comment that sort of sums things up. Now, watch Who Killed the Electric Car?

VIDEO: Driving a Tesla-powered Smart

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The car would have been capable of making a lasting impression given the chance, outfitted, as it was, with the motor and gear box 1.0 and 49 mpg.